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Lin Sheng a surprised this is the thought that he is only a stone’s throw away from this monster at this time. He is afraid that this monster can step across to his front and is "eager" to flash, but he can’t come. If the monster steps across to Lin Sheng, he still has a chance to flash, but the monster was unexpectedly dumped forward while Lin Sheng was unprepared. It is still boring to put Lin Sheng on his body. This behemoth even has nearly one thousand kilograms of weight. Lin Sheng was crushed by his "chest" mouth, which closed the sense of smell and knowledge. The foul smell is that I jumped into Lin Sheng’s mouth and nose, and Lin Sheng’s heart rolled straight’ to vomit’. But there is such a monster pressing on Lin Sheng’s body, and he must vomit in himself. There is no way to forcibly suppress his vomiting and complain that he shouldn’t be so bold to run to the Bones Palace this time. Fortunately, Lin Sheng’s physique is far superior to ordinary people, or even being so pressured by this monster will directly become a rotten’ meat’.

The pungent stench poured into Lin Sheng’s nose and mouth. Lin Sheng was in a trance. The root was that he was unable to resist. It was not the stench or the monster’s suppression of Lin Sheng that was full of fainting …
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Chapter 27 Possession
? After staying Lin Sheng fainted, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of the monster. With a wave of his hand, the monster was extremely reluctant to let Lin Sheng go. It seemed that he was very dissatisfied with the shadow taking his food, but he was afraid not to wave his hand from the shadow. A black’ color’ rope emerged from his wide sleeve. One was to tie Lin Sheng up. The shadow held Ba in Lin Shengshen and then nodded to himself with satisfaction.
"I didn’t expect the host to grow to this point so quickly. Fortunately, I found that otherwise I was afraid that I would have to make more efforts." When my hands were lifted, the dark green qi escaped, and in an instant, I wrapped Lin Sheng around the dark green qi. When I surrounded Lin Sheng, I lifted Lin Sheng, so I was suspended in front of the black shadow, untouched and extremely strange.
At this time, a figure appeared in the black shadow, and it was that Lin Sheng had seen the mummy before, but at this time, the mummy was no longer as dry as before, and it was already an old man. Although it still looked very weak, it was much better than the mummy. Now it looks more like a person.
The weak old man’s face was full of smiles at this time. From time to time, he raised his hand and raised Lin Sheng’s arms and feet. Looking at it carefully, it was like looking at his own clothes. He lost the monster’s suppression and finally woke up with a cough after this old man’s teasing Lin Sheng.
I woke up to find myself bound, the true qi was blocked, and I couldn’t move. I was completely surprised and looked around. This is the discovery that an old man in front is staring at himself with malicious intent, which is like eating himself raw.
"Who are you? What do you want? " Lin Sheng struggled to give up his eyes and asked
"Ha ha, I don’t know the old man until I see my little brother for a few months. My little brother is really forgetful!" The old man grinned and said
"Are you the mummy?" Lin Sheng suddenly remembered that there was no one else in this palace. If the mummy was still human, it would leave the mummy, and it was also a mummy with the level of martial arts. When Lin Sheng first met him, he was still a skeleton. Now he has grown skin’ meat’!
"Did you send that divine knowledge today?" Lin Sheng’s foundation has been affirmed. It is this old man who led himself here. But what is his purpose? Lin Sheng has just arrived here. It is obviously not a day or two since he was peeked at by this god knowledge.
"Yes, I didn’t expect you to come so soon. I still have to wait a few days."
"What on earth do you want? Did you’ get’ that monster, too?" Lin Sheng escape at the moment anyway hope cool’ sex’ will ask out all your questions.
"Have you ever heard of taking possession?" The newcomer did not directly answer Lin Sheng’s question, but asked Lin Shengdao instead.
"I heard a little about it a couple of years ago. I just found out that this monster has no soul. Is it really cultivated to take possession of it?" Lin Sheng swallowed a mouthful of saliva at the thought of here, and it was disgusting to think that someone had put their soul in that monster.
"By the way, it’s true that the old man has gone through hardships and dangers to find all the materials and find so many human and Warcraft bones to make such a concrete one. Although it doesn’t look very good, an experiment is still successful. I have experimented on other people several times, and this time it will be successful!" Say that finish is staring at Lin Sheng eyes full of fire.
"Do you want to take my house?" Lin Sheng was surprised, and then he sweated and took possession of himself. Although his body was still there, it was really worse than death without his soul.
"Cong Lao, I have prepared for such a long time. This is the day. In fact, I didn’t expect you to meet the requirements so quickly. This is a pleasant surprise." The old man stared at Lin Sheng with malicious intent, and his heart was in a panic.
"Is that what you planned when you saw me?" Lin Sheng continues to talk to the old man, but he is constantly rising the true qi and wants to break through the blockade of the’ cave’.
"I haven’t seen you in such a good system for decades, so I just pay special attention to you. I didn’t expect it to be true. I was able to meet my requirements for possession in a few months. I almost couldn’t stand it, but after long-term consideration, I still resisted the impulse in my heart to let you rise, otherwise the skill of the old man will shrink in my life." The old man seems to have great confidence in his’ hole’ road blockade. Where did Lin Sheng hit the’ hole’ road and didn’t stop it?
