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Qu Yong nodded and said, "It can’t be regarded as a performance. I will try my best to kill the enemy without performing martial arts!"

"Me, too," said Shi Nai-yan with an arrow platform. "Congratulations on your understanding of the eagle shape."
Qu Yong, the eagle-eyed man just now, knew what was going on. He didn’t deny that he was fuels and said, "Thank you."
Li Meijuan wanted to say anything more, but Shi Nai-yan pushed her and said, "Now there is nothing for you here. The decisive battle between men is coming."
After seeing Li Meijuan, Shi Nai-yan said, "How about we have no rules to limit the allowable disability index in actual combat?"
Qu Yong also agrees that "real martial arts should not be bound by many rules, because no one cares whether you commit a foul or not on the battlefield."
Shi Nai-yan praised, "Well said! I can see that you are also a practical school. Now there are not many people who pay attention to actual combat in Chinese martial arts. I hope this war will not disappoint me. "
QuYong fuels "please"
The two people in the bumblebee stand kept talking impatiently. "They are gay and endless. Will they do it or not?"
Boss Cao looked at the TV and shouted, "Stop arguing."
When the war in Taiwan was on the verge, Shi Nai-yan bowed respectfully and then stood in parallel, with his feet shoulder-width apart and his hands standing still. Qu Yong felt that this man seemed to be muddy in the desert.
"Tai Chi Extreme Style?" Qu Yong didn’t expect that Shi Nai-yan was actually Tai Ji Chuan. Although Aikido Tai Ji Chuan had many things in common, he didn’t expect that Shi Nai-yan Tai Ji Chuan’s posture was also in full swing.
Qu Yong knows that both Aikido and Tai Ji Chuan pay attention to the post-emptive strike, while Qu Yong is good at tiger-shaped and eagle-shaped in Xingyiquan, and pays attention to grabbing people first and killing the enemy in one go.
Qu Yong has already beat him to it. At first, he is the one who is best at tiger-shaped split boxing, moving with three-body potential, and throwing himself at each other’s hands, just like a tiger flapping sheep and a civet cat flapping mice, and he is quick and deadly.
Shi Nai-yan saw that he was ferocious, but he didn’t panic. He moved his left foot forward and made a lunge. His hands came out to meet Qu Yong’s tiger-shaped split fist. When Qu Yong came, he put his hand on the back of his hand and smoothed his strength with his arm. Then he spun his body to draw strength and threw his opponent out with one elbow.
This move is a bit like Yang’s Tai Ji Chuan’s catching the sparrow’s tail, but catching the sparrow’s tail is a shed, smoothing, squeezing and pressing, which is the last word "press". This press is like the top of Mount Tai being held down and the enemy can’t move.
Modern people have a misunderstanding that Tai Ji Chuan is an old lady playing in the park. In fact, it’s just a routine made by Tai Ji Chuan for promotion. The original Chenjiagou Tai Ji Chuan has thirteen tricks to kill the enemy. Later, Yang Luchan promoted Tai Ji Chuan to the dignitaries and performed before adapting the thirty-six styles, among which the tail-catching is the starting style.
However, Shi Nai-election’s move is not pure, but it is a bit like it. He is actually an Aikido five teachings seeking truth from facts. It is not the same as holding down the opponent’s tail.
From this point, we can also see the cultural differences between China and China. Japanese people pay attention to holding you down and asking your heart to move, while Japanese martial arts pay attention to killing the enemy and throwing people out of the vicious ratio.
Whether it’s being held down or flying out, it’s not that Qu Yong wants his heart to change and grab the tiger-shaped instantaneous eagle-shaped hands, such as talons. His left hand turns his hand and clasps Shi Nai-yan’s right wrist, and then strokes his right talons to attack the opponent’s heart and chest.
"Snapping" Qu Yong’s variant moves from the tiger shape to the talons without any stagnation. Shi Nai-yan’s right hand dodged without being grabbed by Qu Yong’s wrist, but before Qu Yong could stroke him, he suddenly turned around and drew strength. A quick step not only avoided Qu Yong’s talons but also matched Qu Yong’s center of gravity. At the same time, his left hand crossed Qu Yong’s rib and "shouldered" to pry up and throw it.
This aikido trick borrows strength to force the opponent’s center of gravity and then wins in one fell swoop
Can Qu Yong let him get what he wants? He put Shi Nai-yan’s left palm on the outside and drilled his right hand to solve it. His left talon still pokes the other elbow and grasps the steps and turns his feet.
The two men fought for only a moment, but they have changed their tactics and responded quickly. Most of the people in Taiwan can’t understand the subtle changes, but they will still see Qu Yong as a tiger pouncing on an antelope in a blink of an eye, and the eagle will attack in one go. It looks much more fierce, and Qu Yong has taken over the wind.
