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Shan Hai Jing!

The thought of Shan Hai Jing, a guild, narrowed his eyes slightly, which seems to be a habitual attempt to cover up a small calculation at the bottom of his eyes.
Knocking back and forth on the table for half a day, Ya got up and chatted privately with Marshal one by one.
[Private chat] When it is convenient for a marshal (gray gravel), you can come and trade the price with the flash.
These small partners of Qianshan Haijing Association seem to have the intention of wooing themselves, which is elegant and white, but they don’t seem to be in a hurry, or it is a kind of pride of the big association
But wouldn’t it be very frustrating to go in like this?
Since you are going to enter the guild of Shanhaijing, you must have a beautiful posture.
How to enter the Shanhaijing guild beautifully?
This is actually a big problem.
Those friends in Shan Hai Jing are not simple. How smart and beautiful they are? You need to think about it when you enter Shan Hai Jing Ya.
Thanks to the small partners in the city who are drunk and stained with ink-small astringency-peace of mind-I will finally reward and love you ~ ~ ~
No, sam, monday.
☆, Chapter 69 Big information
In the afternoon, Ya hung up and watched for a while.
Towards evening, Yajiang Mountain has the number Fu Su, and the direct line brain also has a rest.
The other two numbers are still hanging up, while the elegant people are out foraging with handbags.
If you live in school, there is still a canteen. You can choose to live in Tao’s house. Yang Chunhua will also manage their meals very well.
But living here in Fu Yao …
Forget it. Fu Yao doesn’t even cook at home. The kitchen at home is just elegant and doesn’t want anything else
I simply ate something in the snack bar at the gate of the community, and Ya walked around the community for a while, but I just wanted to go out for a walk and go back later.
When I walked to the door of the community, I happened to meet Yu Gui!
But there is a young girl with Yu Gui.
Girls look about the same age as them, in their early twenties, because the distance is not too far, but seeing the girl’s face is gorgeous and moving.
However, the girl is a little fat, especially the two lumps on her chest are simply fighters in the waves!
The girl should be wearing a sportswear, but she is wearing a white coat outside. The girl is slightly fat and wearing a white coat, which makes the girl even more bloated!
But fortunately, the girl has a small face and long hair, which makes her face look smaller.
Ya is not interested in the girl’s identity, but she has seen Ya Yu Gui, but she doesn’t think so. It is still intimate to want to return to that girl, but when she sees Ya just coming, suddenly the girl pulls a little distance.
Although it is not obvious, it is also slightly deliberate.
"Ya" saw Ya coming to Yu Gui and shouted gently, but some eyebrows didn’t blink.
"Well," Yu Gui’s attitude is polite and elegant, and it is impossible to directly ignore people with pride. After nodding, he is ready to go home directly.
However, Yu Gui seems to be afraid of Ya’s misunderstanding. He hastily pulled Yiya’s clothes and said in a hurry, "Introduce Yiya, this is my little cousin Lin Xiuzhu."
Yu Gui has introduced Ya, and if you turn around and leave, it’s also very embarrassing. Finally, you can’t bear to turn around gently, eyebrow eye slightly bent and smiled and nodded "hello" purely.
Ya really didn’t know that she was a classmate, which is good to say that it is inevitable to say hello when meeting, but what the hell is this sudden intrusion into her cousin?
Yu Gui seems to be aware of some problems in his behavior, and Lin Xiuzhu around him is also pulling his sleeve with some dissatisfaction.
Nai Yu Gui can barely keep his face smiling again. Nature is to introduce Ya to Lin Xiuzhu.
"Xiuzhu, this is my good friend Ya, who goes to the same university as your sister." Looking at Lin Xiuzhu’s pouting, she was not very happy, and she held out her hand as if to appease her.
Lin Xiuzhu seems to like this, which is similar to treating cats. She narrows her eyes slightly and covers her eyes with a bitter accent, but with a somewhat gloomy "Hello, my name is Lin Xiuzhu."
Lin Xiuzhu even reached out his hand after saying that it was very friendly (? ? ? ) I want to shake hands with Ya.
And Ya feels that Yu Gui’s little cousin is also weird and very special, especially the sentence "Hello" seems to contain something different, and people are slightly panicked in it.
However, Ya finally reached out and shook hands in a friendly way.
But Lin Xiuzhu doesn’t seem to be too friendly. At that moment, she was trying to give Ya some warning.
At the same time, I was afraid that I would exhale in pain, and I turned my head a little naughty and said, "Cousin, aren’t you going to help buy a hot drink here?"
When I came back to see Ya, I was nervous. At this time, I heard Lin Xiuzhu say that he was busy and embarrassed. After smiling, I turned around and walked over to a water bar at the gate of the community.
Until Yu Gui figure disappeared in front of two people Lin Xiuzhu this just got to say "what? Do classmates want to grab my cousin with me? "
When he said this, Lin Xiuzhu still increased his strength by holding elegant hands.
Elegant, on the other hand, replied with great indifference that "three generations of close relatives can’t be fair together, and Miss Lin is really in a good state of mind."
Say that finish this sentence elegant hand a force Lin Xiuzhu instantaneous screamed back his hand.
"You, you …" Lin Xiuyue couldn’t say anything in pain, but she could stretch out her hand and point at the elegant face with the other hand.
But Ya was very calm and shook her hand, then took out the wet wipes in her handbag and wiped her hands, then threw them into the trash can beside her.
Later, Lin Xiuzhu looked at the elegant face with resentment and said, "I don’t like to suffer losses and I still hold grudges. I hope we won’t meet again."
Ya say that finish and don’t worry about Yu Gui. After you come back, Lin Xiuzhu will say something if it’s difficult to obey and turn around and go into the community directly.