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"I can’t fucking calm down!" Cappagli was denounced.

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However, the fourth official is not a vegetarian: "Then I don’t mind letting the referee send you to the stands to calm down."
This is the referee’s big killer. When it was taken out, Cappagli immediately fell silent.
He could only turn around and walk back, of course, muttering in a very low voice.
"Mama of, this group of bastards …"
"What did you say, Mr Cappagli?"
"I didn’t say anything! I said that the sunshine tonight is really dazzling! "
Rondo, who fouled, got up from the ground, hands in the air, indicating that he didn’t foul.
He is an old hand, and he knows exactly what to do after a foul.
Although he was a little surprised by the head coach’s order that he deliberately fouled, it doesn’t mean that he won’t foul.
In addition, he also took the initiative to reach out to La Reyes, hoping to express his goodwill in this way and escape the punishment of the referee.
The effect was good, and the referee really only gave him a few verbal warnings and didn’t mean to play cards.
Rondo was satisfied with his performance, that is, he fulfilled the requirements of the head coach and did not attract the special favor of the referee.
But just as he turned to look off the court, he saw the angry face of Changsheng, and then he waved to mista, the nearest to him.
He took mista and spoke a few words, and then he saw mista nodding and running to the front of Rondo.
"The coach is not satisfied with your performance." He said.
"I fouled!" Rondo doesn’t understand why the head coach is still dissatisfied.
"What he wants is not a foul. What he wants is … well, his original words are as follows:’ Give that boy a painful and breathless lesson that he won’t forget for many years!’ "mista looked at Rondo and said," that’s it. He wants you to be harder. Be sure to let the other party know that you are afraid, and when the other party is afraid, even if you succeed. "
Rondo’s eyes crossed mista, and he looked into the distance.
Thinking of what he had done to those getafe players, he suddenly felt that the nickname given by the media to Changsheng was really appropriate …
He is really a tyrant!
Mista added: "Oh, by the way, the coach also asked me to tell you that if you are really sent off, if anyone asks what happened in this game after the game, put the blame on him."
Rondo withdrew his eyes and looked at him in surprise.
"He said that everything was inspired by him, and he forced you. If you don’t want to, you will be reduced to team B. "
"He said so …"
Mista nodded: "He finally said that if you work hard for him on the court, he will give up his personal reputation for you off the court."
Rondo suddenly felt that it was better to call him "the king" …
"I won’t do that, betray the coach, that’s not my life principle." Rondo shook his head.
Mista smiled: "I don’t like to betray the coach either." But I think even if you don’t admit it, he will take it all on him. "
"Is that what he told you?"
"No, I guessed it myself."
While Mista was looking for Rondo, Changsheng was also talking to Manuel Garcia: "Manuel, go to the press conference after the game. If a reporter asks you about Rondo’s foul, you can say that the head coach asked him to do so."
"Are you crazy, often? !” Manuel Garcia said this for the second time.
Before, he was lucky enough to think that the media didn’t hear this, which could alleviate some post-game public opinion pressure.
I didn’t expect Chang Sheng to take the initiative to take all the things to him, as if afraid that others wouldn’t know.
"Do you know what will happen if you do this? Those reporters won’t let you go! They have long wanted to tidy up you! " He stared at Chang Sheng with wide eyes.
"But did they get me?" Changsheng smiled proudly.
"You don’t do this, often. You don’t have to always put yourself in trouble … "
"Rondo will complete my task, I believe him. Reyes may or may not get injured, but anyway, Manuel. All this will be seen by people. I can’t throw all the pressure on the player. This is what I asked him to do. This is also a fact. I’m not lying. Everything I say is true. I am under pressure better than he is under pressure. "
"Just to win a game, often. Even if we lose the game in the end, I don’t think it will affect our final promotion. We are still second in the league. You do this … Is it worth it? " Manuel Garcia really can’t understand winning now.
At this time, Rudy Gonzalez, who had been by, suddenly said, "It’s worth it."
"Hey, Rudy, you!" Manuel Garcia was a little angry that Rudy didn’t help him, but he also tore him down.
Unexpectedly, Chang Sheng also laughed: "Yes, it’s worth it. I am willing to give anything to win. You’re right, Manuel, it’s just a victory in a game. But the champion, isn’t it the accumulation of victories in one ordinary game after another? "
Manuel Garcia seems to have something else to say.
But Chang Sheng has interrupted him: "Stop it, Manuel, and just do as I say. Don’t worry, there will be no problem. As a person, I chose to be the head coach, which means that I am accompanied by controversy and trouble. I am not afraid, what are you afraid of? "
Manuel Garcia really couldn’t convince him to win, so he sighed and went back to his seat.
Changsheng turned to look at Rudy Gonzalez: "Do you think it’s worth it, too?"
"Anyway, it’s your death, not mine. Of course it’s worth it."
Rudy’s answer made Changsheng roll his eyes.
Reyes didn’t fall badly, he quickly got up from the ground, and the flame of fighting spirit hasn’t disappeared from his eyes.
Rondo looked at his eyes but completely calmed down. If Reyes’ eyes are the fire of fighting spirit, then Rondo’s eyes are the ice that can freeze all flames.
Getafe right-back, who has made up his mind, intends to give his all for the team’s victory.
In order to live up to the trust of the head coach, even if he is allowed to be a villain, he doesn’t care.
The game will start again soon.
After this free kick was kicked out, it did not pose any threat to getafe’s goal.
But it wasn’t long before Reyes made a comeback.
Rondo didn’t talk nonsense with him this time, and didn’t even give Reyes a chance to make a fake move. He killed it in an oblique stab and directly ended Reyes’ attack with a flying shovel!
The referee’s whistle was particularly sharp this time.
"Rondo fouled again! It seems that Reyes has made him a little flustered and frustrated! " Crespo obviously doesn’t know what happened between Changsheng and Rondo.