This is also because Aikido pays attention to "exerting strength" and "winning skillfully", but Qu Yongbai seems to be overbearing, but he can eventually deal a fatal blow to Shi Nai-election by himself. He pays attention to the tiger shape or the eagle shape, and then he will fail and exhaust.
If you drag yourself away from time to time, you will soon recede like a flood, and you will not be far from failure.
I have to say that Shi Nai-yan is the most difficult person Qu Yong has ever met. Although Duan Tianyang plays black boxing, his fist is not as tough as Shi Nai-yan Aikido.
When the old man died, he opened his mouth and asked his apprentice, "What do you think is left in my mouth?"
The apprentice said "tongue"
Always ask, "teeth are harder than tongue, but why is the tongue still there now that the teeth are gone?"
Disciple shook his head.
The old man sighed, "Good as water, soft as a gram" and left in Sanshou.
Now Qu Yong is the tooth, and if the tongue is worn away, the tooth will fall out.
This QuYong situation Cao boss also see out "Xiaoyong elder brother to go like this is bad!"
Bumblebee didn’t see that he thought QuYong was stronger than talons. "What’s the matter? Brother Xiaoyong is very fierce now. What’s the matter? "
"Nonsense?" Boss Cao sneered, "Didn’t you see that Wang Chou, a Taekwondo player, was just fierce that day, waving big crabs on his legs, but he didn’t run wild for long? Does Brother Xiaoyong look like Wang Chou now?"
"I don’t understand it, either." Bumblebee looked at Qu Yong’s repeated pursuit of eagle footwork, right into the left, right into his right foot and right fist, criss-crossing, and it really didn’t look like a disadvantage.
"A spent force can’t wear out the enemy." Boss Cao’s eyes are still very accurate. He is not white. Since he can see the situation clearly, Qu Yong can certainly see it, but why should Qu Yong just go all the way to the end?
"Brother Xiaoyong, what’s your idea?"
Qu Yong is also bitter and can’t be said. There are five lines and twelve shapes in form and meaning, among which monkeys are good at fighting, but his meridians are not well practiced. If he is used against ordinary people, it will be ok, but if he is used against Shi Nai-yan, an Aikido that combines rigidity and softness, he is not an opponent.
"Even if we don’t have dark energy, we can resist me with such high intensity for five minutes at most, and his forehead is already sweaty. At this time, it depends on everyone’s perseverance."
In actual combat, the outcome depends on a few moves. If everyone is evenly matched, they will fall into a stage of fighting each other’s physical strength. This is the source of the sentence "Boxing is afraid of the young". Although the old boxer is experienced, he may be physically poor. After all, there are too many young people. Young people can hold on to the old boxer. Generally, the first three moves bombard the back and drag the old-timers to death.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Its blood is yellow.
Now both Qu Yong and Shi Nai-yan are young people, and their physical fitness is excellent because of perseverance. This battle may be the most difficult battle in Qu Yong’s history, especially because his main attack is fierce and even more exhausting.
"Boss, what should I do if you say Brother Xiaoyong is inferior?" Bumblebee nervously asked, "Think of a way. You can’t let Japanese Kung Fu win."
"What should I do?" Boss Cao is also trying to find a way to "small day?"
He looked up at Tai Quyong’s lips and pursed his black Tang suit, and then looked at Shi Nai-yan’s white dress and black dress. It was the day when Aikido was all dressed up. He suddenly thought of what avenue "Yes, now it’s up to see who can last longer and who has enough momentum!"
"What should I do?"
"Sing with me!" Boss Cao jumped into the chair and sang loudly, "Show the smoke from the mountains and look north."
The dragon rolls up and the horse hisses like frost.
The heart is like the Yellow River.
Who can compete in 20 years! "
This song is called "Loyalty to the Country". My hero’s bloody battlefield hinders they died with their boots on. Boss Cao’s singing is not rhyming enough, but he is screaming with a red face and a thick neck. The sound of the Buddha will tear his throat. With this lyric infection, it has a shocking power.
When he sang the second sentence, Bumblebee and Fat turned white, and they also climbed a chair, and the three of them sang arm in arm.
The three men roared like a muffled thunder in the music square. Suddenly, this song infected the students around them. Today, they saw the Chinese martial arts show shine brilliantly. These enthusiastic young people have long been excited. At this moment, when they hear this song "Loyalty to the Country" again, where can they hold back and involuntarily pull their throats and sing along?
"Hate crazy long dao.
How many faithful brothers and sisters buried their bones in his hometown?
Cherish one’s death and report to one’s country
I can’t bear to sigh, but my eyes are full of blood and tears! "
This kind of blood will gush out, and the songs will soon infect the field. More than half of the boys will not hesitate to get up. In just one minute, thousands of boys will combine to make a huge sound.
Men’s strength deeply beats the soul!
"horseshoe south to north.
People look at the grass in the north, green, yellow and dusty.
I am willing to defend my land and return to Xinjiang.