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At 19: 35 on July 3rd, the 15th round of SH Port HB Huaxia Happiness Competition was held in Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center. In the first half of the Super League, Huaxia 9 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses and 3 points ranked second in Hong Kong, 6 wins, 6 draws, 3 losses and 24 points ranked fourth. Huaxia Port had not played in the official competition before, and it was recorded that Huaxia lost to Greentown in six rounds. The port suffered three draws, four draws, one loss, two draws and one loss in the last five rounds. Compared with Huaxia, there were two adjustments in the rotation of Gere Vignau and Li Hsing in the midfield. There are also two changes in Hong Kong. Shi Ke and Wang Feipeng replaced Wang Jiajie, Conca Hu Erke and Ji ‘an, but they were not included in the list.

Tens of thousands of spectators were present. In the tsunami, Wang Feipeng ran directly into the stadium for the first time. His blood was boiling and he took a few breaths to slowly calm down his excitement. The game just lasted for one second. Lei Wu broke the ball from Ding Haifeng’s foot on the right side of the penalty area and forced it to move forward quickly. In the seventh minute, the Huaxia team failed to attack Wang Feipeng. After receiving the ball in the backcourt, he drove all the way into the wild for 4 meters. elson forced Wang Feipeng to block the ball. After elson received the ball, the defender stuck it tightly. Then he chose a long-range shot outside the penalty area to fly. In the game, both sides fought fiercely and fiercely. In the midfield battle, Wang Fei Peng Li’s speed and dexterity broke the dogfight many times, but the other side quickly won the superior forces to chase and block, but he did not let him break into the restricted area. Both sides failed to get the opportunity to attack. The scene was quite boring
In the 27th minute, Dong Xuesheng headed the ball from the left side of the penalty area. Yan Junling confiscated the ball for 1 minute. After that, Ger Vignau broke through Shike’s foul and got the fifth yellow card of the season. In the 29th minute, Kakuta shot an Italian ball 22 meters away, which caused Yan Junling to get rid of Gulum’s small penalty area and make up the shot and violated the Hong Kong goalkeeper.
In the 32nd minute, Wang Feipeng scored a header from the right corner of elson Middle Road, and Yang Cheng easily got it. Two minutes later, Wang Feipeng broke the ball from the opponent’s midfielder’s foot and forced it into the flash block in the double-team. After that, the ball elson hit the ground with an arc, and then Cai Huikang pushed mbia down from the right in the frontcourt and got a yellow card. In the 3rd minute, elson shot an Italian ball 24 meters away, and Yang Cheng dived sideways to solve the danger. Four minutes later, Sun Xiang hit an anti-aircraft gun with his left foot 25 meters away, and the half-court ended, and
In the 4th minute, Gere Vignau’s shot in the small restricted area was cleared by Jin Zhourong and Fu Huan. Four minutes later, Lei Wu received Wang Feipeng’s direct tackle and hit the right side of the restricted area. In the 53rd minute, Evra’s right foot curveball shot on the left side of the restricted area was blocked from the baseline. Then Wang Feipeng’s right corner kick was sent to the middle of the road. After 6 minutes, Wang Feipeng volleyed at the top of the Sun Xiang arc. In the left corner kick, elson nodded the ball and missed the goal. In the 66th minute, Kakuta shot Yan Junling’s Italian ball 27 meters away
In the 69th minute, the long-range ball hit the defender’s leg outside the restricted area and popped out of the restricted area. Wang Feipeng reacted quickly and quickly, and then moved forward to grab the ball. After that, he continued to shake two defenses on the right side of the restricted area and forced the other three defenders to make up for it. Wang Feipeng suddenly handed the ball horizontally to elson elson’s restricted area line, with his back to the goal. He turned to live in Lum, turned his left foot and shot low into the left corner of the goal. elson broke the round of goal drought and entered the sixth league goal port of the season, leading 1.
In the 76th minute, Wang Jiajie replaced Yu Hai for the first time. Four minutes later, Lin Chuangyi replaced Evra for the second time. In the 2nd minute, China replaced Rosenventer for Vignau for the first time.
