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While hiding, Zhangfan opened his eyes, only to see a tall figure at the front thousands of meters away, standing on a round roulette-like multiplier at his feet, carrying a piece of gold, and taking him away in the distance. There is a yellow gold net hanging twenty feet behind him, which is covered with the scarred geotechnical beast. Whenever the geotechnical beast struggles, the yellow net gives a dazzling golden awn, which narrows by one point. As the yellow net shrinks, the monster beast can no longer break.

Two or three hundred meters away behind him, it was the monk who was good at holding a giant sword, and he kept following behind with lux instruments, and the distance never narrowed. Then there are two monks in the same dress. A man and a woman approach each other shamefully on the multiplier …
Until the last monk, only 200 meters away from Zhangfan, was a big fellow in Tsing Yi, standing on a light and weak instrument and hurrying.
If Zhangfan drives the spirit sword of Yimu to be a flying multiplier, he will be able to pass all the people in front and catch up with the monk in front in a moment’s time, but the spirit force consumed by the spirit sword of Yimu is too great. Therefore, Zhangfan’s escape is only moderate, but the distance between him and the foremost monk is getting farther and farther.
But Zhangfan is not afraid of losing him. These monks are not much different in cultivation. With so many people following, it is impossible for the monk in front to run away, and then there will be a fierce battle.
Take a look at the induction jade in her arms all the time. Zhangfan has affirmed that the token must be on the monster, even in the monster.
After chasing for two hours, the monk in front slowed down.
And the volcanic rock at the foot has also changed several times, from volcanic rock to ash, and then to today’s wilderness.
There were some monsters among them who were disturbed, but when they saw so many monks fleeing together, those ordinary monsters were frightened and ran away directly. The two monsters with higher rank, when they saw so many monks, did not dare to go forward, but retreated to their nests or fled to hide elsewhere.
In fact, everyone is the same, and the escape has slowed down relatively. Although the spiritual power lost by the flight of the imperial weapon is the smallest, it is only relative. If you rush like this, even the high-ranking monks can’t stand it.
The foremost monk in gray has been escaping to a precipice. Just a few meters after escaping from the precipice, he felt a suction and kept dragging it down.
Friar Grey was frightened. He turned his figure in the air, crossed an arc, and came back. He fell to the ground, put away the multiplier, looked around and saw that there was nowhere to go, so he took out a green sword. When the hand shakes and the sword shines, you can see that the monk in gray is also at the peak of condensate gas. No wonder he dares to rob the monster beast.
In fact, the monk in gray is also secretly depressed. Although he knows that there are monks around him, he only sees five of them, and the others are stronger in hidden spells. They have not been discovered by themselves, and now they have fled to this precipice. While looking at the approaching dozens of dodging lights, the grey monk secretly thought about the way out.
On second thought, dozens of monks have stepped off the multiplier and surrounded them, including Zhangfan, but Zhangfan stood relatively far away.
Since he followed, Zhangfan didn’t want to hide, which was unrealistic. Although in the chase just now, everyone was struggling to chase the monk, but they would tell the changes around them.
The two monks who had caused trauma to the monster beast were the most anxious. Three people besieged the monster beast, not only sacrificing one, but also the monster beast was robbed by others.
The friar who made the sword pointed his giant sword at the friar in gray and said, "No matter who you are, put it down and spare you from dying."
Friar Grey’s face flashed a little haze, and while thinking about the way out, he was not afraid. He said, "Even if I agree, are all the Taoist friends around you willing to give this to you?" Friar Grey actually wants to drag all a bunch of people into the water, Zhangfan andao, but I’m afraid everyone is not a fool, and it won’t take a word or two to convince him.
Brother Grey, like Brother Sword, has reached the peak of condensing gas. If we are single-to-single, we still don’t know who will die, but at this moment, the monk who can use lightning to condense Thunderbirds has stood beside Brother Sword.
