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"fighters burial? Level 3 map is good. "

Looking at Huyan Skyfire and leaving a treasure map, Luo Xiu smiled. He just wanted to find a treasure map with a level 3 or even a level 4 BOSS map, and he would get some good equipment in the future to get such a treasure map.
"fighters burial? I am coming! "
Chapter 7 at dinner
By the time Luo Xiu bought potions and other things needed for training outside, it was already more than six o’clock late when he came to Tieqi Tomb.
Laughing still sends messages to let yourself eat online.
After all, I am not alone now, but in the dormitory of the workshop, and I still live with three beautiful women.
If you are late for the first meal together …
At the thought of Lu Yue smiling and quietly pouring water for himself, Luo Xiu felt a chill rising from behind.
Although it is imagination, I still shudder involuntarily.
Wire-off helmet
At this time, the food has been quietly prepared to ask everyone to come out for dinner.
I didn’t expect to see Luo Xiu coming out of the room.
"Luo Xiu’s thread just helped me bring the soup pot out of the kitchen." When I talk quietly, my eyes always look smiling and cute.
After all, it is natural for a man to show more in the whole room.
When the soup pot was brought out, Mu Nianyi and Lu Yue just came out of the room.
Luo Xiu and Mu Nianyi both live here now, and Lu Yue has licensed them not to go to the workshop every day, but to play games everywhere.
But other studio members have to go to the studio to enter the game every day.
"Just moved, everyone is very hard. Today, we cook a big meal and treat everyone well." Although the words came from a quiet mouth, Luo Xiu and Mu Nianyi both knew that this was Lu Yue’s inspiration, otherwise they would not have made so much delicious food quietly.
Mu Nianyi also reserved first, but Luo Xiu didn’t come at all as a gentleman, so he went straight to the meat dish one after another and desperately put it in his mouth, so Lu Yue frowned.
"Luo Xiu I said how did you spend the day before yesterday? Look at you as if you haven’t eaten meat. Come on, don’t worry. We three girls don’t eat much. No one will rob you. "
Lu Yue said and picked up a bowl of soup.
See smiled and continued to eat yourself, even when Lu Yue brought a bowl of soup to his face, Luo Xiu gasped.
I swallowed my mouth in a hurry and respectfully took Lu Yue to help me fill the soup and asked, "What can I do for you, Elder Sister Yue?"
Lu Yue looked at Luo Xiu respectfully and couldn’t hold back a smile. He knew that Luo Xiu had been watered by himself.
After seeing himself serving him soup, Ma changed the image of eating before.
"It’s nothing to hear that you killed many people in wormwood wilderness this afternoon, but I don’t think you have a red name. I want to ask what’s going on."
In fact, Mu Nianyi is also very curious. I was busy trying to blame myself and wanted to wait until after dinner to ask. I didn’t expect Yue Jie to get up just after dinner.
Luo Xiu will happen and Lu Yue say it again.
But there are double things Luo Xiu didn’t hide and Lu Yue said.
Lu Yue nodded. "So now you have a batch of pills that can wash away the evil value, and this pill is not available to other players for a short time. Is that right?"
Luo Xiu nodded. "Yes, I’m going to find a chance to sell these pills so that I can have money."
"Three days after the opportunity comes, I will hold an auction in Liuyan City. At present, many experts have been invited, and you can come then."
As soon as I heard about the auction, Mu Nianyi immediately came to be interested in "Sister Yue, what kind of auction are you going to hold?"
Lu Yue said with a smile, "Now the mainstream players in Liuyan City have risen to level 20, and almost all the forces that want to establish a guild are robbing BOSS. Therefore, in recent days, the ranking of the rankings will be very unstable due to fighting each other, and at this time, good equipment and high-quality pills have naturally become a must for all parties."
"Sister Yue, do you want to make a fortune?"
Lu Yue first nodded and then shook his head. "You know, although we are a workshop, we also have our own club behind us. What the club is doing now is still the future. On the surface, it is to make money, but in fact it is an opportunity to add a fire to these guilds in Liuyan City. The more the fire burns, the more they lose, the better it will be for us."
The other three people can’t help but nodded, especially Luo Xiu’s heart for Lu Yue from fear to admiration.
Whether you want to be the boss is to think longer than yourself, but you just want to make some money in the game, but the boss does it with money and benefits.
"Sister Yue, how to divide the Dan medicine money …?" Although Luo Xiu is also a member of the workshop, I remember that I wrote in my contract that I should finish the workshop regularly and give it to him. Other things are free for me.