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Lian Jing easily found the address. He said, "If you want to disconnect and connect again, the United States will find out." When he closed the picture, Chen Haobo had already rushed out of the door.

Lian Jing shook his head. "It was love at first sight for Chen Zi …"
Rick is a philosopher who expresses his opinion that "there is no good place for men to fall in love at first sight"
Yu Xi Qing Zhi hurriedly opened the drawer and took out dv. His round face was red with excitement.
Lian Jing said, "It’s not good for Qing Zhi Chen Zi to shoot him as one of his own …"
Yu Xi Qing Zhi asked, "Don’t you want to see the moment when his heart is completely broken?" At that time, Chen Zai’s expression will be very good. "
Lian Jing took off her glasses and got up. "Come on, take my car."
Rick said seriously, "We’re not watching jokes, but we’re going to comfort Chen Zai’s friends when he’s sad. It’s our responsibility."
Huo Junzhong muttered, "Don’t look so excited when they say this, OK? Points are to see others make a fool of themselves.
Huo Junzhong doesn’t know how to deal with this matter, but he can’t tell them the truth, pretending that he doesn’t know what will happen by watching things. However, after all, these people are not yogis who want to come to Zhu Youneng and won’t do anything to them …
As a result, a car for four people can be delayed for one day, and there is no Chen Haobo outside.
Lian Jing magically pulled out a red dot on the gps surface and Rick frowned. "Lian Boss, why did you press the tracker on Chen Zai? This hobby is too bad."
Lian Jing didn’t press me on him. Am I that kind of person? This tracker is a tracker. I can find out the location if there is a phone number in the range. "
Huo Junzhong was surprised. He knew Lian Jing well and knew that he was a good brain student, but Lian Jing showed that it was a super spy.
Finally, Huo Junzhong sighed, "Technology is terrible."
Zhu Youneng can open his eyes and frown slightly, patting the small night like a floating fog floating in.
Saya knelt down and saluted, "Is there any command for the real call?"
Zhu Youneng said, "Someone is paying attention to our small night here. Have we been paying for it as usual recently? We have nothing to fall behind and be double-regulated, right? "
Saya said, "No money is being sent to us as usual, and we haven’t lost our position recently." Are there four real people? "
Zhu Youneng shook his head slightly and said, "It’s not a yogi who observes people. He doesn’t monitor them with the naked eye. The induction is very weak. He should observe me through a machine. If it weren’t for my recent discovery."
"machine?" Saya thought for a moment and was surprised. "Is a real person a satellite?"
Zhu Youneng nodded slightly. "I arranged a smoke screen outside the abode of fairies and immortals. Even if the satellite stared at us for two hours, I wouldn’t see anything unusual. But now my heart is restless. It seems that some of us can see through my smoke screen through satellite observation."
"If it weren’t for zhèng fǔ incarnation, who would have moved satellites to monitor us? Four cases of those people who hate modern technology should not be. Are they the Wizards Association? "
"It’s meaningless for the Wizards Association to monitor the outside of the clubhouse, and so are those guys. It’s also impossible for Thomas to see through my magic through satellite photography." Zhu Youneng is full of confidence in his own strength
Although confident, I can find out who it is through satellite observation of the paradise club, and no matter how strong the magical power is.
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The third volume Chapter Destiny revenge ()
Saya asked, "Do you think it is necessary to get rid of the real people who don’t leave at the door?"
Zhu Youneng gently put it on her head to make her worry. "I know their purpose is in front of the young toad. I’ll give them a chance. If they rush in and walk in front of me, I’ll meet them."
A moment later, Zhu Youneng frowned slightly. "How is Xiao Huo with those two flower demons? It’s just that destiny is such a small night that you take them in and take Xiao Huo in together. "
Saya walked to the door and saw Huo Junzhong’s face was strange and he was with three teenagers, while the flower demon sisters looked embarrassed. A teenager with a snot and tears advised them how wonderful their lives were and not to be self-indulgent.
Small night is not white. What kind of play is this called?
Saya went to Huo Junzhong’s stall to show everything and herself.
Rick couldn’t help swallowing when he saw the black silk wrapped around the long legs in the small night skirt. "When did you know such a beautiful elder sister, Xiao Huo?"
Saya smiled and said, "Thank you for your compliment."
Yu Xi Qing Zhi quickly raised his camera and took a small night shot. "Didn’t you know that this big sister came to meet Xiao Huo at the school gate?"
