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Lin really didn’t expect that the stalker turned out to be a sniper who was a great threat to himself. He took this opportunity to slip away directly. The other party was able to follow him all the time because he didn’t hide himself and exposed himself to the sun, hoping to wait for the two guilds to come to him.

Chapter 10 Snatching goods and materials!
Without a stalker, Lin walks around the huge map alone, but he can see some huge creatures occasionally, and no one can see the roots.
"I just fucked the game map to make such a big deal!"
"Forget it, they are lucky if they touch it here!"
Lin connected to the military network to check the data of this generation, and finally chose one after thousands of choices.
Snatch goods and materials
Details The rebels found a watery mine near the nightmare valley at coordinates 1947,23494. A large number of watery mines were excavated and transported to the rebel nightmare base.
Military Merit Reward Killing an ordinary rebel army can gain military merit by 2 points, killing an insurgent army officer can gain military merit by 1 point, winning watery mineral materials and paying them to the military for 1 point for every 10 grams.
"This rebel transportation route must pass near me!"
"Find a good location first …"
The forest turned around nearby, chose a self-considered best location, a small hill and a big tree, and then observed the surrounding situation.
At this time, the player tracking Lin is looking for Lin … I am very distressed to find someone in this place where there are huge flowers and trees everywhere. It is really troublesome. The most important thing is that he doesn’t even know the name of the other party. Otherwise, he can find several special ranks to locate Lin through the ranks.
For example, if a general calls a soldier and says’ report your position’, the other person can’t even say it, especially if everyone has the wisdom and wisdom to faithfully perform this righteousness without hiding anything.
The official level is crushing people to death!
The sneak attacker knew that Lin was nearby and had never gone too far.
So the sneak attacker, like Lin, wanted to find a place where he could observe the nearby environment well. His eyes were no worse than Lin’s, and he took a look at the hill with Lin. He never thought that Lin would come to this place first.
A pair of men in various armor appeared in the distance when the sneak attacker was walking towards the mountain.
In Lin Jia screen clearly shows the sneak attack and a group of people in the distance.
“**! This should be tracking the guy who attacked me. His direction is my place … It won’t be so coincidental to see me in this position! "
"Killing his armor explosion will definitely disturb a group of rebels in the distance, which is a complete success … killing those rebels first will definitely let this guy know that I will definitely make trouble here, and I’m not sure if I can kill me!"
Lin brain quickly turned up.
Come on, he will wait until that group of rebels arrive in the open area, and then continue to snipe and kill several. His sniper level can definitely kill all rebels in the front when they find a place to hide.
And the appearance of this sneak attacker will destroy Lin Mu, and he will definitely make trouble … This is an enemy mentality in the game, and it is also a kind of revenge to destroy each other’s actions.
"You have to kill this player first and then deal with the rebels … so that my hand will be greatly reduced. I would rather take less military merit than let this sneak attacker find me here!"
Lin raised his sniper rifle and aimed at the sneak attacker.
At the same time, I gave a spirit to stare at the rebels’ progress on the display screen, and when they entered the sniper site that Lin expected, Lin pulled the trigger.
When the trigger was pulled, it didn’t go again. As a result, the gun was directly moved to the rebel side.
There are eleven rebels in total. A group of rebels dressed in black, red and blue are holding iron shields, and a rebel in khaki armor is surrounded in the middle, guarding the rebels in khaki armor to advance rapidly.
There are anti-gravity devices in the department, and the speed is very fast, 20 to 30 meters per second. When Lin’s screen sight moves to the khaki armor brain position, he immediately pulled the trigger.
This time, Lin didn’t move his sight. The sight has been placed in khaki armor and the rebel army pulled the trigger again.
Three shots in a row
The first shot accurately hit the khaki armor of the rebel army. The position between the eyebrows is that the khaki armor has a terrible defense force. The powerful sniper rifle and penetrating sniper bomb actually made a dent in the surface and the bomb remained in the dent.
The second shot still hit the same position accurately, but this time it didn’t penetrate the khaki armor helmet. It just made the dent deeper, and the first bullet flew out of the dent and the second bullet was also bounced.
The third penetrating bullet finally hit the khaki armor, and the rebels suddenly stopped. The whole person fell to the ground and slid forward for several meters before coming to rest …
The guards around the rebels responded at the first shot, but they knew that the defense of khaki armor was definitely not an ordinary sniper rifle, and the reaction was a little slow … They never expected that there would be such a super terrorist sniper as Lin.
If a stationary object hits the same point three times a kilometer away in three seconds, it is nothing. It is possible for everyone to raise the automatic aiming system to a certain level.
However, this khaki armored rebel is not a stationary object, but a fast-moving person. In this case, it is even possible to hit the same point three times in a row, which requires a lot of terrorist aiming and shooting ability to do it.
"Fortunately, I know this khaki armor information!"
Lin knew that he had killed the rebel hand in khaki armor, moved slightly, and the sight chased the rebels who were slowing down around him … These rebels’ reactions were really unusual, and one by one, the Turin iron shield blocked his body and did not give Lin a chance.
"Take the backpack!"
Rebels are not stupid either. They protect materials, not people.
A rebel army wearing blue armor picked a khaki armor backpack and then quickly retreated with a shield for nearly ten meters before lying on the ground.
Boom one!
The khaki armor exploded … Yes, the khaki armor exploded and exploded into Lin’s ear thousands of meters away. Although it is not very clear, it can still be heard.
It’s another explosion. Shouldn’t it have happened earlier?
Lin had to give up these rebels and turn his attention to the former sneak attacker … It’s a pity that the man has disappeared in just a few seconds and he found a hidden position in this complex terrain environment.
There is a small hole penetrating the helmet on the edge of the sneak attacker’s armor helmet. This small hole directly penetrates his ear.
At this time, the sneak attacker’s sight is not on the forest side, but on the place where the explosion occurred. "The shooting ability is as good as mine!"
It is impossible for this sneak attacker to see the process. He saw a group of rebels lying on the ground and an explosion leaving smoke … If he saw that the explosion was a khaki armor, he wouldn’t have this idea.
Chapter 19 Flame armor!
Lin immediately turned his eyes back when he didn’t see the sneak attacker. "These rebels rushed over without running!"
This situation is a bit out of Lin’s expectation. These rebels are supposed to protect those materials. Why did they choose to rush over after the attack?
Lin doesn’t know that the intelligence level of these rebels is very unusual. They know very well that if they escape, they must run in other directions, which will inevitably expose their backs. Lin’s sniper level is really terrible. I’m afraid they will be killed one by one if they don’t hide in those complex terrain.
They made the right choice, because they have shields in their hands and are not worried about the sniper rifle … The most important point is that they believe that such a horrible sniper ability can never be achieved by relying on the intelligent brain automatic aiming program, and a person with such a horrible long-range shooting ability will never be much worse in close combat.
As soon as we discussed it, we decided to rush in the direction of Lin
Lin watched these rebels rush into this hill one by one, jumped from the tree in the complex environment, and sometimes used tactics to put a sniper rifle in tactical backpack and took out a laser sword and a spiritual iron shield.
This shield is mainly used to defend against the poacher who dodged a bullet and hid in the vicinity.
Rocks and huge flowers and trees form a complex environment. In this complex environment, every rebel has a shield in his hand … The power of suspected firearms will be limited to a very low level.
Fighting is on the verge.
"Not found!"
"I didn’t find it here!"