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[World] There is Fu Su in the Warring Mountains, you bitch. It seems that the forum is really right, bitch Bichi! ! !

[World] Zhan Daxian Hehe, don’t be angry. This kind of person is not worth it. Long live the empress, but it’s just a group of * * * *
Zhan Daxian doesn’t know what he scolded again, but the adults don’t hesitate to block it!
I saw these two people clamoring for the World Channel and gently picking their eyebrows before raising their hands to type. When typing, Ya doesn’t like to rush, but likes to think about it and then type one word at a time.
[The world] Mountain has Fu Su. You were killed by me (serious face)!
Little friends "…"
Oh, is this a master in the people?
Ya, this sentence directly provoked the anger of the war and the big fairy!
[World] Fighting with grass and grass, Bichi Bichi! ! !
Zhan Chan couldn’t wait to tear Ya off directly with her bare hands, but when she saw her current scene Donghai County, she was afraid to challenge such an advanced scene!
Ya was not angry when she saw this sentence, but she was very calm and added.
[The world] Mountain has Fu Su. You were killed by me (serious face)!
The same sentence didn’t appear on the world channel until two minutes after the unified card was stuck.
“ ` ` w w w
I thought it might be uncomfortable, and finally Ya came directly with a small horn.
[Trumpet] There is Fu Su in the mountains (picturesque scenery). You have been killed by me (serious face)!
Poof …
In the game, after seeing Ya hit it three times, there was a special magic in his brain. Say something important three times!
Feeling inexplicable, I was poked at the punch line. The friends smiled and watched the World Channel tear the battle.
[Private Chat] Long live the Empress. Don’t scold them. It’s meaningless. By the way, the special price of that sect is not high. I just looked at a market. It’s only 4 gold coins each, and it’s even lower.
Inya has just hung up. What Zhao Tiantian sent was a private chat.
Ya doesn’t have the energy to get the special things of the sect now, and she wrote a particularly detailed strategy for Zhao Tiantian to make it easier for her to make another profit here.
At this time, seeing Zhao Tiantian say this is also slightly difficult to knit an eyebrow before returning the message to Zhao Tiantian.
[Private Chat] Is it important for you to live for the Empress for a long time, or is it long-term stability? Besides, there is actually a lot of market potential for four gold coins. After all, some people just want to make immediate quick money and don’t really play life skills. What you need to do is to spread your customer base.
On the other hand, when I saw Ya Jiang send the same words three times, and once she still blew her trumpet, she was so angry that she was shaking all over. It was because her world channel was still cooling down that she was not allowed to send it for the time being, but she didn’t have real money to blow her trumpet.
Finally, I was so angry that I couldn’t help it.
And the war fairy is a little better than the war, and the money for buying a small horn is still less. Dragging a small horn directly from the mall is a slap in the face.
[trumpet] Zhan Daxian (picturesque) Oh, so you can also say this sentence!
Zhan Daxian’s words are full of irony and contempt. When he saw this sentence, he was about to get up and look at his two trumpets.
It was when I saw this sentence that I paused again.
Raise my hand and drag it over the trumpet, and a word is sent to the trumpet again.
[trumpet] There is Fu Su in the mountains (picturesque scenery). You were killed by me. Was she killed by me (fighting) or twice! (serious face)
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☆, Chapter 74 Back to school (2 more)
Poof …
The cute point of the small partner in the game was poked out by Ya. Looking at Ya’s particularly magical words, he unconsciously clicked a praise on the World Channel.
After the war with Daxian and the two of them, there was no sound. So what happened?
Ya also don’t know at this time, ya tuba is hanging up, and two trumpets are still hanging up. Maya, a restless god, is too lazy to think any more. She simply confessed to Zhao Tiantian that she was preparing for the line and saw her private chat channel flash up.
[Private chat] What about a marshal to your sister (gray gravel)? Do you have any goods?
Marshal came to ask you directly where you were hiding. Why didn’t we see it?
However, Jiang Mio said that it would be particularly low for them to ask questions like this. Finally, Jiang Mio suggested that there should be no problem if it is necessary to ask businessmen.
I was about to turn around and go back to bed to sleep. Ya picked her eyebrows slightly when she saw this sentence, only to remember that she had not sent this gravel to a marshal.
But now it’s obviously impossible to go back to the city in the wild with a knife, so let the trumpet trade with him?
Ya didn’t want to expose her trumpet for the time being. She thought about it. Zhao Tiantian’s goods are still in the city. Ya directly called Zhao Tiantian in a word.
"What’s wrong with ya?" Zhao Tiantian ya is looking for herself. Just now, she’s in her early days because Zhao Tian took care to vent, but she didn’t say the details.
At this time, Zhao Tiantian didn’t feel guilty when Ya Hua came.
In fact, it is not a guilty conscience. I feel a little weak because I was bullied by my own cooking. In the end, I was too tired to hang up my knife. Zhao Tiantian was also a little sorry.
Zhao Tiantian naturally knows that Ya is a special justifying a fault, and he still doesn’t ask why he is justifying a fault. Knowing that he has been wronged, he will definitely stand up for himself.
But let a heavenly heart profession hang up the knife Zhao Tiantian still has some guilt.
Jagan doesn’t have so much mental activity. It’s very simple to talk. He confessed that he still has a trumpet No.2, which has been upgraded to level 25. Now he is in Chang ‘an and asked her to help him trade some gloomy gravel and do a business for himself.
After hearing this news, Zhao Tiantian kept silent for a minute, and then he vaguely spit out, "Ya, you are really an animal!"
After Zhao Tian Tian hung up, Ya moved to the trumpet and saw that Zhao Tiantian’s current position was still in Chang ‘an.
After returning trumpet No.2 directly to the city, I found Zhao Tiantian and traded all the gray gravel in my backpack to Zhao Tiantian.
Zhao Tiantian doesn’t know the price, but Ya has talked to her privately and made the price categories clear.
After everything is done, Ya returned to a marshal’s private chat.
[Private Chat] The price of a marshal going to Chang ‘an to find an empress is the same as before.
After sending this sentence, Yashi even went back to bed without waiting for a marshal’s reply.
The second day early in the morning, Ya still got up very early and took a look at the hanging-up of the three numbers. She saw that the mountain had Fu Su hanging as a white name, and it was only after one night that she directly took the number line and looked at the two trumpets, all of which were connected one after another.
Today, I am going back to school and my brain is naturally not hanging like this.