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Calm and carefree sword obliquely refers to dripping blood and rolls along the blood trough.

6 Canjinjian sent a pair of 16 Cans to win.
postwar period
According to Fang Miao’s instructions, I found a healing pill from twelve dead people and applied it to the left arm wound that was bleeding and numb.
"Don’t you treat your arm with magic white light?" Ye Lingxuan, after cleaning up the war, asked some curious questions. This charming woman is still very concerned about making eyes and can’t hide her frustration.
"My white light is not exhausted. Like the other two skills, there is a limit on the number of times every day, and every time it does great harm to me, I just saved you with this panacea!" Shake the fairy and give the white jade bottle 6 cans of lies. Now that the danger has passed, it is better to push the magic to this elixir.
Can you show me? "It is Fang Miao buried five lines of three disciples turned back after the corpse.
"Of course!" 6 can be generous to send out the net bottle.
Experience life and death together. Fang Miao, who is wary of 6 Canhao, is already aware of taking the Dan medicine and carefully watching some impressions in his mind, but he never remembered where he had heard of it.
"This is supposed to be a healing medicine. I can disappear at any time. I stole that ability from a fairy and I was left here."
"Is this NingQingDan! ? Then the master came to heal Ning Qingdan and said, "Things are recorded in ancient books, but we have never seen real things."
"Ha ha" 6 Can smiled awkwardly. This deadly thing was originally called Ningqingdan. It was a profound fate, but it was given by the skills of Warcraft. If there were no skills of Warcraft, Ningqingdan would have sent herself to die.
Chapter 15 Charming ripe female night
"Uncle Fang, I think we’d better leave here. There are too many dangerous animals in this forest!" After a moment of silence, 6 Chan decided to leave this dangerous place first.
Ok! "Fang Miao stroked the hands from Dan Ding sent ferret out nine baby grass is full of pain because of nine baby grass, three other disciples, five younger brothers and now Ye Lingxuan himself.
"That Zhu Xiang presumably encountered four schools of people, but I don’t know whether to die or not. I suggest that when I come to the grassland, there are a few roaring beasts there."
"Let’s go!" Looking back at the three new tombs, Fang Miao hid her face more bitterly and left.
Going back to the grassland again, the fairy left a spell trace base that has dissipated, but the remaining breath still surprised Fang Miao. When it fluctuated for half a month, it was rare for the strong in the then period, even a special high-order spell.
It’s funny to hear Fang Miao’s evaluation. It seems that the little fairy is really a childish high-order spell to kill rabbits, and it’s two deaths and one injury. Hehe.
It’s really convenient to take the precepts with the fix-the-true. 6 Can and others stayed up in the wilderness and set up three special tents, and then Fang Miao carefully laid several arrays to prevent the sneak attack of animals.
After a hearty meal, Ye Lingxuan’s Sandy jade hand roars the animal meat a hundred times more than 6 can incense, and several people go back to their tents to rest and fight repeatedly. Although there are 6 can holy light treatments, physical exhaustion is still eliminated.
6 can is even worse. He can’t enjoy the holy light treatment, but he can rely on Dan medicine to heal his wounds. However, the level of Dan medicine of these practitioners is too low, and the healing effect is not very good. Although the trauma has healed, excessive bleeding still makes 6 can feel dizzy.
Hiding in the tent for a moment, 6 can was already snoring like thunder.
I don’t know how long I slept, but a furry thing arched in 6 Can’s arms.
I have slept for five fans, three roads and six hazy hands, but my hands are smooth and cool, and I feel good.
Touched by his clutches, the furry thing in his arms stretched out a piece of cold and gently stroked 6 Can’s cheek.
6 Can finally woke up from the stare and looked at it carefully and suddenly froze.
Is Ye Lingxuan don’t know when to dive into his tent curled up in his arms that furry object is this charming mature woman with hair.
"This …"
See 6 can open your eyes Ye Lingxuan stretched out a jade finger across 6 elder brother is out of the mouth jiao said "6 can hold me tight …" She called 6 can name for the first time.
Being a virgin in the 21st century, 6 Can is at a loss, so it’s good. This fix-up girl is too bold.
Ling Ye Xuan put her arms around 6 Can’s chest at two o’clock and pressed it hard on 6 Can’s solid chest. 6 Can felt a little suffocated.
Ye Lingxuan said with a red tide and eyes as sweet as silk, "In fact, you, a 6-year-old martial artist, should not be old, but I have been practicing for some years. You should call my sister …"
In women’s thinking, 6 can’t understand discussing age at this time. Weird Ye Lingxuan’s warm body has made her clothes thin. 6 can have a physiological reaction, but she has to struggle to think about such a complicated problem?
"Ha ha ….." Feel the change of 6 Can Ye Lingxuan’s glad eye and charming smile, but it turns out that the jade hand is deep into 6 Can’s arms.
Ruan Ti Qian refers to painting circles on the chest of 6 Can, spitting fragrant musk deer orchid and saying in a charming low voice, "Don’t call me sister …"
Although it is charming in the daytime, it also has a heroic feeling. Now Ye Lingxuan is a demon who has ruined the country.
"Sister … I’m a normal man. If you do this again, I can assure you … Ye Lingxuan has acted to express her doubts about 6 Can being a man.
Tan mouth light is kissed 6 can big mouth.
It is true that the relationship between men and women is the fiercest after the World War II. Perhaps there is any ethical restraint between the two at ordinary times, but after life and death, the two have been legally controlled.
6 Can’s heart is ablaze by sweet lips, and then she turns over and presses Ye Lingxuan crazy in the face, and her hands are crazy to lift all her clothes.
Hand stroking and savoring this white jade cream, the tender and attractive limbs trembled slightly, and the moment has become a light and inaudible groan.