Rick scratched his head and said, "I don’t know"
Saya said, "No matter what comes in, it will bring inconvenience to others."
Yu Xi Qing Zhi exclaimed, "Sister, do you work here?"
Saya smiled and said, "You saw me coming out of it."
Yu Xi Qing Zhi flashed his eyes and said, "So … can we have a shot?"
Huo Junzhong really can’t stand the idea that he kicked Qing Zhi behind his back. "Qing Zhi doesn’t want to do anything you imagine."
Saya’s words to Yu Xi Qing Zhi are not angry but smiling. "I really don’t mind if I come with you, and I will give you a red envelope. It seems very uneconomical." The rules of the casino are that if you meet a boy and a woman, you should give a red envelope to the man afterwards. When this word comes out, Yu Xi Qing Zhi is flushed and can’t look around.
Lian Jing sighed and scolded, "You can always live in the second world by talking big and turning into waste at any moment."
Put a few kids alone. Saya actually called a few white girls to accompany a few people and asked Huo Junzhong out alone.
Saya stifled her laughter and asked, "What is this?"
Huo Junzhong also thought it was a joke, scratching his head. After a small night, he was amazed. "That kid lost them?" It’s unfortunate that those two sisters are real monsters. His eyes are too strange, and how can he think that they are here for the sea? "
Huo Junzhong said with a wry smile, "This is a misunderstanding, but it’s just as well that I have questions for Zhu Zhenren."
Saya nodded, "Well, you can come with me. Maybe I really need you to come forward."
Huo Junzhong wondered, "Do you want me to come forward?"
Saya said, "They are the green cicada real people who gave life when they studied the side secret method. One is the poppy and the other is the chrysanthemum. It is also half of Zhu Zhenren’s sister, Green Cicada. After her death, these two sisters entered the world of mortals, but they were involved in the world of mortals so deeply that they once became a powerful illegal drug dealer. As a result, they were discovered by Tianshi Zongren and eliminated these two demons in one fell swoop. They came to see Zhu Zhenren with their disappearance. They must have something to ask for. In fact, they were still doing illegal drug trafficking in those years. When I was in the group, I contacted Zhu Zhenren and asked Zhu Zhenren to help them with one thing, but the real person refused. This time, if the real person is willing to see them, they may promise me that they will fall on you. "
Huo Junzhong was dissatisfied. "What does this matter have to do with me?"
"I don’t know, but you won’t refuse to ask Zhu Zhenren for details."
Saya brought Huo Junzhong to the room, and the flower demon sisters were also in the room. They knelt in front of Zhu Youneng and begged for something.
Zhu Youneng waved Huo Junzhong to sit opposite the two women and said, "I am doomed to avoid this time. You ask me that I can’t do it. The green cicada’s predecessors’ abode of fairies and immortals may be valuable to others, but there is no place for me to teach you to kill you. It’s also your own fault that you sold all kinds of drugs and killed many people. How can we avoid fate like this? How can you hide the cause and effect of fate like this? I won’t introduce it.
Two women cried and kowtowed and begged, "King Luo Dharma has arrived in the city. If the real person doesn’t help us, we two sisters born to die, he will not only kill us, but also abolish the two of us, so as to refine the law. For the sake of master Qing Chan, Zhu Zhenren, you can help us this time."
"My feud with Green Cicada’s predecessors has been settled, and you betrayed Green Cicada’s predecessors in those days. Now he has come to ask for physiology, and it is indeed a monster’s human dignity." Zhu Youneng’s sentence is very heavy, and two women dare to kowtow and dare not speak again. They know that Zhu Youneng, a real person, is cruel and cold-blooded, and his magical power was greatly praised by the owners of Green Cicada in those years. Although the two sisters were repairing the shape of héng rén, this magic Zhu Youneng could kill them with a flick of his finger, and they wouldn’t dare to run to him
Zhu Youneng ignored them but said to Huo Junzhong, "Xiao Huo, your fate and ours seem to be intertwined."
"Armageddon" Huo Junzhong stared at Zhu Youneng and read it out word by word.
Zhu Youneng smiled, "Why are you in such a hurry to rob Xiao Huo? You’d better avoid the doom this time."
Huo Junzhong complained, "I want to avoid it, too. I am not qualified to turn to ashes if I want to rob this tripods cat spell, but now I have been involved in this doom."