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But I don’t want to make such a big noise. Although Little Cute knows it again, how can she not notice that when she picks up Little Cute in the blue sky, she has already woken up because she thinks it’s fun, so she just keeps pretending to sleep and doesn’t open her eyes. This shows that Little Cute doesn’t know how to yell and do something that gives Blue Sky a headache, as Blue Sky thinks.

The cute face is small, exquisite, white, tender and smooth, and the nose is as straight as white jade. The long eyelashes are naughty and cute, and the rosy and sexy mouth makes the blue sky excited.
"Finally, when there is no ice and ice today, you can definitely taste the sweetness." Blue sky thought and bowed his head and kissed the cute little mouth.
"It’s so soft and fragrant. Is this the smell of the little cute body? I didn’t expect that even the smell in this mouth is so fragrant and delicious." I thought about the blue sky but didn’t want to just put my tongue into the little cute mouth. When the little cute ghost eyes suddenly opened wide, it was bold in the blue sky, and I was startled. Suddenly, this passion came and went, and I straightened up. I quietly looked at the little cute and the little cute was lying on the ground looking at the blue sky stupidly.
"Merry brother, why don’t you kiss me? Isn’t my mouth as delicious as Sister Bing Bing?" Little Cute asked the blue sky seriously but didn’t want the blue sky to be startled. I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of guilt. I even thought, "Little Cute, you are so cute and like me so much, but I always want to possess you. I will have such thoughts. Why don’t I let Little Cute be smarter? This will make me a little more challenging and make me feel less guilty."
"Romantic Brother, what’s the matter with you? Are you going to kiss me or not? I’m going to sleep." Little cute said that Blue Sky opened its mouth one by one, only to find that she could not speak. Then Blue Sky sighed and said, "Don’t kiss me. When Little cute grows up, Romantic Brother is kissing."
But I don’t want Cute’s mouth to chew up and jump at the blue sky. At the same time, I still mutter, "Romantic brother will kiss Romantic brother if he doesn’t kiss Cute."
See little cute riding in the blue sky with his hands holding the blue sky head with his eyes open and biting the blue sky with his mouth wide open. It’s not that he doesn’t open his mouth, and it’s not a moment. Although these two lips are right, little cute’s big eyes make the blue sky depressed and lose the mood, but little cute doesn’t know where he learned to rub his mouth against the blue sky mouth. Although the blue sky is stared at by little cute’s eyes with some hair in his heart, it is also quickly provoked by fire. Suddenly, his tongue quickly rushes into little cute’s mouth, and suddenly, two tongues are entangled and fight.
Chapter 9 desire to upgrade
Little cute one leng eyes flashed a strange color, but his teeth snapped into the blue sky and his tongue suddenly screamed like killing a pig. For a moment, in little cute’s eyes, the blue sky opened its mouth and stretched out its tongue, and he got up and sat on the corner with a bitter face. He looked at little cute very much.
"Romantic brother, your tongue is bleeding …"
"…" Lan Tianyu quietly watched the little cute.
"Romantic brother, why are you looking at me like that?"
The blue sky closed its eyes and took a deep breath. "How old are you, lovely sister?"
"Ten years old," the little cute replied.
"Oh, no wonder my lovely sister is so finished." Blue sky said vaguely.
"It’s all my fault for biting my romantic brother’s tongue," said the little cute with red eyes.
"Alas, kissing is not grounded like this," Blue Sky said.
"How is that grounded? Let me see if this is how you and Sister Bingbing are grounded?" Little cute is not satisfied.
Blue sky asks again, "Does cute sister really know nothing?" Blue sky really wants to know what cute little girl doesn’t even know the most basic common sense.
"Know what? I have thousands of dolls and lots of things to play with," said the little cute excitedly.
The blue sky suddenly fainted, thinking that I can’t blame this girl for this. My feelings grew up in a toy pile, but why didn’t her family educate her?
"What about lovely mom and dad?" Blue sky continued.
"They are no longer at home. They often go out for a long time, but I haven’t seen them several times." After that, Little Cute curled her mouth reluctantly, apparently remembering something unhappy.
"Oh, how did that lovely sister grow up?" Khan can ask such an idiot question, which shows that the blue sky head is seriously blocked at this time
"That’s how I grew up." Little Cute’s dark eyes shot out a look that surprised the blue sky. The blue sky suddenly looked at Little Cute puzzled, but the eyes of Little Cute had already disappeared for a moment, but the blue sky looked at Little Cute more doubtfully.
"It’s strange how the eyes just appeared in the eyes of the little cute. Is there something wrong with my eyes?" Look back at the little cute, charming and cute appearance. The blue sky still recognizes that it feels wrong. If it is true, it can be the little cute. The acting skills are super powerful, but the blue sky would rather believe in its feelings than its eyes.
When my heart was full of paranoia, Cute had trotted downstairs, and at this time, Bingbing also woke up and looked puzzled. When two people were about to ask something, Cute stepped forward and said, "Sister Bingbing, Cute bit my romantic brother’s tongue."
The blue sky building trembled and fell from the building. Suddenly, several stars appeared in the blue sky eyes and said, "Bingbing, you have to believe me that I am innocent." Isn’t it so hard to believe and shock the world when a brothel woman says she is innocent?
Bingbing naturally won’t believe the blue sky, but walked out of the villa with a cute hand and disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving a blue sky in depression and doubt in the villa.
"No, there must be something wrong with this girl. There must be something wrong with it." Blue sky patted his thigh.
"Is there a problem?" Blue sky pondered.
"God, if there is something wrong with this little cutie, isn’t my sex a gentleman?" Blue sky cried painfully. It seems that someone still knows himself.
At this time, Bing Bing took Xiao Cute and they were walking around the streets covered with maple trees. From time to time, they would give a sweet smile and show a bright smile. At this time, the blue sky finally patted his thigh and decided to make a tentative exploration of Xiao Cute. This exploration is absolutely strategic.
The blue sky revealed a sinister smile, got up and walked out for a moment and disappeared in the street covered with maple leaves.
However, the original blue sky wanted to tell ice and ice, but it was also disturbed by this unexpected incident. The blue sky wanted to tell them that there are several monster settlements everywhere in this maple leaf city, but the level is high or not. Every monster colony is higher than the green leaf snake, and what is not dead in it is another story.