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Cloud is trying to appease a blood son aside, but someone found the cloud shoulder blood son yelling.

"Hey, little brother, what is this bird on your shoulder? It’s very interesting!"
"Oh, sure enough, what kind of bird is this? How lovely!"
"What bird? Isn’t this a monkey? Does it grow into such a bird!"
"What are you talking about? Who has ever seen a winged monkey? Are there any flying monkeys?"
"There is nothing strange about creation, even if there are flying monkeys."
People are talking about it, and someone has discovered the identity of blood. "Isn’t this a blood bite?" Is it true that Tianlong teaches Suzaku Venerable again? " Wait for a while, a middle-aged Taoist priest, stared at the blood for a while and suddenly gulped and asked.
When he was so big, everyone around him looked here, and the crowd turned around the cloud, which made him secretly regret that his heart was not good.
"What blood eats? Excuse me, is this Taoist talking to you? " Wrong novel network does not jump word cloud crustily skin of head feign death, hoping to escape this robbery
"Hum smelly little don’t pretend to be quick to say that Suzaku venerable Sir is now in my Taiyimen generation, and many uncles have blood debts, and I don’t know who to ask for it!" That Taoist priest is of medium height and holds a green steel sword that is common in Jianghu. It seems that the Suzaku venerable has deep hatred.
"I don’t know who the suzaku venerable is now. This strange bird was picked up from the Woods. Are you mistaken?" Yun continued to pretend to explore the bottom line of the Taoist priest.
"Good good! ! It’s a joke that human blood has become a bird! " The Taoist priest said angrily with a fierce look, "Well, you can leave the bird and let Taoist kill the wine and you can go!"
"This" Buddha has a three-point fire cloud, and his heart is secretly annoyed when he is so rampant, but he tries to make a final effort. "I said," God has a good life. "How can you monks kill life so indiscriminately? “
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Chapter Kunlun Sky
"It would produce virtue? You told Mr. Dao that it would be good to be virtuous? Do you know how many lives were injured when the Tianlong Sect slaughtered the Five Mountains in those days? Our Taiyimen was just a small sect of Mount Taishan, and it was almost wiped out. Now what do you say to Master Dao with blood bite? " In fact, the Taoist priest was very afraid after recognizing the blood, but seeing the cloud seemed to be very timid. The blood was also motionless and obediently emboldened in the cloud’s shoulder, and this accumulated resentment for more than ten years also broke out all at once.
It’s human nature that people around him pay attention to this place to watch the fun, but this trip for more than ten years is a sensitive and taboo topic in Wulin. The younger generation are almost ignorant of young people and are impulsive, and soon they will find it hard to be strong. "How can you bully people casually? This little brother doesn’t look like a villain at all. Are you mistaken and reckless?" Mouth is a young man in a mysterious dress, with a high bronze skin flashing and beautiful light, with a big knife on his waist and a righteous face.
"Why don’t you mind your own business?" The Taoist priest didn’t want to talk nonsense any more. He pointed his blue steel sword at the young man with the mysterious clothes. "Sign up to let Master Dao know if you are qualified to mind your own business?" In fact, if he wants to spend some time, he will be reasonable, but he has chosen another way to solve the problem.
"In the cold sky, I came from the Kunlun Sect." The man Shen replied that he slowly drew a knife more than three feet long from his waist and came to the Kunlun Sect. The swordsmanship is famous all over the world, and his elder Li Hatian is known as the "Heavenly Sword" but he is an outstanding master in the "Tianpu" and "Jing Ke Pu", but he has never heard of his young master in swordsmanship.
"Dao Ye is the witness of Nie Hai’s soul of Taiyimen who was killed by Tianlong more than ten years ago. Today, Dao Ye is bound to get rid of this blood, and the magic Buddha will stop the Buddha!" And this Nie Haihun is a well-known role in Jiangnan Wulin. Since Taiyimen fell behind seven times in the battle of Tianlong against Taishan, this Nie Haihun came to Jiangnan and entered Suzhou Xuanmiao Temple. For more than ten years, the evil gangs in Jiangnan have done a lot of evil things. Because of his high martial arts, people dare to be angry at his evil deeds, and because he is well-connected and has a government background, even four big family members are jealous of him. This Nie Haihun is even more vicious in gambling houses, brothels, usury, buying antiques, selling illicit salt and robbing women.
