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"Give me this man and go home. Wait, you can inform the moth singer to strengthen his patrol!" Man Yun grabbed Yun Jiao and said to Black Hair.

The black-haired water ape’s face showed an unwilling look and said, "Martial uncle and sister, but I caught me … I haven’t seen what the patriarch looks like yet … You must say a few more good words to me in front of the patriarch!"
Man Yun smiled and patted a big head of the water ape and said, "Don’t worry, I will like it for you!"
After hearing this, the black-haired water ape was filled with joy and immediately informed the moth to sing.
Chapter two hundred and sixty Bone spear power
Xing Xuan is in the middle of the most middle room of Lingxi Palace, which used to be a training room for moth singing. Xing Xuan has lived here since she received moth singing.
At this time, Star Hyun Positive is going to have a practice.
These days, he saw with his own eyes Violet, Bai Ling, Qiongzhi, Manyun and others carrying chaotic Yin and Yang skills, and I couldn’t help praising myself. It seems that it is absolutely correct to choose the new base of Tonghai Linxi Sect.
This celestial world, the East China Sea, is the first ocean in the four seas to absorb the ancient Yuet Moon, which is also the longest in the vast sea. When the lunar Yuet Moon transports chaos, the Yin and Yang methods are transformed, which is the exhaustion of power. Now Xing Xuan believes that he wants to be inseparable from the East China Sea, even if the powerful forces of either side can’t touch himself.
Zi Rui, Bai Ling, Qiong Zhi, Man Yun, Fei Qiong, Yi Ming, etc. The Taiyin large array is so powerful in the East China Sea that Xing Xuan can’t estimate it now.
"Chaos Yin-Yang skill is really wonderful. It seems that you have to practice as soon as possible, or else you will be left behind by Bai Ling, the patriarch, and finally rely on a few magic weapons to maintain your face. What does it look like?" Xing Xuan thought that he would start the defensive array operation body, and the small universe would take out thousands of stars and let the chaotic Yin and Yang forces turn into his own.
Just at this time, Xing Xuan’s mind immediately felt Manyun forehand walking towards his room.
"Manyun, what is it?" Star Xuan Yin suddenly passed to Manyun’s ear through the knowledge of gods.
"Patriarch Heimao caught a spy!" Man Yunyin goes to Xingxuan Room.
A white light beam suddenly fell on the cloud dumpling body "Ding Dong" music sounded for a few seconds, and the disorder in the cloud dumpling body was immediately straightened out.
At the same time, the recovery of the injured meridians has increased the skill of true yuan inflation in the body even more than before
Is Yunjiao still in a coma?
The white light suddenly disappeared, and the sound of Longxing Xuan echoed slowly in Manyun’s ear.
"It’s not a spy. This is Manyun, the wife of Princess Yunjiao Gelang of the 19th Dragon Palace. Take her to treat her well. Don’t neglect her!"
Manyun promised to hold Yunjiao.
At this time, Xing Xuan started the defense large array and crossed his legs to practice chaos and Yin and Yang in the training room.
The small universe immediately started to work, and thousands of stars blinked to form in Longxing Xuanti, and then the bright big star flew out from Longxing Xuanti and radiated all kinds of brilliance.
A moonlight condensed into a star gradually approaches the bright star, and gradually the poor white qi is formed in the body of Xing Xuan.
The bright star’s light flashes and immediately forms a black qi in Long Xingxuan’s body, which gradually blends with the white qi and rotates around Xing Xuanxuan’s body.
At this time, a fire dragon flew out from Long Xingxuan’s arm and revolved around Long Xingxuan’s body.
The bright star light also shines on the dragon body, and the golden light of the dragon body is getting more and more prosperous.
At this time, the poor silver light suddenly rose in the surrounding sea water and poured into the room where Long Xingxuan was practicing.
This vision immediately attracted the attention of all sailors around Linxi Palace.
At the same time, those sailors felt that their minds were moving and then a mysterious force came towards their bodies.
"The patriarch is working for us!" A sailor with a sharp mind suddenly cried.
All sailors immediately perked up and stopped immediately. The Ministry of Industry was immersed in the seawater, and the silver light passed through the body, causing its own skill to soar in pleasure.
This kind of silver light that can fly and increase everyone’s skill has been around Linxi Palace for three days. After three days, the skill of the 100,000 sailors of Linxi Sect has doubled, and the good understanding has also increased to increase the skill. More people have made great achievements and jumped out of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
These sailors were delighted and inspired, and some dissatisfaction with Long Xingxuan vanished. Everyone was filled with gratitude for Long Xingxuan. Once upon a time, I really followed the wrong person and followed the Dragon Patriarch to build a road!
Long Xingxuan’s satisfaction with these sailors is to be kind and make them not only afraid of themselves, but also feel inseparable from themselves, so as to wield more powerful combat effectiveness.
At this time, the golden light of the fire dragon disappeared, and slowly crossed a layer of silver light, and then the silver light gradually penetrated into the body of the fire dragon. The fire dragon was originally illusory and not very real, and the body was somewhat like a real dragon.
A bone spear jumped out of the void, which was the bone spear of Ju Mang, the goddess of spring.
Star XuanDuan this bone spear carefully toward the dragon body point.
"Boom" a big ring the dragon body metamorphoses into a black gas mountain and rushes straight to the surrounding defense array. The large array can’t resist the impact of this gas mountain and metamorphoses into pieces.