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"Follow the orders of the Prime Minister!"

"Know the military progress of Qingzhou Water?"
"Master Hui has now washed a place in the south of Donglai, which is called Jinan. There is a bay on three sides, and the wind and waves on the land are smaller than the sea. It is the most suitable training for the water army. A captain Gan and a captain Wang Dawei have already trained in shipbuilding. Ma Feng has known that Zang Hongqian will move 100,000 refugees to his place, and choose craftsmen and craftsmen to settle here with him to build ships for daily life."
"Good once the water army practice in the future by the jinan and jinan! Haha! "
"Eldest brother, how do I feel that Feng Zhang seems to be targeting us?" Feather faded from those boots that had not crossed all the way from Youzhou, and an odor seemed to be visible to the naked eye and quietly permeated the whole room.
"Master, I feel this way, too. Feng Zhang doesn’t want us to go to war." Jian Yong pinched his nose and looked out of the window as he said-flies flying over here are all surnamed Cao Wanyi. The best result is to be driven away.
"Maybe it’s a good intention to know the machine!" Liu Bei’s mouth was so cold when he said this. When he was a child, he was very respectful to himself. I’m afraid his heart turned to Cao Cao.
"How dare he! That gigolo is good with me. He really thinks so. I’m the first to tear down his bones. "Zhang Fei also took off his boots. Jian Yong was smoked so much that he wanted to plug his ears.
"People have to bow their heads on the eaves!" Liu Bei sighed for a moment or two, and his ears also shrugged and pulled, just like his mood at this time.
"After talking for a long time, did the two righteous brothers smell anything strange?" Liu Bei felt that this room was full of sour and smelly odor.
Jian Yong’s eyes turned a few times to faint, master. You just smell it now! No wonder sitting in Zhang Feiyu’s two stinking sources did not move!
Section one hundred and nineteen Choose a concubine
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Lao Cao did not believe that anyone in this world could threaten him or was overconfident and insisted on taking Liu Bei to war.
At this time, Liu Xie was not satisfied with Cao Cao’s bossing about everything.
In Liu Xie, it is a matter of course to think that even if Lao Cao hits the whole country and then gives it back to him. The rate of Tubin Murphy Wang Chen Liu Xie took it for granted that Lao Cao was alone in these two and a half States.
Liu Xie, who had been raised respectfully by Lao Cao since he was welcomed back, felt very proud of himself, but slowly he found that his root was a canary in a cage.
From his daily life to the size of politics, everything has to be nodded by Lao Cao, and the eunuchs around him are even more silent, that is, "The Prime Minister has commanded …" How can Liu Xie, who is bent on reviving the big fellow’s glory, accept it?
"Don’t I want to go out for a walk in plain clothes and get permission from a minister?" Liu Xie flew into a rage. Although he also had a weak consciousness, he was awakened by Dong Zhuo, Guo, Li and others, but at the last moment, his anger was still out of control.
Liu Xie smashed several cases of jade inkstone, good wolf brush and a pile of snow-white "front paper" together with pen holder, paperweight and so on. I have to admit that even if a potential emperor gets angry, it can scare many people.
Four little yellow doors knelt in a row, shivering and sweating on their heads, dripping down into the west cool river.
The only one who was bold said with trepidation, "Please take a break and be angry with the Prime Minister. I’m also afraid that Xuchang will have a bad public security at the beginning, and it will be a big day if it hurts the dragon body!"
This made Liu Xie feel a little relieved, and when he thought about the actual situation, he calmed down a lot. "I was abrupt, too. Why don’t you all get up?"
The four little yellow doors said that grace was not only shaking, but the bold yellow door said, "If you find it interesting, handmaiden can go and arrange one or two."
Liu Xie, although he has a great ambition, after all, when he was young and a teenager, the shadow came to strength. "Oh? Have a discussion? "
The yellow door winked at the other three people, and the three little yellow doors were busy tidying up like snowflakes. They put the paperweights and other things back one by one in Liu Xie’s case, and courted Liu Xie with his head down and his waist bowed, laughing.
"My handmaiden knows that you are bored these days, but think about it. This new palace is about to be completed, and the Prime Minister is preparing for a new levy. You should feel sorry for the reckless Yuan Shu traitor!"
