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Because his opponent is not an Italian team Inter Milan but an English team.

Manchester United’s English team naturally has a set of methods to deal with those teams that play high and play middle ball tactics, because there are still many teams in English football, especially middle-class teams, who insist on long-distance hanging and high-pitched tactics. If Manchester United had no way to deal with them, it would have been dead.
If I change Gill to hit Manchester United’s defense line and play golf, it will be just right for Manchester United.
Nemanja Vidic and Rio Dinande, two high school guards, are not here to be scarecrows …
Only in the last few minutes of the game can I choose this way, and then even the mad dog tactics are at a loss, which means that I don’t know if I can do it. It’s just luck.
This is not about tactical thinking.
Just like a master can’t have a weapon, Gill is his weapon, which is a dagger hanging from his belt, but if it is necessary, the base will have to work hard at this time and may not be able to come back to life …
Now Lazio still has a full 45 minutes to profit, and it would be an idiot to reform hard.
Lazio tactics at half-time are no different from half-time.
But the core of the organization was changed from modric to Motta.
It can be seen that Motta has just taken this position and is still a bit crude.
But Changsheng is not worried.
Just like a key piece that has been stirred up for a long time, it always needs running-in to be smooth.
Now it’s just running in
After grinding off these astringents, the rest is smooth and lubricated.
Chang Sheng said that Motta was born out of Barcelona youth training camp and had a higher tactical affinity for mad dogs than ordinary people. It didn’t take long for Motta to run in.
Moreover, he is constantly practicing in his usual training.
It took Motta five minutes to find the feeling in just five minutes.
He sent a beautiful straight ball, if cavani hadn’t turned and shot a little higher … Lazio would have equalized the score!
"oh! That was close! Cavani shot slightly higher! " The English commentator was also surprised out in a cold sweat.
Motta himself knows that this game will not give him the feeling that he must get into the state as soon as possible.
From an assistant to an independent commander, he must adapt to this role change as soon as possible.
This sudden change of role is not so easy to adapt to.
Motta didn’t feel disappointed or annoyed when cavani shot the ball away with his head in his hands.
When he looked up at the big screen game,
Five minutes
It’s been exactly five minutes since halftime.
This is his fastest speed.
Get me …
Motta has a very clear concept in his mind.
He knows what he should do, and he also knows that an organizer should mobilize his own team and the other team.
Lee keeps increasing his threat, creating opportunities for his teammates, enhancing their confidence, and at the same time making Manchester United realize that he is no less threatening to them than modric.
So they are not allowed to defend their own ball organization.
When they focus on the ball, they will seize the opportunity to shoot a few long shots.
When they find that they can not only shoot the ball but also threaten them, they will defend themselves more closely.
In this way, other teammates will not come out?
By that time, how can I be fooled …
He can do anything on the side or in the middle.