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Han Yidao "Xiangyun will definitely tell Ouyang Tianque the news of their assassination failure for the first time, so Ouyang Tianque is bound to think that we will do it to him next! I’m afraid … He’ll jump the wall and take that step! I’m afraid those girls detained by Ouyang Tianque are in danger! "

Nine heavy eyebrows locked way "things to this point we can try our best to listen to destiny! I’ll lead people to set out on a starry night to kill Jiuxuanfeng and flatten the Tenglong Pavilion! "
Shen Yue smell speech show eyebrow is wrinkly to knit the asked "… do you want to go in person? !”
Nine nodded. "Of course, it’s not that you didn’t see the killer in Tianchi. Tenglongge is definitely a hard bone to chew. Most people bite it!"
The four door owners exchanged glances and volunteered. "We’ll go with you! !”
Nine heavy pendulum motioning with his hand "no! It’s not like you didn’t hear Ye Yu’s words. Ouyang Tianque not only sent the 100 Tianchi killers, but also contacted a foreign gang that was secretly watching us and waiting for the opportunity! Once the important core figures of the Kowloon Club leave, isn’t that right for them? ! Fear of change, you four must sit in the Kowloon Club in person! It’s enough for me to take hundreds of dragon teeth guards! !”
Four people smell speech all bowed their heads and said nothing!
Shen Yue hands clutching nine heavy arm tone firmly way "I must go with you! !”
Nine heavy don’t "yue son obedient you still at home! No one can say how big the potential power of Tenglongge is. It’s hard to predict the good or bad luck of this trip. I’m afraid I won’t care about you then! "
"No, I must go!" Shen Yue clutching nine heavy arms eyes affectionately and firmly looking at nine heavy "I will never become a burden to you! !”
Seeing that Shen Yue’s attitude was so firm, she hesitated for a long time and finally nodded. "Well, you go with me!"
"Since Miss Shen Yue has gone to the escort, I naturally have no reason not to go!" Jiuzhong voice just fell from the floor to Wang Baobao lazy voice Wang Baobao came from the floor and smiled. "You can rest assured that I will never look back when there is danger. You should protect Miss Shen Yue first ~!"
"Hum, then I’m relieved ~!" Jiuzhong didn’t good the spirit say with smile
"… I also want to go! !” Nine heavy voice just fell and a sound came from the floor. Everyone heard that it was Ye Yu!
Ye Yu’s footsteps were a little vain. He walked from the building to the front of everyone and said, "I am most familiar with the environment of Jiuxuanfeng and Tenglongge. I can show you the way to get to Tenglongge in the shortest time!"
Wang Baobao look pale Ye Yu patted him on the shoulder. "I said that brothers are not so hard. You see, you are as white as a sheet of paper and paper is like the wind. Maybe you can blow you off!" You can rest assured that it is definitely a triumph to have me and the blade come out here! "
Ye Yu tone weak but firmly "no, I have to go! I must personally rescue Sister Wan’er and Brother Xuan Ye! !”
"yes!" Wang Baobao nai shook his head. "Little man is still a donkey temper! Blade, you decide! "
"One word!" Nine looked at Ye Yu. "I may not be able to take care of you then. You can help yourself. Do you have this consciousness? !”
"yes! !”
"OK, then go together!" Jiuzhong got up and said to the four-door master, "The Kowloon Fair will be left to you four. Be careful!"
"… white! !” Four people nodded and Li Yuanzhen hesitated. "As far as I know, Ouyang Tianque is now nearly a hundred years old, and he is unfathomable. Plus Ye Yu said, if he raises his own words by picking yin and supplementing yang … then he is now capable of reaching two armor without accident! You must be careful if he fights! !”
"Don’t worry … I know it!" Get nine heavy quickly called up two hundred dragon teeth guards ready to sail immediately after driving fifteen cars from Longyu to Jiuxuanfeng Tenglongge!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven A bloodbath Tenglongge
The motorcade went west from the city for four hours, then entered the mountainous area and continued for two hours until it reached a mountain. There was no road for cars to pass before this!
Everyone had to walk into the mountains by car, and Ye Yu led them over the mountains and mountains for nearly two hours. At this time, it was already dawn, and the sun was already hanging in the east in the morning!
When they came to a dense bamboo forest, Ye Yu pointed to the weakness of the dense bamboo forest ahead. "After this dense bamboo forest, you will find Jiuxuanfeng!" Cheer up, everyone! "
Wang Baobao picked his nose and said, "I think you should cheer up. We are all in high spirits. You are half dead!"
"Keep going!" Jiuzhong said a sentence and led the people into the dense bamboo forest. This bamboo forest was not very popular, but the people walked around for more than half an hour before they went out and looked up at the foot of a mountain peak. There were simple stone steps that were built and twisted and spiraled through the peak Yun Shenchu!
Ye Yu said, "Tenglong Pavilion is right here in Jiuxuan Peak. Go straight along this Tongxuan Road to the end. Let’s go!"
Nine-fold upward, hand-held arbor, and look at the towering Nine-Xuanfeng. Roughly speaking, it is thousands of meters high. Twist your head and stare at Ye Yu, who is sweating profusely. If you let him walk by himself, it is estimated that he can’t reach the summit. This small one will have to be explained!
Think of this nine strokes beckoned several strong dragon teeth guards ordered to them "you guys take turns carrying him! Let’s go! !”
The Dragon Tooth Guards have to make Ye Yu lead the way in this way, and Jiuzhong walks in the front and leads the people to climb the peak!
