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I think it’s a little sad to see its food being slaughtered. You can’t see that this guy is a foodie.

However, even if it was really angry, it didn’t do anything to me. I was still alive and kicking in this blood sacrifice forest, and I escaped from many blood sacrifice goblins in this way, which brought me a fatal blow and soon lost a goblin behind it.
Goblin boss roared angrily again, but it didn’t help. However, its actions surprised me. Instead of chasing me, it suddenly turned back and rushed towards the goblin.
My heart suddenly thumped. Is the last goblin going to eat it to prevent it from being killed by me? However, before I woke up from my mind, the goblin boss had arrived in front of the goblin, and his red paws easily passed through the goblin body.
The blood was piercing, and I stared at the scene in front of me. Looking at the scarlet eyes of goblin boss, I shuddered for no reason.
This nima … this little look is really cautious. I wouldn’t dare to fight it if I were killed in this state. Now the best way is to temporarily avoid staying in the spring … Ah, bah, I’ll regroup and fight to the death again.
Before the goblin boss moved, I turned and ran so fast that I was not chased by him. At first, I was clever, but Rao was so. When I looked back, the goblin boss was already chasing me not far behind me.
I think even if I make the attack, the speed will be faster. I really don’t know if I can get rid of it if I’m chased by it. In case it mutates at the end of this mood, let alone myself, I can hardly fight it if I add another one.
Just then, I suddenly felt a little cold feeling behind me. When I turned around, I was actually taken out by a beat, and it flew ten yards away with its own momentum.
No matter how embarrassed I am, now I have a long distance with the goblin boss, which also gives me enough time to deal with its attacks.
However, at this time, it seems that it has lost its interest, and it usually looks at me angrily and without any other movement.
"Roar ….." Just then, I listened to an extremely domineering voice. I quickly turned my head to look at the direction of the sound, but Yu Guangzhong found that the goblin boss retreated half a step and turned out to be a refund.
When I turned my head, I saw a white tiger with hanging eyes, covered with several black stripes and deeply imprinted with a clear word "Wang" on its forehead. At this time, it was opening its mouth as if it had not been closed, but its eyes were staring at me.
I was frightened, but I didn’t panic. I had thrown out the identification the first time I saw it, but when I saw the information, I was even more dumbfounded.
【? ? ? 】 (deputy elite monster) level?
Qi and blood?
The department is a question mark root, so there is not a trace of information about it. I even know what it is called. You know, my identification technique can identify monsters and boss with a level of no more than 15. In this case, the level of this white tiger is definitely no less than 62.
Does this mean that the middle and deputy officers have entered the country indiscriminately?
I felt a panic in my heart, and when I turned around, I found something behind me, and I slipped away when the goblin boss slipped away. I didn’t even know it.
It seems that it also feels this depressing breath, or maybe it is the fear of death brought by this breath.
Of course, this is also the smell of death for me. When I learned all this, I started to run, regardless of whether there was any goblin boss in front. I want to know that this goblin can compete with this white tiger without thinking about it.
This is the strength gap. Rao, no matter how good I am now, I can never kill a monster who can’t see the information at my own roots. After all, I am still a human being and the weapon in my hand is not a shocking magic weapon. Even if I fight the white tiger one-on-one, it’s just a matter of hitting the stone with eggs.
Therefore, my choice to escape is absolutely wise, but I don’t know if this guy will come after me.
"Roar ….." Another roar, but this time there was no anger in the white tiger voice. It seemed that there was nothing interesting here.
When the white tiger receded, my heart relaxed and I didn’t pay attention to the situation around me. At this time, I stroked my chest and sighed.
"Alas …"
"Alas …"
Hmm? I cried out a question in my heart. Who is this? I sighed beside me. I didn’t feel a thing. I couldn’t help turning to look at it.
It’s a good thing that I didn’t look at it. This look actually scared me.
I don’t know when the goblin boss has appeared on my side, but I don’t seem to notice that I usually stare at the direction of the disappearance of the white tiger in shock and learn to be like me. Its red claws caressed his chest and sighed.
What the fuck is going on here?
My heart was suddenly messy, but then I stamped my foot and my heart was cruel. "I don’t care if I stab it first!"
Read the dagger in my heart and have called the goblin boss to react. The blade has crossed from its body.