In the 7th minute, Wang Feipeng attacked the opponent’s striker at the arc top of the square restricted area. After Wang Feipeng took the ball successfully, he immediately turned to the frontcourt and quickly pushed it forward. Several frontcourt players quickly coordinated and blocked Wang Feipeng’s attack. The Huaxia team quickly blocked the opponent’s defense at the front of the restricted area, and many Wang Feipeng attracted a large number of defenses. Suddenly, Cai Huikang headed the ball to the edge of the restricted area and crossed Lei Wu to catch it. After that, Jin Yangyang passed the ball, and then he continued to shake Gulum to defend his left foot and shoot low to break the goal. Lei Wu scored the fifth league goal of the season
Two minutes later, Yang Shiyuan replaced Lei Wu for the third time in Hong Kong, and then Gui Hong put down Fu Huan and got a yellow card. In the end, Huaxia 2 lost to Hong Kong and suffered a 2-game losing streak. The league was unbeaten at 16 home games across the season, and the final points stayed at the 3-point slide, the 3 rd port, the 6 th round, the first win, nearly 4 rounds, 1 win, 3 draws, nearly 3 away games, 1 win and 2 draws, and the points reached 27 points, still ranked fourth.
Throughout the game, Wang Feipeng’s overall performance was remarkable. He played a leading role in the midfield, grabbed the dribble in the middle and back court, broke through the short penetration and made a long raid, and then handed it to the striker’s foot. He dribbled and got rid of the defense many times at half time. Although he didn’t shoot directly, he also helped elson score the first goal and the second goal. After the game, the coaching staff gave him a moderate evaluation.
Wang Feipeng was not satisfied with his performance. Although he played the front waist, his attack power did not play. The main reason was that the striker of the team had a strong personal ability. If the ball was worried about being scolded by his teammates from time to time, the fans shouted at the tsunami in other professional games, and the opponents strongly blocked the referee and severely punished him. There was a huge difference between the two, which affected his play to some extent. No wonder the coach repeatedly stressed that you can grow into a truly qualified player by playing several fierce professional games.
When starting the bench, it was very different. Half-court gradually adapted to the state in the second half, which was full of physical strength and speed. Running in a wide range before and after the court actively fought for many times, creating opportunities for teammates and establishing more confidence. Conca was injured and had to be suspended for less than three weeks. According to the current situation, the team may continue to let him start and get more opportunities to gradually adapt to the game atmosphere. I believe that the next game will be more exciting.
Back to the training base, Wang Feipeng will carefully replay the whole game process in his mind. How should the team’s offensive level promotion order match the running habits of the players? How to improve the height? What can we learn from the offensive and defensive characteristics of the other side? The real professional competition is very fierce. Some players are so threatening that they will take you down even if they foul! Wang Feipeng obviously felt the ferocity of the defenders when he broke through! Sometimes it’s equal to nullifying the opponent’s core player by attacking your leg, which makes the opponent’s team attack poorly. It’s cost-effective to not only play well in the game, but also protect yourself. Although you have passive injuries, you should give full play to your strength in the strong confrontation and make persistent efforts to build meritorious deeds, get recognition from the club and get more salary. It will be even better!
Chapter one hundred and twenty Simulated sparring
I just got back to oriental land Sports Training Base and received a message from the table tennis coach inviting Wang Feipeng to practice in the past. Recently, the team members have to participate in professional competitions. There is a European player who is similar in height and strength to Wang Feipeng and just needs to practice his opponent’s ball to adapt to the style of play.
Wang Feipeng’s playing table tennis is purely a hobby, and there is no pressure. He just participated in the Super League competition to relax. When Jiang Shixiang, the coach of the table tennis team, saw him coming on time, he quickly arranged confrontation and asked him to imitate European players and send the first three boards away. Don’t over-rush, over-attack, and increase the arc and strength.
After hearing the news, the players who were training were attracted to watch, and the female player Wang Feipeng secretly looked at the young girls. The living standards are high now, and they have participated in table tennis training since childhood. The family conditions are not bad. The beautiful girls have more dinosaur levels, but they should have known that they should be called Zheng Zhiyun beauties to enjoy together.
The three main players of the table tennis team will participate in the competition. Who will be right or unknown? All three have to practice sparring in turn. Wang Feipeng has been familiar with it for a while, and he is familiar with the feel. Immediately, the team’s master Yun Meiren watches Wang Feipeng and concentrates on it, playing an extremely spiritual response.
