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"… this is the worst event I have ever seen during the interview! As the head coach of the team, you should treat the fans who support the team like this! This kind of behavior is simply unprofessional! "

Judging from his words, it seems that he is going to eat the ever-victorious alive.
In addition, right-wing politicians in Rome also jumped out to criticize the winners.
"That’s why I don’t like China, because China is a guy like him …"
"Ever-victorious people from China don’t seem to know how to respect people. Of course, their country never treats people as people …"
"What he has done to Lazio fans will surely nail him to the shame column of Lazio club forever! Attacking the fans with noise … It’s a pity that he thought of it! "
These politicians attack winning in newspapers, on TV, on radio programs or in their own political speeches.
These are right-wing politicians who are closely related to the "incorrigible". Some of them have a certain influence, and they have to come out to help the uneducated at this time, while others have little influence, and they can only become famous by holding the uncultivated thighs.
But no matter what kind of people they are, they are not afraid of them.
Politicians, to put it bluntly, are experts in mouth guns. They know nothing but mouth guns.
It is these politicians, especially right-wing politicians, that Chang Sheng despises most.
When reporters came to ask Chang Sheng what his response was to these politicians’ criticisms, Chang Sheng pulled out his ears: "Sorry, I only understand people’s words."
He just scolded back …
For six days in a row, the non-indoctrinated radio station "The Voice of the Stand" attacked the ever-victorious. They thought that the ever-victorious was arrogant and conceited, and they didn’t know their last name after a little achievement.
Such a head coach will lead his team to the abyss of death.
Lazio has experienced glory in his hands, but now, maybe it’s time to start a new cycle!
However, at ordinary times, it seems that the incorrigible faction has a lot of energy, but it is not enough for them to really confront the real power faction of Lazio Club.
Their criticism can’t shake Chang Sheng’s position in Lazio at all.
Moreover, Lazio and Lotito are close enough to wear a pair of trousers, and they have a dispute with the uncivilized faction that Lotito hates. Lotito must be firmly on the side of winning.
It is useless for the incorrigible to call on the fans to boycott Lazio. After all, the vast majority of Lazio fans also support winning. It’s no use relying on their 7 thousand people.
If you resist, you will resist, and even if you win, you may wish them to resist.
Although it didn’t threaten Lazio successfully, the uneducated programs provided the media with room for speculation.
Will Changsheng leave Lazio?
Pacheco is an activist in this regard.
He just wants Changsheng to leave Lazio. After all he has done, he just wants Changsheng to leave.
Pacheco didn’t know where he learned that the China Football Association had found Chang Sheng, so soon he announced the news: "Chang Sheng may leave Lazio, which is by no means shocking fake news! This is absolutely true. He has fallen out with Lazio’s biggest fan organization, which will make it difficult for him to keep a foothold in the Olympic Stadium … Of course, as one of the most successful coaches, there is often no shortage of places. For example, the recent Olympic Games in Beijing, China is about to open, and he is likely to return to China to coach their Olympic team and lead the Olympic team to play the Olympic Games … "
Gazzetta dello Sport is the authoritative media, and Pacheco is a famous one.
What he said can easily arouse strong repercussions.
Earlier, it was said that Lazio was going to sell players, and everyone thought it was quite normal-how can we pay off our debts if we don’t sell players?
But now he says Changsheng will leave Lazio, which is big news!
Changsheng left Lazio. What about Lazio?
Everyone knows who made Lazio what it is today, not Lotito, but a constant winner!
How can there be so many champions in Lazio if there is no winning player’s vision and no winning coaching ability?
Recently, it happened that Chang Sheng and the "incorrigible faction" were at the same level. The incorrigible faction attacked Chang Sheng in their own radio programs for six consecutive days, demanding that he resign and get out of here.
With the influence of the "incorrigible faction" in Lazio, maybe it is really possible … Because we have offended the most powerful fans to stop us, Changsheng can only leave sadly …
If that’s the case, Changsheng may become the first Lazio coach driven away by a fan organization. It’s no better than being notified by SMS that class is over …
It is precisely because some people think that it is really possible for Changsheng to leave Lazio that it has attracted great attention from the media.
Everyone followed suit and analyzed the hype.
Then after an analysis, I found that this may really be getting bigger and bigger!
Tuttosport: "The recent sale in Lazio is frightening, and even triggered a wave of protests from fans against the club and the team … Maybe Lazio will sell all the first-team players, even the toilet paper! Even if such a team is really a genius, it may not be able to return to heaven. So he is likely to leave the team and leave a ruin for his successor … "
Corriere dello Sport: "Let’s analyze Chang’s past experience. Why do we think he is likely to leave Lazio?"? Because whether in getafe or Valencia, they often leave after the team reaches the peak. In getafe, he took this unknown second-division team to the league title and the King’s Cup title, successfully promoted to the first division, and then left. In Valencia, it took three years, which often made Valencia a triple crown, and then he left … with great determination and no nostalgia. So this time will be no exception … "
The "Slow Motion" column of Italy’s MEDIASET 5: "… is often a very smart person. He knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. When Lazio has reached its peak and won all the titles it deserves, the team will naturally lose its motivation to move forward. This is a natural law, and no one can change it, and often it is no exception. He knows very well that it is difficult to lead a team that has reached its peak. Maybe just smashed his own sign … "
Italian national television station 2′ s Sunday Sports program: "I think he has done a very good job in Lazio, and his achievements in Lazio for three years are in everyone’s eyes." No one can deny his achievement. But it’s obviously a big challenge to continue leading such a team … I think it’s a decent end to leave now … And he has left enough precious’ legacy’ for this team, that is, these players, who can completely help Lazio solve their debt problems. In fact, the Lazio club is doing just that now … Of course, after the big sale, it is estimated that it will be very difficult for Lazio to rise again. First of all, they have to go through a very difficult reconstruction period … "
For a time, newspapers, TV … all kinds of media are discussing the matter of Chang Sheng leaving Lazio.
Originally, it was just a possibility, a guess, which made the media so speculative, and in the end it became a foregone conclusion.
At first, the media said it was possible, and finally, all the uncertain words were removed and turned into positive sentences.
And the media began to find a home for Changsheng.
Even the bookmakers came out to join in the fun and offered odds for which team Changsheng left Lazio to join …
It’s no use even winning the rumor at the regular press conference in the middle of the week.
Chang Sheng said at that time: "You two said that Lazio is a ruin, and Lazio is going to fall into a trough … I just want to remind you that I am not dead yet, hey!"
It’s useless
The media turned around and said that Chang Sheng was a dead duck with a hard mouth.
"Who’s the head coach who left class because of the protests stopped by the fans?"