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Liao Jinghua’s face is full of expressions in distress situation. This kind of thing can also be blamed on himself. Nai shook his head and said, "I have you two to have a rest here."

At Liao Jinghua’s words, the two brothers and sisters became soft as soon as they sat on the ground and refused to get up again. This loose body was shaking badly, and they couldn’t control it. Even a blacksmith didn’t feel anything, but the iron frost was stronger. Bite your teeth and fight hard to control your body and don’t want to lose face in front of Liao Jinghua.
"Frost girl, you’d better relax as much as possible. You’d better lie down so that you can recover as soon as possible. Like you, even if we rest here for ten days and a half months, you may not be able to rest." Liao Jinghua said and looked around.
The deeper this death gorge goes, the wider it becomes. At this time, it is already more than 100 feet. If the unit of measurement here is more than 300 meters wide, the two sides are still straight into the purple clouds. I don’t know how high the cliff is.
About half an hour later, the Tiejia brothers and sisters got up and packed up their plans. At this moment, there was a sudden faint sound in front of them. Liao Jinghua stretched out his hand and took them behind him. People in the thin clouds flashed in the distance, followed by several people yelling and following them out of the clouds. Everyone’s face looked indescribable and frightened. It seems that he didn’t see Liao Jinghua’s line. Where can he find a little place from them? People in the country ran so fast.
Looking at the number of people who roared past in front of them, Liao Jinghua’s brother and sister looked at each other for a few times, and they couldn’t understand from each other’s eyes what terrible things they really saw. I want to ask, but they have long since disappeared. Can they hide from those stone monsters in Taniguchi now? It’s another matter. It’s these but they can’t get them back. Whether they can get them back or not is still the same thing.
"Do we … do we have to go forward?" Iron frost said some timidly, as if he were a different person. Where is the fierce boxing ring like before?
"What don’t go? I never give up when I do things by Liao Jinghua. If you are afraid, I can send you out. "Liao Jinghua looked at the cloud without moving his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something."
"Who said I was afraid? I’m … I’m just a little worried about you. "The iron frost sound is getting smaller and smaller. Finally, I can hardly hear it. Liao Jinghua and iron strong ears are all very good. Which one can’t hear the truth?
Liao Jinghua leng leng some uncomfortable twisted a suit, and he is still not used to iron frost. At this time, the little girl is as tough as iron and mutters with her head down, "Why don’t you see your heart? My brother is going to scare me to death all the way. Your brother is timid and you are not ignorant."
"Hum, since you were a child, how can you let your sister protect your brother? I have protected you for more than ten years. You should also practice your courage, or you won’t be a bachelor for a generation." Iron frost turned around and said maliciously
"Since I was a child, what can I do?" Iron strong frighten a shrink neck novel way
Liao Jinghua wanted to laugh, but she had to hold back her iron face. It was very uncomfortable for Liao Jinghua to finally know that it was so uncomfortable to hold back her smile.
"This time, I must change your timidity, and I can rest assured that I am a sister." Tie Shuang said like a dignified elder
"Frost girl, I shouldn’t be in charge of your family affairs, but your brother is a seven-foot man anyway, which will make him lose face." Liao Jinghua said to Iron Frost that his face is somewhat dissatisfied. In Liao Jinghua’s idea, women should always hide behind men and support them instead of pointing at men’s noses to put on a sermon.
"I just don’t say he is" Tie Shuang’s novel with his head down is like a wronged kannika nimtragol. Liao Jinghua didn’t see her pitying appearance and strode directly to the light cloud.
"Sister, he’s gone. Do you want to go back?" Iron strong see Liao Jinghua has been out of more than ten meters away hurriedly poking him iron frost said others also ready to retreat.
"You wait for me." Iron frost suddenly looked up and saw Liao Jinghua shouting and chasing him in the distance. Iron is strong and one leng sighed and gritted his teeth so that he could drag the heavy scooter with him.
Liao Jinghua slowed down and waited for the Iron House brother and sister to arrive behind him before saying, "You two follow behind me. I don’t know what will appear in front, so be careful."
"White" iron frost saw Liao Jinghua’s seriousness and nodded cleverly, saying that it was Liao Jinghua’s seriousness, but it made it difficult for her to cheer up again. Liao Jinghua came to look handsome after being honed by Tianzhu Peak, but she was almost all in Liao Jinghua’s life with a rough, broad, elegant and uninhibited attitude. Especially when it became serious, the male majesty came with oppression, which almost made the iron frost breathless. The longing for love was even more rippling, and even the iron was strong and quietly stabbed her. I didn’t feel it.