Wang Feipeng’s first match against the No.3 player was slightly weak. According to the coach’s request, two people came to attack each other to pull and receive the service. They all started with a board and then an arc. Wang Feipeng liked his strong body, long speed and great strength. The left and right arcs were well balanced. He had to move one step and increase his arm length to get the ball. Once he played well, he launched a powerball. The rotation, speed and strength were not comparable to those of his opponent. It was not allowed to receive the ball immediately!
In the first two games, the two men fought fiercely against diamond cut diamond. As Wang Feipeng gradually adapted to this small speed and strength advantage, the No.3 player gradually showed the wind. Although there was coach Jiang Shixiang’s constant guidance to try to change the passive situation through the change of the ball path, it was not effective in practice. Wang Feipeng’s defensive area was very large, the left and right distance was reduced, nothing was widened, and it was easy to make mistakes. Wang Feipeng played more and more bravely, and he took the ball with his opponent in less than five minutes at 5:2.
Jiang Shixiang consulted Wang Feipeng’s opinion and needed a rest. Then the second game was held. Player No.2 watched for a long time on the sidelines and had a deep understanding of player No.3′ s failure. In order to defeat the opponent, we must first stabilize ourselves and ensure that we don’t make mistakes in pulling the ball. Then we can tear the opponent’s defense by changing the length, rotation and left and right directions of the loop ball.
The two men competed. Player No.2 was not in a hurry to fight a protracted war with Wang Feipeng, waiting for an opportunity to increase the change of loop ball and disrupt the opponent’s rhythm. Although Wang Feipeng played the loop ball very well and skillfully, he continued to make mistakes for a long time compared with professional players. Although his strength and speed dominated, his opponent remained stable and determined to fight a protracted war. Sure enough, Wang Feipeng’s mistakes increased and the score fell behind.
During the break, Wang Feipeng pondered over the countermeasures. After all, the opponents are professional players who have practiced for many years. They feel very familiar, move steadily and keep the same pull. They will definitely suffer. The arc of table tennis is mainly due to the excessive rotating force, which is easy to go out of bounds. Unlike tennis, they can blindly exert their strength to defeat their opponents, disrupt their opponents, strengthen the pull and increase the angle to win in chaos. The third player can later deal with his own changes, and can also deal with the second player.
The game continued. Wang Feipeng took the initiative to change the line in the middle of the draw, actively seized the initiative and quickly disrupted the opponent’s offensive and defensive rhythm. If the quality of the return ball was not high, it would be easy to be killed. Once the opponent made a shot, it would be difficult to receive Wang Feipeng’s penalty. He would rather make more mistakes and forcibly change the line, which changed the scene and situation. Although the second player tried his best to stabilize the rhythm, he still constantly mobilized the long and short balls combined with Wang Feipeng’s return ball. The quality of the opponent’s return ball was not high, but Wang Feipeng could kill him. How
Wang Feipeng came from behind and defeated. He even changed his passive initiative by taking the initiative to change the line, attacking actively, and finally defeated his opponent 7:6 to win two confrontations, which made coach Jiang Shixiang look a little embarrassed.
Player No.1 is the first player in the team, with rich experience in the game and few loopholes in the balance of attack and defense. When Wang Feipeng fought with him, the horse was brought into the urn, and he couldn’t get rid of his rhythm. Player No.1 was as stable as player No.2, and there were few mistakes in the pull. Wang Feipeng changed his strategy positively, but he was still stable, and the quality of the return ball was very high. On the contrary, Wang Feipeng was caught many times in the process of changing the line, and counterattacked two beats and killed Wang Feipeng.
How the strength changes in the gap theory is still difficult to get rid of the passive situation, and Wang Feipeng has not been entangled too much. According to the coach’s request, he will play more arcs with his opponents to practice lasting opposition, improve the stability of pulling the ball with professional players or the team’s first-class rotation, angle and speed are extremely perfect. This kind of learning opportunity is rare and there are many things to learn.
After three sparring sessions with Wang Feipeng, two wins and one loss, an amateur achieved such a remarkable record. Coach Jiang Shixiang couldn’t help sighing that if he kept his sharp edge and was invincible when he honed his hand for a while, it’s a pity that his heart was not here. All three players had a good impression of Wang Feipeng. It’s really not easy for an amateur to achieve such a state by his own understanding and little practice. This small victory is not arrogant, but he is calm and calm at an early age. This calm strength is even more rare.
