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"Don’t worry, success is just around the corner-!" Yu Long said, "There is no way to help them die less, but we can exchange it for ten years."

The sixth chapter ninety
Chapter ninety
"I hope so-!" The cat left this sentence and left.
Instead of watching the blood sacrifice, he returned to the Dojo to meditate carefully. In his view, this was a massacre, which he seemed hard to accept.
Yu Long secretly sighed and gave a wry smile. At this time, the skull was almost finished and the victory was just around the corner.
"How many living creatures are there in the dark?" Yu Long asked.
"There is still one third-!" Day fiend carefully observed a serious report.
"Means more cruel horse" Long Yuling.
"Yes-!" Dark monty walked over and immediately cast a demon spell to drive refining small demons to devour those who are still alive.
When such resentment is soaring, the big skull suddenly turns into a blood-red strong scent, which almost covers the whole Xuan door.
A few moments ago, Long Yu learned through the law of heaven that heaven and Yulian had been temporarily cut off, and he won less than ten years.
Slowly spit out a sigh of relief Long Yu was in a very happy mood.
However, the bloody and messy scene remains to be further cleaned up. Yu Long will hand it over to the black devil to deal with at this time, and he readily agrees.
Today, this matter has highlighted Long Yu’s talent. No matter what others think, Black Heavenly Devil is very impressed with him.
Five heaven and earth to make the remaining four people have no objection to Long Yu’s command nature, and everyone leads their own families to deal with the aftermath.
Yu Long returned to the Xuan door clause with Tang Xiangxiang and didn’t come to relax. He heard a scream not far ahead. Yu Long and Tang Xiangxiang looked at each other with indecision and found the sound to fly away, only to see a man in black holding the sharp blade of Snowy tightly attached to her snow-white pink neck.
Tang Xiangxiang and Long Yudun were furious.
Long Yuyang said, "Who is Ge and what do you want?"
The man in black shouted hoarsely, "You butcher want revenge on those 300 dead creatures. I must kill you and your woman."
Tang Xiangxiang said coldly, "What are you talking about … Don’t you know that Xiaoyu has eliminated a disaster in this way?"
Black dress person sneers, "This is just an excuse for your killing. Where is the disaster? No … You are in the space disaster, Yu Long. I know the order is that you kill yourself or I’ll kill your woman first … "Said the cold blade and pressed half a point of blood, which slowly flowed out along the pink neck of Snowy.
It seems that Yukime’s physical strength has been sealed by him
At the moment, Yukime can’t move even his mouth can’t be opened, but judging from her eyes, it’s time to let Yu Long go and ignore her.
Yu Long read her mind, but she abandoned her.
He secretly figured out that this person’s cultivation strength is compared with that of the five-party heaven and earth master. Although he is sure to kill him in ten strokes, Yukime will not easily make moves if he is not absolutely sure.
Now there is another problem that is very troublesome.
Where did this black dress person come from?
"You put her condition I can promise you … Yu Long sink said.
Black dress person gives a strange smile "condition? I have already said that I won’t let go of your woman Long Yu unless you commit suicide. I know that Yukime was raised there since childhood. You have deep feelings for her. I believe that you will save this woman at all costs … unless you die … "He said," Besides, she will not let go of her life. "
Yu Long face a heavy.
Tang Xiangxiang even hated to say, "Do you want to die?"
"Ha ha!" The man in black chuckled, "I’m not the one who wants to die, but you have hostages. What can you do with me?"
"I know your number is been …" The black dress person chuckled and said, "You both have strength in me, but I am absolutely sure that I will kill Yukime before you attack me. If you don’t believe me, you can try …"
Tang Xiangxiang trembled, "Don’t fool around. Everything is easy to discuss."
The black dress person sneer at a way "how to discuss? I have said whether I want to save this woman’s life depends on you … "
"Who the hell are you?" Tang Xiangxiang asked
"Woman, shut your mouth!" The man in black chuckled, "If you talk nonsense about me again, my conditions will change and I will let Yu Long kill you."
Yu Long roared, "Son of a bitch, do you know the consequences of your threatening me … I will make your life hell. If you have family members, they will be lucky."
The man in black laughed. "I’m sorry to disappoint you. I am who I am. I have neither relatives nor clansmen. You threatened me, but I threatened you."
Seeing the blood in Yukime’s neck, Yu Long was a little flustered.
Tang Xiangxiang whispered, "Calm down and don’t do anything stupid."
"Are you sent by God?" I can’t think of anyone who has such strength and shame except Long Yu, an outlander.
"Cut the crap and do as I say," said the man in black. "My patience is limited. If you refuse to do it, I will be impolite."
"How dare you?" Tang Xiangxiang said, "If you kill sister Yukime, you won’t live …"
"Hum!" The black dress person chuckled and said with disdain, "Don’t play this game with me. Since I dare to make trouble in your Xuanmen, I am naturally ready to sacrifice. You kill three million and three thousand creatures. It is natural that a righteous man like me will keep coming to you for his life."
"Kill one of my successors-!" Black dress person said seriously.
Yu Long is hesitant. He must make a decision as soon as possible, or the woman he loves will be ruined.
At this moment, Yukime suddenly broke free from the black dress person’s arm, desperate to escape in this direction, and took this opportunity to yell that the black dress person always rushed to Tang Xiangxiang and hurried to meet Yukime.
The black dress person didn’t seem to expect that Tang Xiangxiang would suddenly appear by the seal force, and even more unexpectedly, she would be out of her control and drink a lot. A black dress person waved a sword in his hand and stabbed Yu Long in the middle of the back. He appeared behind Yukime at the right time and blocked the black dress person’s sword.
At the same time, Tang Xiangxiang grabbed Yukime’s arm and pulled her to her arms.
"Die!" Seeing that Tang Xiangxiang is out of danger, Long Yu’s mind is still fiercely, and then offering the Tianshi sword to kill the man in the past.
Black dress person greeted with haste.
With a slight explosion, the two men fought hand to hand.
The huge strength of the horse makes the black dress person no longer fly out of the sword by holding it in his hand.
Men in black dare not stay for several consecutive flips and disappear in the busy night. Long Yu worried about Yukime’s safety and didn’t chase after him.
Besides, when people are retreating, it is difficult to catch up with him with full confidence even after they have used their blood to escape.
I took Yukime from Tang Xiangxiang’s arms. After careful examination, some skin injuries didn’t hurt me. So the blood flowed out and her white skirt was dyed red.
Yu Long apologized. "Sister Yukime, I’m sorry …
Yukime fixed his eyes on Yu Long’s eyes and said word for word, "I’m sorry. I didn’t let you get hurt because I didn’t almost."
"Who is Xiaoyu?" Wait for Long Yu to help Xue Ji deal with the wound and ask, "I don’t think it should be a man of God."
"How do you say?" Yu Long asked.
"Do you think that the success of our ceremony is also a good thing for the deity? He has no reason to do so," said Tang Xiangxiang.
Yu Long took a sip of his lips and nodded again. "Well, that makes sense … but now we can’t rule out the suspicion of respecting god." Speaking of which, he said, "I don’t care who the other person is, she will always pay the price, and I will never forgive him."