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Every time Valencia plays Real Madrid, Barcelona fans are very relieved.

Isn’t such a head coach and Barcelona a perfect match?
Since he hates Real Madrid so much, what could hurt Real Madrid more than coaching Barcelona to beat Real Madrid?
Cruyff also came out to join in the fun. He wrote in the newspaper that he was also optimistic about winning the Barcelona coach.
"Although there are still some utilitarian shadows, football is really the most beautiful football in today’s football, and the key is that he can win the championship if he plays beautifully. This is very important for Barcelona today. Barcelona has lost the championship for too long, and we need the championship, but we can’t win the championship, so it is often the best solution at present. His football conforms to our system and he can win the championship at the same time. I think laporta is smart. He knows what Barcelona needs. Beckham is not what Barcelona needs. In addition, I believe Chang would be happy to join Barcelona. After all, this is a leap in his personal career and an excellent opportunity. If Chang is a wise man, he will not miss this choice … "
The godfather of Barcelona, cruyff, has influence in both the Barcelona Club and the city of Barcelona.
Now, even he has said that winning in Barcelona is so important that the last obstacle to winning in Barcelona has been removed.
Although cruyff has stopped coaching Barcelona, he has become the king of Barcelona. Many times, the president of Barcelona Club has to ask cruyff for his opinion when deciding the new coach and new aid.
If cruyff doesn’t agree, then this person can say goodbye even if he has already negotiated with Barcelona.
Only with his consent can you get orientation support in Barcelona like a duck to water.
This is cruyff’s influence.
Now this arrogant Dutchman even supports winning Barcelona.
It’s really unexpected
But it also proves that there is a great possibility of winning coaching Barcelona.
There was a lot of noise about going to Barcelona in the winning season.
In this way, Chang Sheng has inexplicably become a bargaining chip for laporta’s campaign …
Chapter two hundred and twenty Superiority
Changsheng was called to his mobile phone by Torra the next day, only to find that he had become the season coach of Barcelona City.
"I don’t know. What is this?" Yes, I heard Torra recount the general situation, and I still don’t know anything about it.
"To put it simply, laporta used you as a bargaining chip in his campaign. Now Valencia fans are very worried. Will you really become Barcelona’s new season coach as you said?"
Changsheng smiled. "How is that possible?"
Yeah, how is that possible? I have worked so hard to dig Ronaldinho. How can I pat my ass and run away?
This team in Valencia has his hard work, his ideals and ideas.
What’s good about going to Barcelona if he wants to make a big splash in this team?
"Tell Valencia fans that I won’t leave Valencia for Barcelona so that they don’t worry."
Torra went to write a rumor article, but Changsheng became interested in Catalonia media reports.
So he went online to report to Catalonia.
The keyword search of "Chang" and "Barcelona" really made him find a lot of photos.
What, laporta announced at the supporters’ party that he had taken care of himself? What, cruyff appointed himself to coach Barcelona?
It’s still vanity to see cruyff hand-picked himself to win.
Who is cruyff? He knows very well that such a proud old man should be optimistic about himself. To put it bluntly, his strength will be recognized in cruyff.
Guardiola was also hand-picked by cruyff, but his achievements in Barcelona were seen by everyone.
So smug and victorious, I plan to go to cruyff’s original text to see how cruyff specifically praised himself
Real Madrid is always upset, but he has nothing particularly deep hatred with Barcelona, and he is still quite well praised by people here in Barcelona.
If florentino praised him, he would probably be dismissive.
He soon found the original text of cruyff.
But the more you look at this face, the worse it looks.
Although cruyff affirmed his teaching ability, why did he feel that cruyff always showed such a strong sense of superiority in his words?
What "I believe I will always be happy to join Barcelona, after all, this is a leap and an excellent opportunity for his personal career. If he is always a wise man, he will definitely not miss this choice"? This is like crying and shouting to join Barcelona himself.
Changsheng frowned. He didn’t like the feeling.
You fired me and said that I couldn’t ask for anything to join Barcelona, as if my goal in my life was to coach Barcelona …
The problem is that I really don’t want to coach you …
I have a grudge against Real Madrid, which is not the reason for your happiness. I have a grudge against Real Madrid and I don’t have any trouble with you. Will you stop blaming me?
Changsheng doesn’t want to worry about this problem when he sees his heart upset. The webpage is ready to go out for training.
In the training ground, Chang Sheng found that Pepe was not acting right today.
Every time he looks at Guardiola, the other person will look at himself and then look awkward.