In the evening, Wang Feipeng was lying in the dormitory of the base. The big bed is spacious and comfortable. Now the treatment is high. It is very convenient for a single person to disturb the practice before going to bed. It is very convenient and lasting to practice the perception. It has become a habit to get up in the morning, practice first and then go out for running. Wang Feipeng still finds that kind of invisible weight-bearing vest on the Internet. He can’t see it when he wears it at ordinary times.
On Tuesday afternoon, Wang Feipeng was training at Meilong Basketball Base, and he received a roommate’s fat words. The school will conduct a swimming assessment so that he will be present at noon. If he fails, he will have to make up the exam for three years. Unqualified universities are not allowed to graduate! Wang Feipeng wondered whether the university would also include swimming as a compulsory course. The so-called swimming in other sports is his weakness. If he can’t swim through the university and won’t graduate because he is unqualified in sports, won’t he make people laugh?
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The next day, Heavenly King Feipeng arrived at the school on time and came to the swimming pool with his roommate. The swimming teacher first announced that the school stipulated that students who entered the department campus in September of 24 must pass the swimming 5-meter test during their school study period, otherwise, their sports scores will be treated as unqualified, and those who have not completed the required credits in physical education class will not graduate, which will be treated as graduation! As soon as the top hat is hung, everyone has to check it in turn.
The assessment is that the 5-meter swimming feet can’t land at any time and posture, but they can’t swim with auxiliary materials and there can’t be any fake trips. Otherwise, if they are found, they will be given a serious warning, and the student caps will be taller than one.
In the first swimming class, there were 56 people in the class who could swim. Wang Feipeng thought that they had learned it so quickly. As a result, he was surprised that the class was still crowded with dry ducks. Today, all the students in the first semester swimming assessment class came to give it a try. Second, make a bet on the exam. Anyway, you must make up the exam. Dead pigs are not afraid of scalding water. Try them one by one and maybe you can get away with it.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Falcon call
Four roommates in 43 Dormitory sat staring at the swimming pool, and the splash was looming, especially the girl in swimsuit was desperately paddling. The four of them looked particularly enchanting. The monitor Yuan Zhengtong and the literary and art committee member Jiang Xueshi assessed several people even harder, applauding and cheering. The eyes almost popped out. Fat praise said, "Women are natural stunners. No wonder how many heroes bold and the beautiful have felt the same way through the ages!"
"Only when there are mountains and rivers can there be beauty, just farming or sweeping the floor can there be beauty to see? Dream on! Besides, all the beauties have sparkling eyes. Count the four beauties. Which husband is not a famous person? " Thin Li Bo poured cold water on the fat pledge.
"So, brothers, gold-plated themselves, no matter whether they are true or false, there will be beautiful women throwing themselves away. Let’s go over there and show them the heroic men in the 43 rd bedroom!" General Sun’s grand appearance led the jump in the swimming pool, splashing water.
As General Sun said, only 43 dormitory boys passed the examination, although their swimming strokes were not standardized, but they successfully completed the examination. In particular, Wang Feipeng improved the dog-planing style and passed the examination. He tried his best to paddle all the way, splashing and splashing, making the pool choppy and stormy, which made many girls hide their mouths and snicker. But this guy was nearly a quarter less than the second one among the qualified students in the physical examination! Class is the fastest!
Wang Fei Peng can’t help but sigh how quickly this semester has passed after the swimming examination in SH University on July 11th. Do you think it’s over without doing anything? Is there too much training competition and too little school stay? I used to expect the day to be too fast at school every day, but now it’s too fast, but it’s not suitable
This semester, Wang Feipeng’s training competition takes up a lot of study time, and the course foundation is completed by self-study. Although it must be reviewed before finishing the exam early, it is also important to ensure that football training this week will continue to arrange Wang Feipeng to replace Conca’s starting button. Wang Feipeng can watch and train while taking the exam.
During the semester, Wang Feipeng took the first place in the 11-course exam! The remaining three courses have also entered the top five in this semester’s exam. Wang Fei Peng didn’t report much confidence. It’s a pity that there are many things in the self-study process of the network information society. You can find out through mobile phone inquiry that there is not much difference between classes, so you need to study hard. Unless the teacher pays attention to the key points in the classroom, it will affect the test results.
