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This is not the same as that state of confusion.

And the new team players are also very excited.
Just came to win the league title … This is the right time for Lazio!
Everyone is full of longing and expectation for the new season, hoping that the new season will come soon. Everyone can’t wait to show themselves to the head coach and the fans in the new season.
His words of constant victory have aroused the fighting spirit of the players. In addition to his eloquence and personal charm, in fact, this is also thanks to his talent and skills.
It is hoped that the morale of the top [inspiring] skill will increase by 30% after worship. This skill was acquired as early as the period of winning Hertha, and it played a huge role in Valencia and Lazio, that is, in Rome, because the situation was too complicated, he didn’t send a team …
With this, Lazio can always maintain a high morale, which is easy to understand-of course, I don’t know that this phenomenon can be attributed to the constant success of outstanding personal charm and eloquence …
On October 20th, Lazio’s pre-season training entered a new stage. At this stage, skills and tactics are not the main training items, but the main physical recovery and physical fitness preparation, and then some set-pieces attack and defense drills.
At this stage, the training intensity is light, which is to let the players get more rest. Lazio’s pre-season training intensity is too strong. If you don’t do it in the end, many players will feel tired in the league, and they may even get injured in the season.
At the same time, adjusting the state has become the top priority of the coaching staff during this period.
Because the league is coming, we should try to grab as many teams as possible in the league stage, and we must maintain a very high level.
In addition to the league, there are two important games to start before the league.
One is the European Super Cup on the evening of 25th, and the other is the Italian Super Cup on 27th.
Chang Sheng won the UEFA Cup in Lazio, participated in the European Super Cup, and also participated in the draw ceremony of the Champions League in the new season. This was the second time that Chang Sheng returned to the Champions League after more than a year.
Lazio’s opponent in the European Super Cup is Barcelona led by Rijkaard.
Italian Super Cup Lazio vs Inter Milan.
Among them, the European Super Cup has attracted much attention.
Everyone who knows La Liga knows that this will be a new chapter in the feud between Changsheng and Barcelona.
Chapter one hundred and four Revenge is the theme
Anyone familiar with La Liga will be well aware of the feud between Changsheng and Barcelona.
When Chang Sheng’s fame rose, he had a grudge against the Madrid duo.
But later, laporta finally decided to use Changsheng as a gun when he was running for the presidency, which offended Changsheng. Changsheng accused laporta of being a liar and faithless villain, which made laporta feel embarrassed. If it wasn’t for his opponent, he was afraid that he wouldn’t even choose the club president that time.
Later, laporta became the president of the club, and both sides became more nervous.
Barcelona’s worst loss record in more than half a century was set by its constant victory over Valencia at home.
Ever since then, the relationship between Changsheng and Barcelona has become deeper and deeper
When Chang Sheng was in La Liga, he kept pressing Barcelona, which made laporta, who was determined to revive Barcelona, very unhappy.
Fortunately, Changsheng was finally driven away by that idiot Sohler.
So Barcelona’s opportunity came.
In Rijkaard, laporta was asked to dig around. Of course, the tactical style was very similar to Barcelona. Valencia naturally became the key corner digging team in Barcelona.
Sohler is obviously happy to sell players in exchange for a transfer to ease the debt crisis.
Who would have thought that he tore down almost all the winning Valencia, but failed to alleviate the debt crisis of Valencia, which made Valencia more and more in debt. It really makes people wonder if he spent the money himself …
Deco went to Barcelona in the first season because he didn’t like Sohler’s winning streak. Well, he didn’t want to stay in Valencia to see Sohler’s face. He offered to transfer, and then he went to Barcelona.
Then last summer Ronaldinho also left Valencia, which disappointed him, to acquire the same … Barcelona.
Russell, vice president of Barcelona Club, played an important role in this. He once worked for Nike in South America, and he had a good relationship with many South American players and footballers.
Deco and Ronaldinho both went to Barcelona for this reason.
With Valencia’s champion axis, Barcelona is even more powerful, and Eto’ o, Harvey, Iniesta, Van Bommel and others finally won the league championship and the Champions League in the season.
Especially the champions league, which is the second champions league in the history of their club.
After winning the Champions League, the media called Rijkaard Barcelona the Dream II team, indicating their achievements. You know, cruyff’s Barcelona is the Dream I team, and it shows that Rijkaard’s Barcelona is successful.
So the Barcelona media shouted that Barcelona, which could not be great, was back
These Catalan media have been looking forward to the European Super Cup since they won the Champions League.
Because Lazio has won the UEFA Cup, this is a great opportunity to learn from it and get revenge on him.
Catalan media firmly believe that Dream II can beat Lazio. This Barcelona is not the one that was in turmoil and underestimated at the beginning.
They have the confidence to beat a team in this world.
It’s okay for them to think so, because those years in Barcelona were really the lowest point in the last decade.
The whole team almost fell apart until laporta came.
Revenge was Barcelona’s first thought when it regained its glory.
When they were down and out, they were humiliated and ridiculed by the winning team. At that time, they didn’t have the strength to watch the winning team Valencia abuse Barcelona again and again and even scored a score of 6.
Now that they have the strength, how can they be frustrated by this constant victory? Nature is to have a good evil spirit!
When the European Super Cup is coming, the Catalan media are enthusiastic about this game and the concept of "revenge".
But someone still threw cold water on them
This cold-blooded person is not always winning, but his own people.
In an interview, Deco admitted that it was painful for him to face his mentor again.
"It has always had a great influence on me in my career. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be a member of Brazil’s national team to participate in the World Cup. Frankly speaking, it pains me to meet him again and become an opponent …"
Ronaldinho also expressed the same idea, but to a lesser extent.