Walking straight in the light fog for more than an hour, the calculation of this world is that after two hours, the fog gradually dispersed and appeared in front of them, and a mountain wall went straight into the clouds. It is said that the death gorge actually came to an end in less than half a day, and it came to an end after two risks. It is simply beyond everyone’s imagination. It seems that it is not so terrible here.
"Are we going in the wrong direction?" Iron strong novel way
"It’s impossible for us to go in the wrong direction when there is no other way out because there are stone walls on both sides along the way?" Iron frost said
"What did they see just now? I was so scared? " Liao Jinghua holding the half mi eyes seems to be talking to himself and two people.
"Let’s look for it separately," said Tie Shuang.
"It’s impossible to scare off those people just now. There must be something strange here. If we divide our words, it’s not difficult to leave some regrets for the rescue in case something happens. Let’s look for it together," Liao Jinghua said
Liao Jinghua’s voice just fell and he reached out with a frown, indicating that the two of them were sad and moaned softly into the ears of the three people. The audio-visual is that people vent when they are dying, and the hair stands on end. Liao Jinghua is naturally an exception. He has seen those who are called immortals, but he has not seen any ghosts. Naturally, he is not afraid.
Suddenly a dry arm stretched out from the stone wall, and the arm was left with a leather bag wrapped in sleeves. It was made of good cloth, and ordinary people couldn’t afford to wear it.
Iron frost car-scrapping is also a girl, especially when Liao Jinghua, the patron saint, has been depressed for more than ten years and nearly twenty years, and her little daughter has been so scared that she almost exclaimed, clutching her mouth with one hand and pulling Liao Jinghua’s clothes tightly with the other.
Iron is tough, and it is unbearable to be scared. A black face becomes white and a high jump jumps behind the iron frost. The limbs are tightly coiled behind the iron frost, and the head is deeply buried in the back of the iron frost. People can’t believe that this black and strong Han is a man.
"It’s … it’s … it’s a cold family …" Iron frost said that she finally saw the small print embroidered on the sleeve of the dead hand.
"Five big families?" Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but frowned. At this time, the withered hand was scratching the ground, and a head with a long skin was stretched out. A mouth was wide open and a white gas was emitted from the mouth. It seems that the round skull may be a woman.
Half of the dried-up man climbed out, and his body froze and slammed into the ground, and he stopped moving. Half of his body was outside the rock wall, and half of his body was in the rock wall, which was very strange. If Liao Jinghua hadn’t seen her climb out of the rock wall with his own eyes, he would be afraid to come. This man had half a body.
Looking at the half weirdo who stopped moving, Iron Frost got the nerve to pick up a small stone and throw it away. It was smashing into the skull of that weirdo and the man stopped moving, which also made Iron Frost grow a sigh of relief. Now my brother is hanging in his body, although he is a brother and sister, but he has grown up. How can he be so close and quickly dumped a few bodies before he dumped the iron in panic?
Liao Jinghua stepped forward and took a closer look at the dry weirdo. The person’s JingXie seemed to have evaporated. There was a piece of black dry matter left in a hole in his eyes, as if a pile of snot had been dried.
After vomiting, Liao Jinghua didn’t look back and knew it was iron frost. The curious baby couldn’t help but be curious to see the results, but he couldn’t bear the consequences.
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Chapter 30 Get into trouble
Liao Jinghua ignored the iron frost throwing up in the dark, and reached out and groped for it in the stone wall. Sure enough, although the stone wall looks realistic, the hand is a high stone cave about Zhang Xu. I don’t know if it looks like a stone wall. If you don’t touch it, the root will not be able to present this hole.
Liao Jinghua didn’t rush in, but held his hand on his chest and touched his lips with a frown. He didn’t know what he was thinking. At this time, he finally vomited and vomited. With the help of his brother, he finally came close to Liao Jinghua and asked with a bitter face, "What’s going on?"
"Nothing makes me think," said Liao Jinghua motioning with his hand. "The iron brother and sister also dare not disturb him. He was quietly by his side for a moment. After a while, Liao Jinghua moved and put his hand into the hole, and then took it out. Look at that hand. It lost its usual luster and became dull.
"Oh, my God!" Iron Frost exclaimed and involuntarily stretched out his hand and touched his face. Iron Frost’s long-term boxing scars naturally have a lot of scars on his face, but a woman can never tolerate her skin losing its luster.
