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"I don’t want to be a sacrifice" Shu Shu didn’t breathe.

"Good" Liang Yi smiled. "Is it a stand-off here? We should know soon. Let’s retreat."
Soon Liang Yiling led the little monster to retreat from the side to more than three hundred miles away, and then the master and servant each got a high-order hidden symbol paste and hid themselves by using hiding techniques.
Xuanwu spirit realm scattered fairy can’t come in. It’s the strongest here, but Du Jie’s late peak monk’s high-order hidden symbol plus master and servant’s hidden technique can’t be found unless Du Jie’s late strong man is close to a hundred miles, and the distance of three hundred miles is just in the direct vision of master and servant, but it also exposes his whereabouts.
The first three witches must have leaked their whereabouts by special means. Therefore, whether this place is a Jedi or not, the monks of the witch clan will come and check it out. Maybe they will invite other forces to come together. If they enter this place, it will prove that this place is not a dead place. If they don’t enter, it will be a Jedi in ten cases.
This strange place is so insidious that the whole is very similar to the extremely high magic array. At that time, if Liang Yi’s mind was a little feverish, I’m afraid it would be directly chased by a magic array. After all, a small magic array is not enough to threaten Liang Yi’s presence in the array. This kind of thing is very mysterious. In fact, it is not that easy to arrange an array that can threaten the life of the strong in Du Jie’s later period. It is necessary to rely on Lingshan spirit vein or other things according to local conditions and carefully carve it for hundreds of years. It seems that the immediate environment does not have the conditions to arrange a powerful kill array.
Sure enough, in less than half an hour, three inferno monks arrived at the strange place travel-stained, but the three men stayed in front of the strange place and didn’t hurry to enter.
When you see these three inferno monks, Hou Liang Yi will know that this strange place should not be a Jedi, which may be dangerous, but it is not too fatal, because if it is ten dead Jedi, the witch people will not inform them, and even the witch people will try to cover up the past and wait until things calm down. The wizard almighty naturally has a way to find Liang Yi’s relics from death.
The appearance of these three infernos represents that this place is not really meaningful. In the eyes of the Witch Almighty, the Jedi can’t threaten themselves alone here, but it seems that it is impossible to intercept themselves by the hands of the Witch in the Xuanwu Spiritual Realm. Other forces join forces to encircle and intercept themselves.
"Master, these guys are so stupid that they can catch us," Shu Shu said. "There are so many high-order scattered immortals in the Huangqiu Mountains that there is nothing we can do."
Liang Yi: "You’re stupid. There’s nothing you can do about it."
Soon, a wave of witches, demons, terrans, Elves and inferno monks came from all directions one after another. On several occasions, those who came almost passed under the nose of Fang Liangyi, who was hiding in the clouds. Fortunately, these people were in a hurry, and there was no need to let out their thoughts from time to time. After all, it was also very exhausting to keep high-intensity thoughts out. Generally, there was no need for practitioners to let out a small number of thoughts and be slightly vigilant.
After about half a day’s kung fu, practitioners from the five ethnic groups came from all over the country one after another. Many people were all injured. It should be that they met wild animals or practitioners intercepted them all the way.
Soon, more than 400 people gathered in front of the strange place, and the five ethnic groups were divided into eleven forces, including nearly 250 people on both sides of the Longteng Demon World and the Han Empire. The rest of the families ranged from a dozen people to more than 20 people. Obviously, the former bosses did not believe that Liang Yi could break through the entrance of Xuanwu Lingjing and enter this place through heavy inspection, so they symbolically sent several Du Jie eyes and ears to be continued.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit Chapter DiWuWu auspicious
Eleven mighty men gathered here, including Tian Lang, Zhong Tian Lang Dao Zun, Nie Long and Zhu Xi Lao Dao.
"Sirius, Aoqing, what’s going on? How did Liang Jiaxiao sneak into the Xuanwu spiritual realm from your eyelids?" The so-called WuZuXuanLing poor tone asked.
"You ask the king, the king asked who to go? This time, the import and export of Xuanwu Spiritual Realm is the director of Sirius, "Evil Dragon Cold Road", "Once the Liang family inexplicably ran to Sirius who was in charge of the Huangqiu Mountains, and this time it was like this"
"Nie Long, do you mean that Zuo colluded with Liang Jiaxiao?" Sirius said with a sneer, "It’s a pity that you can think of it. If you sit in that Liang family, I’m afraid you won’t even see a hair on his head."
