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Little Dye reminded An Huancheng to point to the car parked by the roadside outside the window and asked with a smile, "How about seeing me get a new car?" How’s it going? Just have fun. "

When An Huancheng saw the car, she raised her eyebrows, twisted her neck and looked behind her. Sure enough, she saw An Luo sitting alone not far away, eating delicious food and watching his side. When his eyes met, she bent her eyes and smiled.
At this time, Xiong Mei’s face has turned into a palette. She is young and beautiful, tall and outstanding, and she looks like innocent girl again. The most important thing is that she seems to be rich! Xiong Mei’s eyes are full of bitterness, and her face is white and red, which makes her look so ugly. The nearby diners have pointed fingers at her. She feels that her back is being pierced by sharp eyes. She doesn’t want to stay for a moment!
"Hum! Young and inexperienced! Women don’t know that you will regret it sooner or later! "
Xiong Mei glared at Xiao Ran angrily and said to An Huancheng in a strange way, "Are you busy enough?" A mouthful of silver teeth almost broke my hands, clenched my fists tightly and strode out of the restaurant on high heels. As soon as she left, she smiled at An Huancheng. "How does it feel to be almost kept?"
An Huancheng walked beside An Luo and sat down with a small dye. He also returned to normal expression and sat opposite An Huancheng.
"Your brother and I"
"Elder brother Cheng, I helped you find the date, but it’s better to hit the date. Today, Sister An and I have this meal. You have to pay the money." Little Dye pushed the table bill to him with a positive face. An Huancheng looked down and stared at them with a bad face. "Hundred? Are you two crazy? "
An Luo and Xiao Ran giggled at each other, and An Luo reached out and patted An Huancheng on the shoulder with a chuckle. "I have to pay for pretending!"
"Ann I really doubt whether you are my sister? What a vulgar speech! "
"Vulgar? I think it’s okay? Haha "
Three people talking and laughing to eat together, AnLuo is afford to eat, and the phone rang. An Huancheng took a look at the neck and saw it was NiHaoDong, so he raised his lips and leaned in to satirize "Sister, did you steal out?" Now the master is pulling the rope. "
An Luo’s eyes sank and he scolded him, "You are a dog!"
Ni Haodong sat in a wheelchair to rest after acupuncture, and carefully prepared several dishes for Ni Haodong and Yang Bai to stay and eat together. Ni Haodong asked Yang Bai to bring his mobile phone and prepare to tell An Luo that he would not go back to eat, but he was excited and trembled when he saw her send WeChat.
Yang Bai first discovered his abnormality. He squatted beside Ni Haodong and worried about asking, "Ni Shao, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong? "
"No" Ni Haodong raised his lip angle high and said with a childlike pure smile, "Go home and go home."
Yang Bai saw his face smile for a while and then "oh" to tell the serious that they were not here for lunch, but Yang Bai sent Ni Haodong home in a hurry and found that Anluogen was not at home!
Ann fell to the door with a mobile phone to answer NiHaoDong deep voice instantly into her ears.
"Where is it?"
"Eat with my brother and Xiao Ran outside."
"come back immediately"
The words were hung up and settled down. Pick up the phone from the ear, frown and look at the black. Go to the phone screen and say, "Shouldn’t a man wait for a woman to hang up before hanging up? No manners! Cut ~ "
She returned to her seat and smiled shyly at Xiao Ran. "I have to go first. Aren’t you going to the auto show center later? My brother just passed by and asked him to take you there. "
It’s a bit of a distraction to watch Anjou rush away from her figure. Recently Anjou has always been mysterious. Even she rarely knows what she is up to. When she smuggles, her brain is a little dull. Some actions are not done through her brain. For example, now An Huancheng is staring at her with a surprised face. Her eyes are blurred, but she is holding a paper towel and wiping it around his mouth.
The man at the next table glanced over here and said to his wife, "Look how gentle and considerate his girlfriend is!" "
Before he finished speaking, his wife kicked him out with high heels. He immediately stared and said, "My wife is the best wife in the world! Gentle, beautiful, virtuous and generous! "
Next to such a noisy little dye, she returned to God. She found that she actually took a paper towel to wipe the opposite An Huancheng’s mouth and immediately blushed.
"Well, I’m angry and my eyes are slanting."
An Huancheng couldn’t help laughing. He took a piece of paper and wiped the ketchup from the corners of his mouth. He smiled and said, "Since my eyes are squint, I have to see you myself. Let’s go?"
"Hehehe, thank you, Cheng Ge"
Ni Haodong stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and stared out the window. Yang Bai stood quietly behind him and watched him alight and slowly stopped at the door. Yang Bai was surprised to see that Ni Haodong’s leg seemed to shake! Is he dazzled by rubbing his eyes? He looked at it carefully and found that it didn’t move.
Ann came from the car and saw Yang Bai Yang coming out of the house. She smiled and glanced at the bedroom direction and said softly, "Ni is less for you."
"Well, it’s hard," said Ann’s lips, evoking a faint radian.
Yang Bai walked a few steps and was suddenly stopped by An Luo. She walked a few steps to Yang Bai and asked him, "What did the doctor say about his leg?" Yang Bai shook his head, settled down and picked it up. Lonely mood suddenly appeared in his eyes and asked, "Is there no hope?"
"I mean, the doctor didn’t say anything. It’s unknown when it will be good or not, but I think you can stimulate him appropriately. What did you give Ni less today? I think he is very emotional today. I seem to have seen his legs tremble when you came back just now. "
"Stimulation? Is it? "