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Now his strict requirements and training in training have played a role.

Luis garcia’s stop was very precise, and getafe’s counterattack was particularly smooth, which naturally gave people the feeling of one word-quick! Two words-really fast! Three words-incredibly fast!
Luis garcia rushed to the frontcourt with the ball.
The defender of Atletico Madrid hastily organized the defense.
Their previous attention was focused on the physical confrontation with getafe, but now getafe doesn’t show their muscles, but shows their speed instead!
Both muscle and speed are fatal to Atletico Madrid now!
Besides, getafe’s counterattack is not just as quick as that!
They are one of the few teams that can make a variety of changes in the process of quick counterattack.
Add more variety on the fast track, making the counterattack that is already difficult to defend more difficult to prevent.
Luis garcia didn’t take the ball directly to Atletico Madrid’s goal, and the opponent’s defensive center of gravity has tilted to his side.
So if he continues to carry the ball, it is likely that he will directly lead the football to a dead end.
If he continues to dribble on the wing, Atletico Madrid will be much easier to defend.
So he takes the football to the middle, so that he can choose more options, and it is more difficult for the other side to prevent it.
Sure enough, the Atletico Madrid players panicked when they saw luis garcia dribbling the ball in the middle.
Charles Andreas was involved in the ribs, and Mista ran to the flank. The two men pulled open the defender of Atletico Madrid and pulled open the defense line of Atletico Madrid.
There was a short gap in the middle of their defence.
Is this fleeting space, was caught by luis garcia. He suddenly accelerated and rushed in with the ball!
When Atletico Madrid’s defence reacted and closed, it was too late.
Luis garcia rushed into the restricted area!
"He went in! !” Crespo shouted loudly, a little excited.
Getafe’s fans saw this scene, but also issued a huge cheer.
This is getafe’s best chance since the beginning of the competition!
The huge cheers of getafe fans aggravated the panic of Atletico Madrid players, and immediately three Atletico Madrid defenders rushed to luis garcia.
In the eyes of defenders, players with the ball are always more threatening than players without the ball.
Of course, Atletico Madrid has not completely lost its head. After all, they are all experienced players, so there is one person left to deal with Charles Andreas.
As for mista, who has pulled to the side, nobody cares about him. He’s on the side, even if luis garcia passes the football to him, he can’t directly threaten the goal, but he still has to pass the football to the middle.
So you can leave it alone.
Luis garcia waited for this moment. Seeing these people rushing towards him, he quickly distributed the football, but he didn’t pass it to mista or Charles.
But to … balzaretti!
The full-back who was inserted at high speed from the beginning of the counterattack did not appear on the side at this moment, but I did not know when he was inserted into the penalty area!
Then he received a pass from luis garcia.
Luis garcia’s pass really surprised Atletico Madrid players. No one would have thought that football was actually passed to a full-back …
Crespola shouted in a long voice.
In his long voice, the Italian full-back swung his left foot, which sent 17 accurate crosses.
But this time, it wasn’t a cross.
But … Shoot! ! !
"-Titty Titty! ! ! !”
Balzaretti hit the football hard with his left foot and instep.
There was a rumbling sound, and the fans in the stands on this side heard it clearly.