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Lin Sheng slammed his foot on the ground, and his body was like a shell leaving a shell, and he rushed directly towards the magic ape. The pike in his hand was even more waved to the extreme by him, like cutting it directly towards the magic ape’s wrist.

Python has not been idle, and a giant tail has also quickly’ smoked’ toward the female ape.
Gas to sharp cutting Lin Sheng pike in an instant is about to cut to the magic ape wrist, but at this time the male ape a sneer at quickly’ smoke’ back to the palm of your hand was a toward Lin Sheng caught up was actually want to hand to hold Lin Sheng alive.
Lin Sheng learned from swallowing pythons that this magic ape is terrible in strength and speed. Naturally, it won’t be caught by the male ape like this, or it will be pinched if it is pinched like this.
"Dragon swims in shallow water!" Lin Shengkou a low noise figure suddenly turned around and evaded the male ape’s huge palm and quickly flew out toward the male ape’s shoulder, while the magic ape could not touch it and directly beheaded it toward the magic ape’s shoulder.
But this time, the root of the male ape didn’t even hide. Lin Sheng pike split it on its shoulder.
"touch!" A Lin Sheng felt a strong pike coming back from his own hands, feeling that his pike was like chopping into the hardest ore. A huge anti-seismic force directly made Lin Sheng’s pike almost shake off.
"What a horrible body!" Lin Sheng in the mind a surprised a blow failed to quickly’ smoke’ fly back, but already can’t come. The tail of the male ape is like a big tree behind a strange call, and it is to’ smoke’ Lin Sheng.
Lin Sheng heart dark call a bad, actually forgot this thing has a tail, look at his physical quality, this tail is at least not weaker than just now, if the python is hit by it, it will be disabled.
I don’t want to think much about Lin Sheng’s figure. Instead of retreating, he flew forward rapidly. One was to rush to the back of the male ape, and the other was to kick it in the back of the male ape.
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[5] Explore in actual combat
? With this anti-seismic force, Lin Sheng quickly retreated toward the general.
Where did the magic ape expect Lin Sheng to have such a skill and a tail like a steel column? One was to "smoke" his back and hurt himself. It screamed. This was his own blow, so he "smoked" his back and suddenly there was a blood stain.
Lin Sheng heart andao a fluke fortunately, I just ran fast, otherwise, if I was "smoked" by such a tail, I was afraid that my bones would be "smoked" and broken.
But this magic ape’s body is really horrible. It’s so hard to say that a’ smoke’ is actually one more blood stain that doesn’t hurt the bones and muscles.
The magic ape screamed and ate a huge palm of Lin Sheng’s hand again. The thick palm wind directly blew around Lin Sheng, and he felt that he had become lighter. He was almost blown by this strong breeze. He didn’t want to think much about Lin Sheng’s body gold’ color’. The true qi was not bad. He usually went directly to his arms to see and instill it. When he took a short breath, he was already beating out the mountain seal. The gold’ color’ mountain crossed directly across the front of Lin Sheng, and it was just in that huge palm that it hit the past.
Touching a Lin Sheng felt that his head was swollen with gold’ color’ mountain, and it was so shiny that it was dimmed by this magic bear slapping. If it weren’t for Lin Sheng’s extremely strong knowledge, Lin Sheng was almost swallowed up by this gold’ color’ mountain.
"It’s really worthily the fifth-order male ape of Warcraft is stronger than that swallowing day python, and I don’t know whether this swallowing day python escaped from this magic ape’s husband’ woman’" Lin Sheng said secretly in his heart.
Hands are constantly printing. This thing is too strong. It is really difficult to tame it without a fight. With Lin Sheng’s true qi, the golden’ color’ mountain in front of Lin Sheng is also a big light, which is quickly magnified several times and then fiercely suppressed towards the magic ape head.
Just now, the magic ape’s palm dimmed the golden light of the golden mountain, but the magic ape was also shaken back several steps by the golden color, otherwise Lin Sheng really didn’t know what to do.
The golden’ color’ mountain is constantly sending out the golden light that forces people to rotate rapidly and directly suppress it.
The magic ape’s huge roar in the heart is also a little more fearful. His hands are clenched into an iron fist, which is fierce towards the golden’ color’ mountain. He bombarded the past and listened to Peng’s golden’ color’ mountain. Once again, he was blown back by this magic ape for dozens of meters with one punch, but the magic ape was not much better. It was so bloody with his bare hands and the golden’ color’ mountain.