The monk in gray looks pale, but he hates it in his heart. If he doesn’t meet this precipice, the result is still uncertain. A talisman in his arms has not been used yet. This is a unique talisman, which can instantly restore its spiritual power to perfection. One talisman can be used three times, and after that, it needs to be hidden for seven days, but there are still more than two months before the end date of the black fight, but it is just as well.
At this point, the monk in gray was secretly on the alert, but no one wanted to make the first move. Everyone was the same, and the result of the struggle was not unexpected, but both sides lost, but it was cheaper for others. The scene was deadlocked for a while.
At this time, friends and enemies were clearly defined, and Brother Sword stood with his companions, while all the famous monks around him, except one man and one woman and two middle-aged monks, found their own places to stand.
In the end, the Great Sword Man couldn’t hold his breath. After all, one person on his side had died for the token. When he sank the great sword in his hand, his spiritual force attached to the sword body and he was about to start work. As a result, the brother in gray across the street said, "If you attack, I will loosen this net and let the monster beast and the token fall off the cliff."
Brother Giant Sword will be afraid of his threat. Just shake the giant sword, and a huge pillar of fire will come out along the sword and hit the monk dozens of feet away. And his companions also keep up with the multiplier to play out.
The gold net driven by the monk in gray is a multiplier, and it needs spiritual power to trap the monster beast. Moreover, at most, the monk can use one or two multipliers at the same time, so he dare not hold the gold net, so he has to shake it and the monster beast "wow" emerges.

Chapter seventy-four Fish Weng De Li
The monster beast was released by the golden net. Although it was badly hit, it still sank along the crack of the rock with a whoosh, but another companion of Brother Sword, in no particular order with several monks around him, produced a few pieces of paper, and suddenly the rock turned into a gray shadow, and the monster beast could no longer escape. Brother Sword and Brother Gray didn’t drive the multiplier to fly into the air, but kept changing their shapes on the ground. The spirit of the multiplier, like two rainbows, kept passing through the air, and you fought with me.
The monster beast has just been forced out of the ground, and many monks have smashed a psychic and a multiplier, just like the monster beast.
Originally, the geotechnical beast, as its name implies, is a monster with high defense, and it is good at using soil spells, and its attack is also in the upper-middle class among similar spirit beasts, but it was badly injured before, and no matter how thick the flesh is, it can’t resist the common attack of seven or eight monks. Zhangfan is dark call it a pity, the second-order monster beast material can be worth a lot of LingShi. But now, for tokens, who cares about this?
A monk was sharp-eyed. When the monster beast was scattered by many monks, he saw that there was a flash of dark light somewhere in his internal organs, and immediately made an exorcism to catch it.
But the monks around him immediately threw a bunch of talisman spells at him, and the monks retreated quickly, and instantly moved out of the distance of dozens of feet, but there were still one or two flashes that followed and were shot down by the monks one by one.
Zhang Fan took advantage of a wooden spirit to escape and hide. Although the cliff is rocky, as long as there is vegetation, it can be shaped. When Zhang Fan surrounded, he specially found a place with vegetation.
I saw that the monks in the field suddenly turned into a big war, and many instruments were constantly sacrificed by the monks, colliding with each other, while tokens were thrown around in the air.
A male monk and a female monk, one guard and one guard, take great advantage. It seems that they are disciples of Hezhe Sect. Not only that, but they also happened to be introduced to the same place.
The female monk took out dozens of copper wheels of different sizes with one, and covered them in an instant. The copper wheels kept circling around them, forming a defense, while the male monk took out a Zhui, like a Jin Gangzuan, and drilled around in the crowd. In the past, Zhui’s tail was covered with a black smoke, and in an instant, an unprepared monk was turned to the ground, and immediately.
Several other monks didn’t see it right, but an older monk said, "Let’s take care of this dog man and woman first." In a blink of an eye, the monk’s demeanor is no longer, and his face becomes calendar and ferocious. Hearing this, the other three monks immediately got together, and at the same time attacked the male and female monks with the talisman in their hands. The male monk was forced to guard against it, and the two of them struggled immediately.