"You’d like to collude with Liang Jiaxiao, but it’s a pity that people can’t see your little strength." Nie Long laughed scornfully. "Wang means that there must be spies among your disciples or Liang Jiaxiao can’t enter the Xuanwu spiritual realm."
"All right, don’t make so much noise." Zhu Xi’s old road was determined to stop. "The Liang family had Liang Donghua, the old monster, and arranged the means to help him escape the eyes and ears of the inspectors. It’s not difficult to blame each other, so it’s better to seize this opportunity now."
"Hum!" Sirius way cold hum a but also no longer say much.
"It’s a pity that it’s out of bounds now, and many means can’t root it out. Otherwise, he, a little Du Jie monk, won’t escape from our hands one day." Zong Yanxian regretted.
"This world is our last hope. If we let him become an immortal after Du Jie, he can refine a trace of chaotic flavor in the absorption of the treasure color Nero. It won’t be much fun for us to find Liang Yi then," the old ghost sighed.
Zhu Xi’s old son’s face changed slightly. "How do you listen to what you mean? If Liang Jia flies to the world, are you going to let go?"
"Zhu Xi old son, we are different from you. Liang Donghua is a deadly enemy. We are not, we are treasures. When the time comes, treasures, we naturally won’t bother to find anything. I believe that Liang Jiaxiao won’t crash into the end because of these things." The ghost demon sneered. "But you, Liang Donghua and Liang Jiaxiao will not let you go, especially that Liang Donghua, gee, that’s a chaotic way."
There is not much difference in the value of the innate magic weapon if it is refined and extracted from the chaotic information. Although it is refined, it is far less expensive than the innate magic weapon in the rare celestial world, but there are not a few people in front of it. There are better ways for these mighty men to search for Liang Yi in the vast celestial world.
However, if these people are missing to help Zhu Xi’s old road, it’s impossible to find a person in the celestial world. This old guy is also a big boss in the world, but he can also influence and control a small part of the celestial world.
"Hum Liang Donghua, if you want to practice to chaos, you still don’t know when to wait. Yu Liang’s family, even after he rises, is just a little fairy, so that he can extinguish a group of things with a slap in the face of the old man. He is also fine to find the old man’s bad luck." Zhu Xi’s old road disdained.
"Don’t talk about this," said the witch Xuanling coldly. "Are you all here in Xuanwu Lingjing? If you are here, just make a plan in advance and let them do it quickly."
With the leaders of various countries ordering the Xuanwu spiritual realm, more than 400 monks from all sides at the entrance of the strange land quickly grouped and quickly formed 13 teams. Except for the Han Empire and the Dragon Demon World, the rest of the potential troops were divided into thirteen points, ensuring that each team has one of their own personnel. Obviously, although these people chose to be together, they still don’t have much faith in each other.
In Liang Yi’s lookout, the teams jumped into each other hand in hand, and strangely soon thirteen teams disappeared, leaving eleven monks at the entrance to represent all parties.
"What about the master?" The little monster Shu Shu is unwilling to look at the strange entrance in the distance. "These thirteen people are all strong in the late Du Jie period, and we can’t get in, and those people who go in are all a team of more than 30 people, all of whom are Du Jie masters, and we can’t beat them."
"We are no match for them, but aren’t there many other strong people in this Xuanwu spiritual realm?" Liang Yi laughed and said, "How long will these people be brought here?"
"Lead, how to lead? Shall we invite them? " Shu Shu don’t understand
"You’re stupid. Give him a beautiful fireworks, and you’re not afraid that no one will come here." Liang Yi smiled and took out a seven-story pagoda with colorful clouds and perfect crystal clear in his hand.
"What magic weapon is this?" Shu Shu curiously looked at the pagoda and asked
Liang Yi didn’t answer, concentrate on constantly injecting mana into the pagoda.
About half an hour later, Liang Yi lost nearly 70% of his mana and the pagoda in his hand didn’t respond at all.
"Almost" Liang Yi nodded with a smile and suddenly cut off the mana of the colorful pagoda.
For a moment, I saw that colorful pagoda suddenly turned into a ray of colorful time and flew out of Liang Yi’s hiding place for one or two breaths, then I arrived at the strange place where the eleven masters guarded.
"What is this baby?" Eleven masters guarding the secret entrance noticed the different shapes in succession, but their attention was obviously attracted by the colorful clouds passing through the sky, when five guards rose up and chased the colorful glow in the sky.
Colorful clouds surround the spiritual objects, all of which are valuable. Unfortunately, they can’t catch them.