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After all, in Luo Xiu’s mind, the Earl of Flame is his strong enemy, and others are just so in his eyes.

After killing the Earl of Flame, Luo Xiu glanced around at the players of the Flame Guild.
These players first froze and then flew backwards, and at the same time, they pulled out their weapons and blocked them.
Luo Xiu’s language is like this, even if there are millions of players.
"First of all, this is the site of our city. I will do whatever I say."
"Second, I just like being unreasonable. If you think you can beat me, you can’t beat me, just give it to me!"
"Third, today, your flame club came to our city to kill so many guilds and clubs, and robbed us of so many BOSS in our city. Our city is generous, but we must always give some compensation to other guilds and clubs."
There are only five masters left. Look at me. I’ll see if you can’t really beat one shot.
It is estimated that if they don’t promise, I’m afraid that if one shot is shattered, one person can slaughter all the 200,000 Flame Guild players here, not over and over again.
So one shot was shattered, and before he left, he extorted a large number of equipment and silver from the Flame Guild, and then distributed these things to the major forces from other main cities and clubs on the spot.
The arrow in the cloud watched and did all this, and a shot burst, and smiled slightly. "I robbed everyone, but the result was that the offending party was very clever."
Chapter 34 barbarian business opportunities
After robbing the famous throne, everyone’s heart is that they already have the position of the famous star on the list of days. Who will this famous throne be given to when a shot is shattered?
See Luo Xiu points in the crowd came up in the direction of the NPC troops in Diyan City, and walked to the front of the smile and took out the most precious star throne from his package just now.
The famous throne is actually not a huge throne, but an ornament worn like a necklace.
When it is necessary to make the famous throne powerful, the famous throne will be truly presented.
See Luo Xiu will wear that necklace as a general ornament on the smile’s neck.
At this moment, all the female players screamed and screamed. If their boyfriends can be so intimate and powerful, then who else will they be afraid of in the game?
Laughter still didn’t think that a shot burst would give such a precious thing to myself. After all, I am not very strong in the game.
"Give me such a valuable thing. What if I lose it or someone else takes it away?"
Luo Xiu smiled. "It’s okay. If someone takes it, I’ll just take it back. By the way, I can collect a little interest."
Although the sound of a shot is not very loud, everyone can hear it clearly in the place
You were a robber when you shot it, and now others are robbing you, so you have to take advantage of it. At this moment, no guild or club has the slightest idea of fighting against it when you shot it.
At this time, the Earl of Flame, who has been resurrected, frowned and looked at the distant shot and burst into laughter. He still sighed and ordered, "The Flame Guild belongs to evacuate!"
There are naturally many people who are very unwilling to hear the orders of the Earl of Flame.
At this time, the flame cut the dragon out and said, "Do I admit that I have suffered a loss in the Flame Club?"
Next to the top ten masters, a flaming thorn glanced at the flaming dragon. "You have something to do with you!"
After saying this sentence, the top ten masters of the Flame Club turned around and left with the Earl of Flame.
What others can feel is only that the vision is shattered by one shot, but they have experienced it personally and shattered the combat attribute gap, tactical gap and awareness gap by one shot.
This has made them realize that they may still be strong in the face of other masters in the game, but when their opponents are shot down, they may not be opponents in the eyes of a shot down.
Wait until a shot is shattered, and other guild forces and club strength have also left after leaving with the local people.
After all, there is nothing they are interested in now in black and white.
The only thing worth fighting to rob is in the hands of a girlfriend who is shattered by one shot. Secondly, a large number of BOSS explosions have fallen into the hands of the Flame Guild.
Today, everyone has really seen that the Flame Guild is powerful, and now the night inflammation city is already the place where the Flame Club is located. Everyone knows that it is rare to steal things from the Flame Guild. In Wenzhou, there is a person who dares to do this and can succeed, that is, a shot is shattered.
After the crowd dispersed in succession, it returned to its former calm in black and white.
However, at the same time, some large guilds and clubs have noticed that there are a lot of high-grade timber and ore on some maps near Diyan City, which are very good strategic resources.
After this war, a large number of life players flocked to Diyan City, and some large clubs and guilds also set up branches in Diyan City.
But by this time, they discovered that not every life type player can pick things everywhere in Diyan City.
First of all, you must have a guild. Without guild players, you are not allowed to pick things in Diyan City.
Secondly, if you have a guild, your guild demon pays taxes to Diyan City regularly. These taxes are the specific amount of taxes you collect. According to how many life styles there are in your guild, what are the names of players? You have to give all these materials to Diyan City.
Third, when players pick things in the wild, they don’t necessarily come out with a team of NPC’s. They will ask you which guild you are and test it. Once you find that you are not on the list of your guild, you will be in trouble.
In the end, it is not only the players who are unlucky, but also the corresponding guild, which is a tax evasion bank and must pay a lot of compensation to Diyan City.
In the face of these regulations, players in the lifestyle of Diyan City actually need a guild to be the lowest, because they don’t pay taxes at all.
At the beginning, Luo Xiu found a sword mark and an arrow of ice to discuss such as making the city of Diyan develop.
Later, they thought of this way, on the one hand, it can increase the income of Diyan City, and on the other hand, it is equivalent to controlling the price of raw materials in the game.
However, a large number of things produced by a guild were sold to Diyan City. To put it bluntly, it was Diyan City and a guild that gained the most benefits in the end.
But recently, Luo Xiu didn’t pay attention to the development of phlogistic city. He came to Liuyan City with an arrow in the cloud and found the duke Su Zhe.
There are not a few offenders in Diyan City, especially when one shot is shattered.
It is also not very reliable to launch a counterattack against Longyancheng by a single shot.
Garrosho just got a letter from Nan Man Wang, asking him to go there as soon as possible. Sorosho finally decided to hand over the command and leadership of Longyancheng’s counterattack to Su Zhe.
This is also called the original Long Yancheng city declared war on Liu Yan city.
The arrow in the cloud and Su Zhe talked very well and left by themselves.
Now all the barbarian soldiers are armed with their fighting spirit cavalry, and Luo Xiu goes straight to the barbarian’s place.
I didn’t encounter anything along the way, but Luo Xiu always felt that something very important would happen when I came to the barbarians this time.
Sure enough, Luo Xiu just arrived at the barbarians and found that many people in the barbarians were injured.
Luo Xiu, after all, is not the first time to come to the barbarians. The barbarians directly came to see King Nan with a shot shattered.