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Lin looked around and saw that there was an insurgent army nearby, so he put tactical backpack in charge of the oss gold armor and the side head in his own hands, and the flame armor in his own hands, both east and west, into tactical backpack.

After thinking about it, Lin’s harvest this time has far exceeded his own budget, so he will leave here without hesitation.
It was the death of oss that other ordinary rebels may not know, but it is impossible for oss pro-soldiers to receive the information. All the pro-soldiers of oss have just been sent to carry out a carpet search on the forest, which is a distance away. After the forest killed oss, they could not come back immediately.
However, Lin waited for 20 seconds and then beat tactical backpack to put away all the benefits of the war … In a few minutes, Qinbing had rushed back from oss, and all of them flew in the middle and swooped toward the death position of oss.
"Good luck … be careful!"
Lin looked at hundreds of flame armor in the sky with a flame. air billow rushed from his head tens of meters high and smiled slightly. Fortunately, he hesitated for a while. If he had made moves to oss a minute or two earlier, I’m afraid these Qinbing would have rushed back.
These oss soldiers went out for carpet search, and the speed of traveling on the ground was naturally unpleasant, but when they came back, they flew back directly from it, and the speed was naturally very fast. It took more than ten minutes to come back, and it would take one or two minutes.
"Although the thermal radiation field can directly find the position of the invisible armor, it can heat up the invisible armor, so that the metal temperature, energy temperature and some equipment of the armor can be heated up, so that the invisible armor method can keep the best invisible state, and the position of the invisible armor can be found … the influence range is about 100 meters, but the farther the distance is, the worse the effect is, and there are restrictions."
"The disadvantages and advantages of stealth armor are very obvious!"
Lin walked slowly for more than twenty minutes when he suddenly heard the footsteps of armor coming from behind … Looking back, dozens of rebels wearing flame armor were coming in his direction.
These rebel forces are also exposed to thermal radiation fields. If a huge flame is burning, thousands of meters of gas will fluctuate violently due to the rapid heating.
"So much!"
"Not only QinBing but also some ordinary rebels have come out."
Lin frowned but didn’t dare to speed up the pace for fear that he might accidentally make any noise that would attract the rebel army.
Lin calculated a little, changed the direction, and had to be chased and touched by them all the way around.
I went around a circle and escaped this wave of rebel carpet search only to find that there are also a large number of rebels in the other direction … Lin, it is clear that the rebels in the armor manufacturing factory almost gave up the production department and came out to find him.
Even if there is no department, there is a large part … And Lin did not leave the rebel army after killing the oss Qinbing captain for the first time. There must be some people looking for him in and near the armor factory.
"But this wave can’t be avoided. Their search range is too wide and too close. They can enter my site in a few minutes!"
"preemptive strike!"
"But this will lead the rebels nearby … they must be scattered in all directions. The longer they are scattered, the wider their range will be, and the longer their distance will be!"
"Endure it again!"
It’s a pity that Lin didn’t let him endure much even if he endured it. In a few minutes, the rebels chased him. More than a dozen rebels scattered their positions and started the thermal radiation field covering hundreds of meters in Fiona Fang.
Lin hid behind a big stone to avoid being found too soon.
It’s a pity that when a long flame armor automatic information collection program will find out his position.
"There is something wrong with the temperature at that position, and it absorbs a lot of heat energy, but the temperature of the radiation gas has not risen much. Go and see!"
The specific heat of stealth armor is much higher than that of nearby rocks. After all, it is made of watery metal, and the temperature rises slowly after absorbing heat, which is inconsistent with the environment … Is there any corresponding device in stealth armor that can solve this situation?
Not to solve it by law, but not to solve it.
After all, the biggest feature of stealth armor is that it can absorb the light near the body and develop the image in the armor itself to deceive all bare visual effects.
Thermal radiation is a kind of attack range attack, which has played its original shape.
The problem can be solved by installing a device on the stealth armor surface to absorb heat, heat energy or even convert heat energy into energy.
But what if it freezes?
What about touching the non-thermal radiation field?
What about magnetic waves?
Touch …
You can’t install hundreds of auxiliary devices on the surface of stealth armor to solve various problems, which will make stealth armor lose its maneuverability.
A rebel army stopped moving forward and came up in the direction of Lin.
Lin sighed in his heart to be able to hide from the past like this. Unfortunately, the power of science and technology is not so easy to hide in the past.
Lin instantly took out his sniper rifle from tactical backpack and emerged from his hiding place.
In the eyes of the rebels, it seems that there is a water armor that suddenly emerges. There are subtle water waves on the surface of this water armor … If there is no thermal radiation field, this water will not be like this, but it will be very calm and completely integrated into the air.
This armor seems to be carrying a gun … Soon, the surface of this gun also showed water ripple and showed its original shape.
Lin aimed at shooting a gun, and immediately he would be closest to himself and coming in his direction. The rebels shot him in the head.
There seems to be something melted and shaken in this gun, and the muzzle position has been completely displayed. Black muzzle.
As Lin shot one shot at a time, when the sniper rifle was exposed to the air, it became more and more invisible, and the spray paint fell off a little bit.
After all, invisible painting is a one-off unless it is painted again. Compared with the invisible armor made of watery metal,
When the rebel army was shot, it reacted when it could, and immediately found something nearby to hide from the forest shooting, and at the same time, it also fought back with guns.
"Kill five … but it is temporarily out of the radiation range of thermal energy radiation field!"
"Now we must suppress them and wait for the armor to cool down and then withdraw!"
Lin watched the rebels who were hiding, and if there were any outcrops approaching him, they immediately shot them back and suppressed each other to prevent the other side’s thermal radiation field from covering themselves.
Lin’s idea is very good, but it’s not impossible for these rebels to throw bombs the size of fists and land them near Lin.
Boom Bang …
The shock wave produced by an explosion is not strong, but Lin can see from the armor temperature displayed on the display screen that the bomb is either ordinary armor or a kind of radiation bomb with the same effect as the thermal energy radiation field. The radiation bomb is even more violent and can raise the temperature near the explosion point of the bomb in a very short time.
Stealth armor is almost like boiling, and the root has no stealth effect. It will take a long time to wait until the temperature drops.
"Nima is so clever!"
Lin didn’t wait to plan any more. The ejector started running towards a rush.
"Run away! Chase! "
When Lin escaped, the rebels all ran out from behind the obstacles … but they never thought Lin would escape, just to draw them out.
Lin closed the jet device and turned back to the sniper rifle.
One rebel army was shot in the head by Lin one after another … It took a lot of time to solve this wave. More than a dozen rebels turned their heads and looked at the red figures in the distance and quickly bounced in his direction on the ground.
Lin turned to start the jet device and fled the battlefield quickly.
Of course … running away is an attitude and a trend, but not really running away.
Lin is very clear that the temperature of the stealth armor can’t be lowered until it is continuously heated for two or three hours after this period … How can those oss Qinbing who can completely offset the nearby gravity watch him leave in two or three hours?
Even if the injection state of the continuous non-stop injection device is the same.