Liu Xie got up unconsciously, guided by the yellow door thinking, and touched the three small yellow doors of the pen rack nib. He was going to throw a hug and stretch his hands beside the pen rack and then make a scene.
Liu Xie saw can not help but criticise "what? Get out of here! "
The three little yellow doors saw Liu Xie laughing and knew that he was busy laughing at this time. Mimi pointed out, "Is the handmaiden rolling now?"
Three little yellow doors really rolled up on the side, patted the dust and lowered his hands honestly.
Liu Xie didn’t think Tianwei was so. There was something that made people roll and couldn’t help laughing.
Touched Liu Xiemao, the yellow door suddenly appeared in Cao Cao’s room after half an hour!
This yellow man is clever. It turned out that Cao Cao’s family Liu Xie entered Xuchang and Cao Cao left a mind’s eye. After promising N many benefits, he made him willing to enter the palace and become an emperor. It was Cao Cao who sent a message to monitor Liu Xie’s every move
"Yes, you’ve done a good job. Let me know if there’s anything wrong!" Cao Cao is far from being close and talkative when facing others. From a distance, it is a towering and insurmountable mountain.
With thick eyebrows and fine eyes, the black face is lined with a thick beard, and it is quite frightening to look angry and arrogant.
"Go get the reward!" Cao Cao shook his sleeves and kowtowed as if this was the emperor in front of him.
Such as the yellow door back room to walk into a few people is Feng Zhang, freeze, Guo Jia, dramatist.
The reason why Ye Liu failed to enter this circle is self-evident
Is it because his surname is Liu or Han clan?
"It seems that the emperor has grown up and is not so easy to fool." Cao Cao pinched his temples with his hands and had some headaches.
Although the Zhen Shi family was dug up from Jizhou, it was like a second mi family, which greatly increased Cao Cao’s sources of information on national strength and contacts, but the most direct consequence was that Yuan Cao turned against him.
Lu Bu recruited soldiers to train foot soldiers in Langya, and Si Er knew everything about his purpose (Cao Xiong)
Yuan Shu has been addicted to being an emperor here and is preparing to crusade against him. However, another bad news from Wancheng failed to get rid of Jia Xu’s plan. The cunning old fox accepted a gift from Cao Cao’s envoy in front of Zhang Xiu and gave Zhang Xiu a simple gift to show his position on the one hand and told Cao Cao that it was not so easy to get caught.
How can Cao Cao not be upset when Liu Xie of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rekindles his desire for power?
If Yuan Shu is besieged on all sides, then Cao Cao is lying in ambush on all sides. Facing this powerful emperor in hand, all the people are eyeing up and will definitely jump out and stab him in the back if they have the chance.
"Master doesn’t worry. This Liu Xie has been threatened by Dong Zhuo since childhood. It is rare to be rich and arrogant. I expect that if I eat antiques and treasures, I will play with them and lose my ambition." Guo Jia bowed his head for a moment and seemed to think of some hobbies and ideals in his childhood, but this idea seems to be good.
A person who should have lived a rich and expensive life in the future leads a depressed life because there is a foreign powerful person at home. Once this shackles can be removed one day, many people often have a kind of revenge on their past, as if they were desperately trying to make up for what they lost in the past.
The most typical example is that when a person has money, he will go bad. When he has no money, it doesn’t mean that he has no desire. Once this desire is supported by money, he will probably try all kinds of thoughts in his heart but can’t realize them.
I can’t believe that Guo Fengxiao can think from the perspective of psychology at a young age.
Cao Cao and Cheng Yu also agreed and looked at Feng Zhang.
Feng Zhang has always been recognized as the most "bad" yin point, of course, he is still good to his own people, but people generally think that he is "bad" because he has been eccentric since he was a child and likes to deal with those peddlers.
I have to say that although the people at the bottom of these societies may have a lot of things that make the people at the top look down on them, they are vulgar, they will pick their feet, they will not take a shower for a long time, but they are often the most tenacious, imaginative and creative people.
It is certain that people who live in harsh or difficult environments for a long time know how to grow flowers far better than those in greenhouses, and people who understand each other’s difficulties and situations often don’t care too much about personal gains and losses
Fight bravely and kill more dogs.