After an hour and a half, the people have climbed more than four kilometers, and the surrounding scenery has undergone earth-shaking changes. What I saw around the mountain was lush and green in full of green, but now what I can see is that the mountains are covered with silver, and everyone’s breathing is white!
Nine asked Ye Yu, "How far is it? !”
"The horse will arrive soon!"
"Okay, everybody, step up!" Nine-fold greeting led the crowd to continue climbing and walked for about twenty minutes. In front of the small platform, there was another long stone step. At the end, there was a corner. There was a building in the corner!
Ye Yu said, "At the end of this stone step is the main entrance of Tenglongge! Let’s not rush to take a break here to prepare and recover our strength! "
Jiuzhong turned around and said to the 200 dragon teeth behind him, "Tenglong Pavilion is just around the corner. Get ready!"
The Dragon Tooth Guards heard that they had unloaded their backpacks and put them on the ground. They were filled with guns and grenades!
This is not a play house, but a war. Jiuchong naturally won’t be stupid enough to hand-to-hand combat with Tenglongge people to fully benefit his superior resources. Everyone in Shoulongya Guards is equipped with a submachine gun and several grenades!
Weapons were quickly distributed to 200 Dragon Tooth Guards, each with a submachine gun, two hundred rounds of ammunition and a Grenade. After the distribution, they all rested almost nine times and made a snap of their fingers and said, "Follow me! !” Take the lead in rushing to the stone steps and go straight to the mountain gate!
The hundred stone steps are nothing to everyone. In front of the top, there is a right-angled corner. Turn this corner and you will see the Tenglongge Mountain Gate!
All the people came to hide in the corner, and Jiuzhong leaned out of the corner slightly before the head and looked inside to see the Tenglongge Mountain Gate, which is about 20 meters away. At this time, there are six people on duty!
Jiuzhong retracted his head and said to everyone, "There are six people guarding the mountain gate!"
Ye Yuwen said, "It seems that the cabinet owner has increased his staff. There are usually not so many people!"
Li Tang end end submachine gun in his hand, "the boss is directly rushed out to give them a shuttle to let them go to die? !”
Nine heavy a motioning with his hand said, "don’t now is dark, nature is the later found by the other party, the better for us! You wait here for these six people and I will solve it! " After that, Jiuzhong suddenly urged John Lone’s skill in writing Bailong articles to directly enter the state of "following the shadow". Everyone felt that the figure of Jiuzhong had disappeared and then heard "Bang, Bang, Bang …" For a moment, Jiuzhong appeared in front of everyone with "OK!"
The Dragon Tooth Guards were secretly frightened when they heard the news. Isn’t it too fast to rely on this? !
With Jiuzhong coming out of the corner and looking at the front of the mountain, I saw six Tenglong Ge brothers lying on the ground and fainted!
It’s really amazing. It’s superfluous to have the boss as a super player at their gun root! Dragon teeth guards think so!
Everyone ran briskly to the front of the mountain gate and hid around the gate. The probe looked into the door and saw a huge stone screen blocking the scenery in the courtyard. I couldn’t see what was going on inside, but I could hear noisy people!
With a wave of his hand, Jiuyong’s guards filed into the courtyard, hiding behind the screen and looking in, and finally saw the situation in the courtyard!
In front of the screen is a martial arts field, which is very spacious enough to be as big as a football field. There are dozens of people scattered in the field practicing swordsmanship. On the left and right sides of the martial arts field are two rows of ancient houses, opposite which is a gate and a courtyard!
See clearly the situation inside. Li Tang once again asked Jiuzhong for instructions. "Eldest brother, this time, are you going to stun their department? !”
"You when I am a god? Knock out as much as you want. ! If you stun a few, you will definitely be discovered by them and give them a sudden outburst! "
"white!" The Dragon Tooth Guards heard that Jiuzhong rushed out with a gun, but Ye Yu stopped them. "Wait … wait!"
Nine heavy one leng "why? !”
Ye Yu said, "These people are not all bad people, and a large part of them don’t know if you can spare these people a chance to live!"
Nine heavy shrugged. "How can I tell who is good and who is bad? !”
"This …!" Ye Yu didn’t know it was so good at the moment.
Jiuzhong made a snap of his fingers. "Well, anyway, a shot will definitely expose what is called. Go out and tell them that we will spare their lives if we give up resistance! If you are stubborn, you will be killed! "
"Well …!" Ye Yu nodded. "There is such a thing! Trouble this brother to carry me out! "
Carrying Ye Yu’s dragon teeth, the guards heard that Ye Yu came out from behind the screen and came to the front of the martial arts field. Jiuzhong and the remaining dragon teeth guards also poured out of the chamber and waited for everyone in the field!
Seeing the sudden appearance of hundreds of people practicing martial arts in the martial arts field, Brother Tenglong couldn’t help but be surprised. He stopped practicing martial arts and looked at Jiuzhong people and asked, "Who are you?" Dare to break into my Tenglong Pavilion? !”
Ye Yu curled his head and poked his head out to the younger brother present. "It’s Ye Yu!"
I was surprised and happy to see Ye Yuzhong’s brother Teng Longge. "Ye Yu is you!"
After amazing surprise, cold so looking at Ye Yu sink a way "Ye Yu you traitor incredibly still dare to come back? And brought reinforcements? !”
Ye Yu said weakly, "I can’t talk to you now. Now listen to me and don’t resist. I can protect your lives!"