At the end of the exam, it’s not too difficult for Wang Feipeng to put a class exam on his mind. It’s not a big problem. He is more confident in self-study in the semester. It’s more active and safe to simply put the main time in training and competition, and then give some cigarettes and alcohol to the counselor later to let him cover.
As soon as I read the counselor Xie Haolong, I went to the door and asked Wang Feipeng how the exam was. Knowing that it’s not a big problem, Ma can rest assured that he will play so much cover this semester. If he fails the exam, he will not be able to get away with it easily. As in the semester, the first teacher of the class and the inspector will naturally shut up.
Xie Haolong looked for him specially for the training camp of the Armed Police Special Command. After studying military training for 5 kilometers last year, six people were included in this summer training camp. At that time, Wang Feipeng did not hesitate to promise to register, but now he has forgotten it, but the army management is very strict. The training plan must be resolutely implemented on time.
The purpose of the training camp is to recruit top-notch talents in colleges and universities to meet the needs of the armed police special forces. At present, the crime and anti-terrorism situation is grim, involving many high-tech, high-IQ, and skilled special personnel. The army urgently needs professional personnel.
Falcon Special Command was formerly known as the National Counter-Terrorism Fist Force of the Special Police College of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force. It is a national counter-terrorism force directly led and commanded by the Armed Police Headquarters. A group of special talents have successfully completed security and made outstanding contributions to maintaining social stability. The year before last, president and Chairman of the Central Military Commission * * * * * * named the "Falcon Special Command" of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force of the Special Police College.
Last year, during military training, I met Feng Jian, an instructor of the Armed Police Falcon Special Command, and they also tried their hand. I was very impressed. I was very much looking forward to attending the training camp and getting in touch with troops such as shooting and fighting to learn skills. That is every man’s dream! But now the mixing of basketball training, football training competition and semester exam has made him want to relax and devote himself to the Super League and basketball training after the exam is over. Now, if he participates in the basketball and football training competition of the Armed Police Special Forces Training Camp, he will be mixed up.
Wang Feipeng hesitated to refuse after considering for a long time, but Xie Haolong changed his old style and looked dignified. "Feipeng, I know that you have been busy training recently to pass the final exam and ask for leave in cut class. But it is easy for you to think about this matter. You must find a way to join the SH Garrison and the Armed Police SH Corps. Our school relies on them to complete military training every year. There are many special features. This time, a joint list of them is attached to the back. A few days ago, an instructor specially called and told me to finish the training on time, and the school will strongly support it."
Wang Feipeng had a sudden thought in his heart. Is it instructor Feng Jian? He’s not always thinking about me, is he? From the heart, I really want to participate in martial arts since I was a child. I have never been confronted by a superior. I don’t know what level my martial arts is at. Last year, although he fought Feng Jian for a short time, the thrilling contest made him feel surging for a long time. If there is such an opponent to learn from, I believe that my skill will definitely improve rapidly! Besides, what is it like for the army to recruit all kinds of elite talents? How to further practice? Can man and nature achieve that kind of harmony and unity?
Although self-exploration, self-cultivation, self-awareness, and external exposure enhance the perception, I have no idea of crossing the river by feeling the stones, and I really want someone to give me guidance, except those in the world, where martial arts masters should play and display their talents.
However, football has just played the main role and let him play as a substitute, and basketball has just signed a formal contract training. Will the two clubs spare him at this time? Wang Feipeng thought about it for a long time, pondered it over and over again, and slowly found out the doorway. Concama, the main force of the football team, came back from injury, and he was sure to return to substitute basketball. Maybe he could make time when he stopped training.
During the training camp of the Armed Police Special Forces, one and a half months, and one week later, the school asked the students who had reported to attend the training camp to wait until the doctors agreed.
Wang Feipeng promised Xie Haolong to inquire about the schedule of basketball training according to the training schedule. Sure enough, the training break didn’t last long, and the week was coming to an end. Wang Feipeng was secretly glad that Ma studied the schedule of the football team. This weekend, he played HN Jianye at home and SH Greenland Shenhua away at the weekend. If the coach believes that these two games will let him start to take Conca back from injury, it will naturally be nothing to think of a way to ask for leave. After all, it was not just a week, but a month and a half, and it didn’t end until September. There were six games in the middle of the month and January. It was good news that there was a game in the national team in January, which led to a decrease in the number of Chinese Super League games.