Seeing the effect is not bad, Lin Sheng is willing to let go and continue to drive the golden’ color’ mountain without any hesitation. The golden’ color’ mountain once again cut its breath and directly appeared on the top of the head of the magic ape.
This time, the magic ape’s dodge was not directly pinned down by the golden’ color’ mountain, but Lin Shengshang still didn’t celebrate the joy because he felt that the mountain was shocked again, and then Lin Sheng just saw two huge hands like Tianzhu, which actually directly propped up the golden’ color’ mountain terror! Lin Sheng took a gasp. This magic ape body is so abnormal. Don’t say it. Don’t say it’s all about strength. Lin Sheng just feels a very strong feeling. Even the general strong since Wu Zong is not so abnormal!
But want to retreat at this time is obviously can’t come Lin Sheng handle a wave pike suddenly disappeared, a handle covered in snow is sending out the demon’ colourful’ glorious sword is appeared in the hands of Lin Sheng.
"It’s time to try the power of this thing!" Lin Sheng heart andao at the same time, with a wave of his hand, a sword in his hand is directly beheaded toward the magic ape shoulder.
The magic ape’s eyes flashed a trace of fear on time, and then it was caught by a greedy backhand toward Lin Sheng’s sword.
At this time, Lin Sheng did not dare to have any reservations and was lucky enough to keep moving towards the remnant snow sword. At this time, the remnant snow sword turned into a remnant shadow with Lin Shengmeng, which was split forward. In the past, there was a dense remnant sword phantom, which made people’s eyes’ flowers’ and’ chaos’ one after another. Lin Sheng lined himself up. If he was not making the remnant snow sword at this time, it would be impossible to see that these swords were true and that was the phantom. Lin Sheng is now full of confidence in the remnant snow sword.
The sharp detonation in the air is caused by the shock wave collision of residual snow. Lin Sheng feels that his surroundings are distorted, and it can be broken by carelessness.
The fairy mainland is not as stable as the immortal temple, which is quite stable here. Unlike the immortal temple, it is very easy to break the virtual space. If Lin Sheng is casting the remnant snow sword in the immortal dia, Lin Sheng estimates that at least a ten-foot-square crack has been cracked in front.
It can be seen that this remnant snow sword devoured the magic sword and soul, and then it became powerful. Lin Sheng felt a joy in his heart, and his sword strokes remained unchanged, but he still hacked away. The strength of terror was stronger than that of the magic ape just now. This field was already tightly controlled by Lin Sheng, and every move was detected by Lin Sheng. Lin Sheng was able to make the most correct judgment at the first time.
The magic ape also felt Lin Sheng change at the first time, knowing that this sword is serious, and hurriedly raised his hands to resist this sword, and Lin Sheng’s mouth was sneered and drunk.
"Tear it for me!" Majestic firm but gentle direct cut fierce is cut in the hands of the magic ape a blood soared out like a fountain directly sprayed on Lin Shengshen Lin Shengwhole person is like taking a bath in a pool of blood generally soaked.
I feel a strong blood gas, which infects me, and a burning feeling comes from Lin Sheng’s skin.
"Good rich fire’ sex’ energy this magic ape also don’t know how many years of practice and I don’t know how much accumulated fire’ sex’ energy attached to the blood is so rich.
Crazy sword is directly a "hole" that wears the hands of the magic ape. This is to stop the magic ape from howling in pain, and to hit Lin Sheng with a "smoke" tail. But I can’t come. Seeing that the magic ape tail is "smoke" towards my waist, Lin Sheng’s heart moves, and the golden "color" mountain reappears in front of him.
The magic ape hit the golden mountain with a "smoke" bang, and the golden mountain collapsed. The magic ape was so angry that it was not even an opponent to hold the mountain seal, but Lin Sheng also took this opportunity to successfully "smoke" and fly back, but his insides were still a tumble and he was slightly injured by the huge aftershock.
"That was close!" Lin Sheng Canxue Jian leaned on the ground, panting, and secretly celebrated his lucky way.
Although this remnant snow sword is powerful, it is also too horrible to consume the true qi. So for a while, Lin Sheng just feels that his body’s true qi is directly’ pumped’, which generally makes him feel a little powerless. Lin Sheng can now repair it twice at most. If the number of such attacks is increased, Lin Sheng is afraid that he will be directly’ pumped’ into a mummy.
At this time, the magic ape looks even more embarrassed. The two palms have been completely worn by Lin Sheng’s sword’ hole’ and two blood’ holes’ are impressively visible. It seems that’ Yin’ Sen is horrible to the extreme.