It’s funny that Taiyimen had a chivalrous reputation in the Jianghu, but in the end he produced such scum. What’s even more interesting is that he still seems to have an old love for Taiyimen and wants revenge from his master.
"oh? Then you’d better take a look! " The cold sky smiled at the cloud and motioned for him to let it go. Then the long knife pointed to Nie Hai’s soul. "Let me show you your brilliant idea!" Everyone around the cold sky is secretly crowing. It would be peaceful if I could cut down this bully.
"Hum, there’s a road in heaven. If you don’t leave, don’t blame the Taoist!" With that, he showed his sword potential as cold as the sky without looking at Nie Hai-soul’s dazzling sword potential. But Nie Hai-soul couldn’t help it, so he took it and left to dodge the knife. A wonderful 360-degree turn and stab back was more urgent and faster than dangerous!
The cold sky long knife, a horizontal left and a horizontal split of Nie Hai’s soul turned out to be a lose-lose play! Even if Nie Hai’s soul sword can pierce the chest of the cold sky, he is bound to cut himself in the cold sky, but the long sword can’t block the broadsword. He will flash again and continue to move left around the cold sky and stab him in the middle of the back!
What a cold sky! After a spin, continue to split and twist and accelerate, it’s faster than hard to prevent.
"Master Dao won’t believe you’re not dying!" Nie haihun was restrained by the cold sky, and he was furious. He also decided to throw caution to the wind and see if this cold sky really has a lose-lose situation.
Obviously, he made a mistake in gambling. His sword stabbed him in the right rib of the cold sky, but he was suddenly cut off by the discerning broadsword and hung on the handle of the cold sky, flying straight out to the crowd far away, causing an uproar.
And this kind of noise is obviously more joyful than panic, more joyful than fear. This is more than a bloody scene. At this moment, it is like setting off fireworks and firecrackers, igniting a festive chapter. There are cheers from the crowd, and people are all in awe and admiration. They are staring at the cold sky like a god. He is a hero.
This scene also gave Yun a great shock. It turns out that this is the knight-errant in Wulin, and this is the way to benefit Wu Linyun. The goal seems to be gradually clear in his heart that I am going to be like him.
"Brother, are you all right?" Asked the cold sky covering his right rib wound with a smile. He was just staring at his cloud. He was scared silly by the scene just now.
"I don’t have anything to thank you for helping me today." Cloud said with a smile.
"What’s the point of drawing a sword to help each other when the road is rough!" Blood keeps oozing from the wound in the cold sky. It’s enough for a man like this to fight for nine lives. I don’t know how he can live to this day.
"I’m so sorry that my younger brother was so tired that my older brother was seriously injured by this. Let my younger brother bandage the wound for my older brother." Seeing that the cold sky was so badly hurt, Yun offered to bandage it for the cold sky.
"It doesn’t matter. I’ve long been used to my little brother’s name. How can I provoke this evil spirit?" It turns out that the reckless man in the cold sky did not even understand the situation and made moves!
"Little Brother Yun, I don’t know how I provoked this Taoist priest, but I don’t know what his origin is. Everyone seems very happy after his death?" Cloud asked the question in my heart.
"Cloud?" The cold sky roared, "You are the one who beat Ye Lingfeng to repel the western monk cloud!"
With such a roar, people pay attention to this place again.
"It’s also the despicable cloud that deceives teachers and destroys ancestors." Cloud continued lightly.
"I don’t believe it. You must have difficulties, right? A lot of words in the wrong novel network "deja vu dialogue" used to be like this myself. Although it’s only been a few months, everything has changed. It seems that this cold sky is also a paranoid person
"Why?" It’s uglier to laugh than to cry. "Maybe, if you really want to find difficulties, you can talk about everything for a reason." Cloud said softly, as if it were more like saying to himself, "But that’s based on trust. What if others don’t believe you?"
"I believe you!" The big eyes like two bells in the cold sky are full of letters "Tell Big Brother that I believe you!" "