Ma Fang went to the football training base the next day to find the team leader Xi Zhikang. He said directly that the school asked him to go to the army to train the team and take part in the competition method. He asked the team to take time off and ask Wang Feipeng to take out the SH garrison area and the SH Armed Police Corps to copy the file. After a while, Xi Zhikang slowly promised, "We will support the military affairs. I will coordinate the two games and kick Kongka back. It should have little impact."
Wang Feipeng kept thanking the hanging heart for finally falling.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Starting again
Wang Feipeng was very surprised when the final exam results came out. This time, he actually got the first university study in his class. He only had to pass the exam on his own initiative. He didn’t insist on high marks. He did well in the first semester, and gradually went uphill, and his grades fell to the red line. He quickly tried to catch up. Wang Feipeng’s grades were worse than those of the first semester, but he also regressed. As a result, the students’ total score remained the first.
On the weekend, Hong Kong played against HN Jianye Wang Feipeng at home, followed the training of large troops, and conducted targeted training according to the coaching staff’s research on tactics and play. In the first round of the season, with Osman’s goal, Jianye defeated Hong Kong at home 1, and this time it was necessary to avenge this home!
On the afternoon of the same day, the team arrived in Hong Kong to adapt to the venue at home. Wang Feipeng was already familiar with the position of the front waist. Even if he was training, he would not hesitate to run for a long distance and in a wide range. The players in the middle and backcourt were too lazy to run after taking the ball. Just give it to him. This guy can hold the ball. Several people double-team players still break through smoothly, and rarely lose the ball, which often creates opportunities for the opponent’s defense. When it is still possible, the ball striker likes it.
Habits during training naturally react when the brain is not thinking during the competition, especially during fierce confrontation. The more conditioned the brain is, the more relaxed the ball king Feipeng is. He is never lazy in the training competition, and he does not hesitate to run, insert and coordinate with his teammates to get the ball. He always runs from different angles to catch up with his teammates when they are double-teamed and forced to grab the ball. When he needs it, he can always appear in the block position. More becomes a habit and he is more familiar with his running position.
The historical confrontation between the two teams was evenly divided for five times. Although Hong Kong won against Jianye at home, Eriksson coached R&F Port for four times. Jia Xiu coached Jianye with a total record of 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses. It should be said that Jia coached 5 defenders and still had some skills. Jia Jianye was the fiercest defensive team in the Super League in the season, with the most fouls, the most interceptions and the most steals, and the second away game could better display the characteristics of the team’s persistent counterattack. Therefore, it is really difficult for Hong Kong to win a winning streak after defeating Huaxia Happiness in the next round.
At 19: 35 on Sunday, the 16th round of the Super League, SH Port vs. HN Jianye, just moved to Hong Kong for 550,000 euros to welcome its debut in Hu Erke. Wang Feipeng also started as scheduled. Hu Erke and elson Lei Wu formed the Hong Kong frontcourt quartet. The other positions were the same as when the round defeated HB Huaxia Happiness. Before the game, the media received the starting list in Hong Kong, but they were not familiar with Wang Feipeng. They wondered where this little boy came from and how the stars could shine. Hong Kong frontcourt partners started!
Before the game, Wang Feipeng and other players had just entered the aisle from the lounge when suddenly a little girl took the initiative to hold his hand. Wang Feipeng took a closer look at how there was a beautiful little girl. This little girl is really beautiful and sweet as a flower. Her face is very natural and innocent, and her face is plain and innocent. Her eyes are clear and transparent without impurities, and her eyes are full of water. Black is simply fascinating, with bright black hair, fair and tender skin, red face, slightly playful little nose and slightly.
Wang Feipeng looked around at a dozen children of the same age, about eleven or two years old. dressing the all appeared with the players. The caddy played the FIFA admission song at the scene and guided the referees and athletes in the honor guard. Wang Feipeng took her little girl and stared at him with big eyes. Wang Feipeng was a little puzzled and asked carefully, "Why are you staring at me, little girl?"
"I don’t think you are like an athlete. I have sent athletes to the stadium many times. You are so young and lovely. I am 12 years old. How old are you? Is it your brother? Hee hee holding my hand and blushing. You haven’t been in love yet, have you? " The little girl cocked her little head with beautiful eyes and looked forward to it, and her long eyelashes blinked and smiled. There was a small pear vortex with clear eyes and touching eyes, and no one dared to hurt it.