“253!” A huge scarlet letter floated from the goblin boss’s head, and when it screamed, it quickly retreated. After landing, it didn’t retreat, but looked at me in the same place. That look was definitely a look that didn’t stop until it killed me.
25 points of damage fell on the goblin boss, although it was a small part, but this blow greatly weakened the momentum of the goblin boss, so I naturally felt more confident when I faced it.
The goblin boss reacted quickly after an attack. This time, I completely angered it. I quickly jumped in the opposite direction with the goblin boss. I knew that although I succeeded with one blow, I couldn’t be careless in the face of the goblin boss.
Er … well, forget this coward and run sui when he sees the white tiger turn around.
A moment later, the goblin boss quickly swept up and came straight to me. It stretched out its jaws and paws in front of it, and the gorgeous blood red seemed to drip blood at any time. As soon as it roared, it also appeared in front of me and fell obliquely.
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Crazy knife crazy
Goblin boss’s unstoppable impact was at this moment, and it was impossible to completely avoid it. I immediately stepped back half a step and held the dagger in my right arm.
"Hey!" At the moment when the dagger blade and the goblin boss’s blood-red nails hit each other, I suffered not only the strength of its arm but also its whole body weight.
This guy really needs to lose weight
My right arm was weak enough to support it, and then it collapsed in a moment. "Poof!" A nail was caught in my body through my breastplate, and the damage caused by boss, which quickly retreated backward, was not over, but it also brought out 2 points of damage.
I lost one fifth of my qi and blood instantly, and my remaining qi and blood value is not healthy. Fortunately, I have already pulled a distance from the goblin boss. If it is not like this, it is very likely that I will be attacked and killed by it continuously.
Now, I have to wait until the potion cools down and get back to my best state, and then I can put my hands and feet to work hard. It is not too difficult to deal with the rhythm because it is only the first boss of four pairs.
Of course, it’s very easy for me to escape with speed and strength without being caught by the other party, even if the other party is a guy with superior speed like a blood sacrifice goblin. Soon, I waited until the potion D was filled, not in a hurry, but after half of the D, I turned back.
Going forward, raiding before the goblin boss attack, turning around, and falling to the ground, I will be ready for a cold front to hit a crit, and the red characters will float up, which will make my heart happy with more than a thousand points of damage.
Unequal goblin boss turned around, slipped his feet sideways, pulled the dagger horizontally, made an attack, then turned around and gestured his arms to retreat.
After a combo, the goblin boss’s body has turned more than half, and at the same time, the red claw has swept to me. I naturally don’t need to stab my arm, but this time it’s not just a normal attack.
A chisel hit through the goblin boss’s body stopped suddenly, which was naturally caused by dizziness for a few seconds. Fortunately, this blow also triggered the disabling effect, and then it was time for me to play at will for a few seconds.
One second is very short. I also played poison quenching. After an attack, I retreated backwards, but I was not far away from the goblin. The double effects of disability and poison quenching greatly reduced the speed of the goblin. I haven’t thought about this attack method of moving according to the opponent’s turning direction for a long time. I didn’t expect to have a chance to fuck it today.
However, this state didn’t last long. Although the goblin boss suffered six or seven attacks from me, the amount of blood lost was not much, but it was only one tenth of its blood.
Returning to normal, the blood sacrifice goblin cried out sharply, which was very harsh. I resisted the discomfort in my ears and stepped back. At this time, it was no longer a wise choice to be around it. I must give myself enough maneuver or I might be killed if I was careless.
After all, the goblin boss hasn’t made it sacrifice yet. If it makes it sacrifice again in a violent state and is caught by it, then can I have a chance to make Clever escape again?
Of course it’s hard to say, but I can’t take such a big risk to verify the possibility of such a situation, can I? At least I have to take responsibility for my own life.
However, for a moment, the goblin boss slowly floated around with a layer of blood fog, and slowly flowed around without any outward tendency to sacrifice … My heart was low and I couldn’t help but gently frowned.
Whether it is speed or attack power, it will increase greatly in this state of sacrifice. I still have some difficulty in the face of no sacrifice of goblins. How should I deal with it now?
My brain is spinning rapidly at this moment, hoping to find a solution in this short time, but I find that I don’t know anything about the strength of goblin boss now, so I can take it one step at a time.