At this time, the magic ape’s eyes were latosolic red, and I really wanted to swallow Lin Shengsheng, and the other female ape seemed to realize that her companion was not good. She gave up the python and leaned over directly. When she saw the male ape being pierced by the’ hole’, she immediately yelled with anger, and her eyes became latosolic red in an instant.
Both magic apes have no less wisdom than human beings, and naturally they also have the general feelings of human beings. It is natural to fly into a rage to see their companion being injured by a human being at this time.
After a roar, the female ape slapped Lin Sheng, and the boa constrictor rushed over to stop it. When it saw the two blood’ holes’ in the male ape’s hand, it was also a surprise in its heart, and at the same time, it was a surprise in its heart. If he said that he was forced by life and death to serve Lin Sheng now, but now he is dead set on Lin Sheng, so his strength has been tamed. Even without the constraint of the soul contract, he is afraid to have any second thoughts about Lin Sheng.
When the male ape saw the female ape, he rushed over and was ready to attack Lin Sheng together. But at this time, the python also moved and was really tamed by Lin Sheng. At this time, he no longer had any reservations. He wanted to earn performance. If he stopped the male ape before, it might not be able to stop the magic ape. But now it is different. One reason is that he is eager to earn some performance. Another more important reason is that this magic ape has already lost his hand. Lin Sheng’s remnant snow sword has pierced the palm of his hand. The strength of the magic ape has been greatly reduced.
The python is able to stop this magic ape.
See female ape slap Lin Sheng also dare not hold the big residual snow sword for the time being. He doesn’t want that thing. It’s too exhausting. It can be the last card, but now it can’t be easily used. If Lin Sheng’s true qi is used again, it will dry up. Then it can be slaughtered by two magic apes.
Hand a recruit pike reappeared in the hands of Lin Sheng Tianlong step posture and dragon clan lighter running to the extreme Lin Sheng not retreat but advance to avoid the female ape slap a gun directly toward the female ape shoulder to pick the past.
The female ape hurriedly slapped Lin Sheng again, and took a shot at Lin Sheng. It was directly picked on the female ape’s hand. A strong force came to Lin Sheng and stepped back a few steps, but in my heart it was a joy. Although the female ape’s strength was horrible, it was a little worse than that of the male ape just now, so Lin Sheng’s chances of winning were much better. I could fight with her without making the remnant snow sword.
Dragon lighter was hit by Lin Sheng like flowing water. Although it was often hit by this female ape, it kept retreating, but it was a step-by-step reduction. Lin Sheng was constantly verifying through this female ape that at ordinary times some unfamiliar moves were also becoming more proficient. On the other hand, Lin Sheng was slowly recovering his true qi after his mysterious work. Although it was impossible to recover in a short time, it would be a big chance to recover more.
Magic apes go on the rampage, like moving mountains, which will generally destroy the surrounding areas. Some mysterious moves in Lin Shenglong’s lighter skills are also constantly being confirmed. In this way, Lin Sheng has gained a lot in actual combat for a while, including when and how hard he can just offset the other party’s attack without consuming too much his physical strength. He will be injured if his strength is small, but his consumption will increase. It is extremely important to control the strength. Now Lin Sheng’s knowledge in this field is also growing.
That magic ape can be grasped by Lin Sheng almost every time he attacks, thanks to the fact that Lin Sheng’s abnormal gods can see the other side’s moves before fighting for so long. Lin Sheng has not suffered any damage except his arms being numb. On the contrary, his dragon lighter is rising rapidly.
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[6] Kill!
? The female ape seems to be aware of Lin Sheng’s change at this time, so I became eager to get up, and my hands became more and more ruthless. Obviously, I don’t want Lin Sheng to continue.
Lin Shengzheng realized that he had entered a very mysterious state. Lin Shengyi was interrupted, but it was a pity that he was able to make his dragon lighter have such a big rise in such a short time. It was not easy for Lin Sheng to aim high.
It’s a long process to cultivate a way to go against the sky, and people fight against each other and finally get the right result, which is far from being achieved overnight. Although Lin Sheng is a pity, he is not too upset.
The magic ape slapped Lin Sheng hand after hand, and Lin Sheng didn’t dare to baby his sharpness. It was abnormal to keep avoiding the magic ape with mysterious posture, but fortunately, if this thing can’t perform Wushu, Lin Sheng will turn around and run away.
Now this magic ape is amazing, but somehow it’s not enough for Lin Sheng to do anything. Lin Sheng is not discouraged. The dragon lighter can be put to the extreme and can fight with this magic ape.
And Lin Sheng lion roar has not moved, just looking for an opportunity to kill with one blow!