"What is this?" Said the iron tough also held out a hand to this time his bravery became bigger Liao Jinghua didn’t stop the iron tough to put his hand in. Just when the iron tough hand reached in, he shouted like he touched the brazier. After his hand came back, it not only lost its luster, but also wrinkled his skin. The arm was much more serious than Liao Jinghua as if it were dozens of years older.
"How did you feel just now?" Liao Jinghua looked at his arm and then at the iron tough asked.
"I … it seems that something has sucked me … well, yes, that is, power and strength have been sucked in. This hole is a monster that can eat people. Look at him. He must have been sucked dry." Iron is a little out of control, shouting and dancing his arms like something is going to climb on him.
"It’s okay, it’s a cave." Liao Jinghua said, pressing his iron-strong arms to stretch out his hand and press it on the back of his head, slowly rubbing the acupuncture points that Liao Jinghua pressed, which had the effect of calming the nerves and calming the air, and adding iron to be strong and unable to earn Liao Jinghua’s strength gradually quieted down.
"I’m better than you. I should be able to hold on for a while. Wait for me to go in and see if you two are outside. Try not to let others in. Well, if they have to go in, you won’t be forced to stop you, remember?" Liao jinghua avenue
"No, I’ll go with you …" Iron frost looked at his brother’s thin skin and wrinkled his arm and said with some hesitation.
"See her? If you two can’t escape this kind of field if you go in, and I’m an alien, maybe I’m an outsider." Liao Jinghua said, shaking her tarnished hand in front of the iron frost and smiling faintly as if it were nothing else.
"Come on, why don’t we go home? Don’t let the elders do this gold coin, or you can’t lose your life because of it." Iron frost twitched her face and muscles and said that she was very unwilling to say this, but she was even more unwilling that this newly-rising goodwill had been killed.
"No, I’m going to go in and have a look. Maybe my way out will be here. I won’t give up an opportunity even if the danger is slim," Liao Jinghua said firmly.
"Well, if … I mean, if your way out is really here, will you come back and take us away?" Iron frost looked into Liao Jinghua’s eyes and asked very seriously and deeply.
"I don’t want you to go to a strange place to start a new life. It’s not easy. You should be concerned about other people’s eyes and ideas, and you may be classified as alien and persecuted, but if you insist, I will come back," Liao Jinghua said
"I want to go where you go," Tie Shuang said.
"It’s impossible for me to go to a place where I’ve been looking for something or someone that may be impossible for a generation," Liao Jinghua said, pointing to the top of his head.
"Are you going to heaven?" Iron frost stare big eyes at this moment in her heart Liao Jinghua is impossible, even if he said to go to heaven, she will believe it.
"No, the place where we are now is called Tianzhu Peak, which says it is millions of miles high. I’m going to find a fairy to save my life and beg my lover." Liao Jinghua said faintly, although the tone was faint, it could not hide his sadness.
"You … you have a lover?" Iron frost becomes white and almost semi-transparent because of vomiting.
"Is otherwise I climb this Tianzhu peak? I’m not the kind of person who thinks about being immortal and becoming a saint all the time. "Liao Jinghua turned back and smiled at the iron frost, and the road flyover followed the long-span step into the secret cave."
"Life …" Iron frost exclaims that she will chase after Iron Tough and throw her sister down. "Sister can’t go, I can’t afford it. Look at it." Iron Tough roared and sent the half arm to Iron Frost to let her see that her arm wrinkled her skin.
"You let me go, I’m going to find a life." Iron frost pushed the iron tough itself and rushed to the cave.
"Sister, are you crazy?" Iron strong hugged my sister’s legs. Iron frost was unstable. When I fell down in the subway, Frost kicked my legs. Iron strong showed a strong side to pounce on my sister. The two brothers and sisters tore up outside the hole and started to fight until both sides lost a little strength and fell to the place.
As soon as Liao Jinghua stepped into the cave, he felt that the strength in his body was rapidly losing, and Fan Ligen couldn’t resist the loss. It seemed that Liao Jinghua was not walking but doing something extremely labor-intensive at the moment.
This cave is not as dark as Liao Jinghua imagined, but it has a faint light. I don’t know where it came from, but it is not bright, but it is by no means dim. You can see that it is ten paces away.
On the ground of the cave, the dry bodies were lying on the ground in a posture, trying to climb out. Unfortunately, a man climbed out of half of his body but could not escape the death field.
Liao Jinghua found this cave and walked straight through the end of those bodies. There were dozens of bodies. The more they went in, the drier they became. The innermost one would fall off at the slightest touch and the body had no water at all.