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Chang Sheng told them that they were the champion coach and they had to accept their own conditions.

And that’s how it ended …
Now, looking at Lazio’s performance in the first half, all the players flew back and forth without stopping, and there was no sign of their physical decline.
What about Rome?
I feel exhausted before the half-time is over …
The gap between the two sides is very obvious, which also reflects the pre-season training and preparation level of the two teams.
Baldini and Sensi are not idiots. They know that this is a constant victory. Lazio has plenty of energy to hit Rome in the face and hit them in the face!
Let you didn’t pay attention to my request at the beginning, and let you obey the rules. Now … Bad luck? !
Rocchi scored the goal, but the focus was not on him, but on the sidelines.
After Rocchi scored, Changsheng rushed out of the coach’s seat and then came to the runway area behind the coach’s seat, where Roman fans gathered to see him raise his fist high and make his own move before the game again!
Show off!
Roman fans gave a loud hiss, all aimed at winning.
Those fans who leaned against the front row of Rome rushed to point at the constant victory and cursed.
Italy’s national curse is flying all over the sky
If the Roman police hadn’t checked strictly before the game, they wouldn’t even be allowed to bring a coin into the stadium. I’m afraid that Changsheng would have been smashed all over his head by now.
But even so, some Roman fans lost their minds and smashed their mobile phones.
Nokia’s mobile phone is in good condition when it hits the ground. If it hits people … maybe it’s a bloody field!
Fortunately, these fans are all a little poor in aiming, and no mobile phone hits the winner.
But even so, walking through the "mobile phone rain" feels quite scary.
Rudy Gonzalez and Guardiola’s physical fitness coach Elias surrounded him, hugged him and celebrated him, surrounded him and protected him, and then dragged him back to the coach’s seat.
It’s a little far from the stands here, and it’s separated by a whole runway. It’s no harm for adults to throw their mobile phones here, not to mention the coach’s booth, which is very safe
"Are you crazy? !” Guardiola stare big eyes ask winning.
Changsheng didn’t answer. He was grinning and laughing.
Next to Rudy Gonzalez, he vomited, "Losing the game and breaking the money must be very sad for Roman fans this night …"
In fact, Roman fans are not sad, they are angry, very, very angry!
They watched their team score two goals by Lazio at half-time, but they couldn’t do anything but boo, but they couldn’t stop Lazio by booing so loudly.
Losing in the derby in the same city is enough to make them unhappy, and now they are even more angry because they always win!
The traitor who betray Rome! His counterattack made Roman fans even more angry!
He humiliated us in words, and now he’s going to humiliate us on the court!
His team scored a goal, but he further humiliated us by celebrating in a special way!
Roman fans feel their lungs are going to explode …
There is a fire burning in the chest, and if it is not released, it will burn themselves …
So … Shh, it’s even bigger.
But hush has been sitting on the coach’s seat again, but Changsheng has scratched his ears.
It seems that it’s not loud enough …
"aha! Chang’s successful celebration just now angered Roman fans. When he rushed to the back of the coach’s seat to provoke the fans, to be honest, it really shocked people … Look at Prandelli protesting to the fourth official. I think what he protested must be Chang’s arrogance! But to tell you the truth, this is a Roman derby. Everything is normal! In order to defeat the enemy, it is very exciting for the enemy. This has happened several times in this stadium! Enemies in the same city … That’s not a waste of time! "
Prandelli is really looking for a fourth official to protest.
"You should restrain him. He’s starting a fight!" Pointing to winning, he complained to the fourth official
Changsheng leaned in and shrugged his shoulders. "Isn’t this a Roman derby?"
Chapter 43 Despair
At halftime, he always praised the team’s performance, but he didn’t praise it too deeply. He talked in general and didn’t name anything specifically.
This is his style. Even if the team wins four goals at half-time, he won’t praise his team greatly at halftime.
This style may have originated from his playing FM games.
Added halftime training option from FM26 game.
Changsheng likes this change very much, which will make him feel more like a head coach.
Although some people criticize that many players are always YY coaches, in fact, excellent head coaches are really experts in mouth guns.