The token fell to the ground, and no one picked it up for the time being. Although Zhangfan hid his figure, he didn’t pay attention to the token. Instead, I saw the monks fighting and fleeing to the distance.
The male and female monks of Hezhe Sect face the people with their backs to the cliff. On the left, Brother Sword and his companions are fighting with Brother Gray. All the monks may feel that they are United and pose the greatest threat, so they have saved their minds and want to destroy them together.
Seeing that there is no escape, the male monk’s eyes flashed with a trace of hatred, and he injected all his spiritual strength into the Zhui, hitting the nearest young monk.
1 of "bang", touching the biconical cone in the hand of the monk, gave a sound of gold and iron. The young monk was smashed into a wave of surging waves, and Zhui took advantage of the trend and hit a big hole in his chest. When the young monk died, his eyes were full of surprise.
The other three monks took this opportunity to throw two flying swords and a colorful flag at the female monk, only to see two rainbows, one green and one purple, crossing a space of 35 feet. In a blink of an eye, the female monk made several gestures with her hands, and dozens of copper wheels were strung together in a blink of an eye, hitting the two flying swords, but the colorful flags came first, then rolled over from one side, wrapped three of them in copper wheels and left.
Without three bronze wheels, the female practitioner couldn’t stop one of the purple flying swords. I saw that the flying sword was only lightly touched on the remaining two bronze wheels, giving a crunchy "ding-ding" sound, and without a pause, she shot at the female practitioner’s chest.
The woman took two copper wheels and jumped aside, but the flying sword was "sou" in situ, directly passing by the attacking man. The man’s Wu Zhui had just killed the young monk and was about to take back the multiplier. When I was touched by the flying sword, I suddenly gave a scream and an arm fell shoulder-to-shoulder.
As the male monk was injured, the spell was interrupted, and Wu Zhui fell to the ground in the middle, "flying" twice, without spiritual control, and never moved again.
Male repair while longitudinal to the distance, while to the position of the broken arm, just stop the blood, colorful flags rolled down again.
Male xiu opened his eyes wide in an instant, and when he was surrounded by colorful flags, his head rolled down.
When the female monk saw the death of Male Xiu, she screamed and shouted, "Husband." I rushed to the male monk, suddenly lost my heart, and was stabbed by a flying sword in tandem from his chest. The flying sword didn’t stop at all. The remaining seven bronze wheels of the female monk also fell to the ground.
At this time, Brother Giant Sword also identified the outcome. I saw that the body of Brother Grey was divided into four or five pieces and landed on the edge of the cliff.
The battles of low-ranking monks are often more tragic than those of high-ranking monks. The battles between high-ranking monks are often a thousand miles away if they are not careful, and there are basically no casualties. In low-order combat, we should concentrate on one heart and use all our energy to control a multiplier. When the body is injured and the mind is shocked, the mental force in the body will be disordered immediately, and the combat effectiveness will be lost. It can be said that life is hanging by a thread at any time.
At this time, only Friar Yu and his companions were in situ, and while watching Friar Yu rest in situ, he took a magic pill. It seems that the drama fight just now was not small. On the other hand, the remaining three monks gathered together and looked at the tokens dozens of feet away.
Most monks know that a young monk was missing in the scuffle just now, but he is struggling, and no one has paid more attention to it. Moreover, everyone can see that the young monk is just concentrating on nine layers of cultivation, only that he ran away ahead of time.
And the young man who disappeared was Zhangfan.
The three monks who fought against the Hezong couple were basically close. Originally, no one was with anyone, but when they killed two monks together just now, their hearts were slightly aligned. The monk who only listened to the original words said, "Two Taoist friends, now we have three people here, do we want to own this token?"
Brother Sword swept past the three monks, with a hint of viciousness in his eyes, as if he wanted to remember their faces forever, and at the same time, he blinked a wry smile at his mouth and said, "In that case, let’s say goodbye."
The monk around him wanted to say something, but he was blocked by the big sword monk. Now two people, one with a big sword, and one with an empty hand, went to the empty place on the left.