"Don’t be in vain. This is an ancient blockade technique." The old man disdained to take a look at Lin Sheng, and then he lifted his hand and Lin Sheng slowly fell to the ground. The old man also sat cross-legged in the dark green’ color’ and the true qi constantly surged and overflowed around to form an isolation belt, which was Yu Linsheng and the old man.
"Well, I’ve been talking nonsense with you for so long that I can’t wait for it now!" As soon as the old man stopped drinking, his soul force surged out and rushed into Lin Shengti crazily. Lin Shengti’s qi department was blocked, but he couldn’t resist. It was the force that gathered his soul force and made a final struggle in Dantian.
"It was guanyu level soul force seems to really have some strength, but it is also of great benefit to practice later." The old man’s soul suddenly flashed out this sentence as if he were talking to Lin Sheng and talking to himself. When the old man’s powerful soul entered Lin Shengti, it was crazy to crowd out Lin Sheng’s soul in an attempt to forcibly erase it.
Lin Sheng struggled to support himself. The level of martial arts knowledge will have an advantage in this respect. However, in the face of the old man’s late martial arts knowledge, it is still not enough to see that now Lin Sheng’s soul is like a needle, and it is possible to collapse at any time. After an hour, Lin Sheng’s soul has been retreating layer by layer in the’ cave’ road in an attempt to avoid the old man’s soul crushing. The strength of the old man’s soul is too strong to support Lin Sheng’s’ cave’, which is painful. But now Lin Sheng is at the root of life and death, but he seems to
In just half an hour, the old man’s soul has almost wandered all the major "holes" of Lin Shengti.
"Well, now your eyes have reached the point where you can feel at ease." The old man’s soul is two or three times faster. One is to chase Lin Sheng’s soul and surround it. The struggle of Lin Sheng’s soul has to be crushed by the old man’s soul. Struggling to support thick pain from Lin Sheng’s soul to Lin Sheng. At this time, I feel what pain is! This kind of feeling Lin Sheng is almost the last layer of protection for those who want to give up, but he is unwilling to go through all kinds of hardships in his heart. Is it that he has achieved so little?
"I am not reconciled!" Lin Sheng’s soul roared, but it was a little easier. Gradually, Lin Sheng was numb. The root was that there was no other feeling, but the soul was finally struggling with a trace of obsession
"Perseverance is good. You are proud that you can persist for so long after I crush it like this!" The old man’s soul hesitated for a moment, and then his soul went to see Lin Sheng’s soul as a boat in the sea, which was in danger of capsizing at any time.
The old man’s soul is a proud’ desire’ to crush Lin Sheng’s soul. Suddenly, a black light flashes and a black map appears in front of Lin Sheng’s broken soul.
"Thank you! Now you can set your mind at to "black’ color’ atlas in an elegant black dress person suddenly appeared a wave of his hand was wrapped in the old man’s soul is a hover black’ color’ flame burning around the old man’s soul.
"Before …" The old man’s unfavorable soul force aside said that the flame was actually a terrible end!
"the amount of fire!" The old man’s soul was shocked and immediately fled violently, but the hey hey flame had wrapped his soul, and he had to flee. This amount of industrial fire is the biggest nemesis of the soul, but the door is designed to burn the soul, and gradually the old man’s soul is constantly becoming empty, and finally it disappears into a state of complete soul force.
"It’s a pity that this soul force is the biggest tonic for the soul, but this little body can accept the soul at this time, which is already a" wave "."The elegant black man looked at his hands and said with a faint soul force.
"Hey … how does this corpuscle have a little dragon with a damaged soul? Forget it, it’s a good fate for you. "The black dress person stared at Lin Sheng’s right hand and murmured, and then waved his hand. The pure soul force just drifted towards Lin Sheng’s hand. The soul force was just near Lin Sheng’s hand and pointed out that it was spontaneously absorbed by the small’ flower’ in Lin Sheng’s finger. In a short time, more than half of the soul force had been absorbed. At this time, the small’ flower’ stopped absorbing and vomitted its tongue to swim in Lin Sheng’s body. The small’ flower’ has absorbed the soul of the bodhi old zu in The Hunger since the
"You still have some conscience …" The black dress person took one look at the little "flower" and no longer said much. He remitted the remaining soul force to Lin Sheng’s soul force, but the trauma suffered by Lin Sheng’s soul is not small. If he recovers himself, it will be difficult to recover for several months, but with this old man’s remaining half pure soul force, he can recover quickly.
The soul force is continuously transported to the vicinity of Lin Sheng’s dying soul. Lin Sheng’s soul seems to be absorbed like a long drought in the rain … Lin Sheng’s absorption speed is dozens of times slower than that of the’ flower’ born in the holy dragon. It takes a long time for Lin Sheng to absorb it, so the soul force is continuously transported to Lin Sheng’s soul, but the black dress person is getting more and more ethereal and finally disappears.
"Bug, when he wakes up, don’t tell him about it. I’m running out of time. Help me watch him …"
"Tear …" The little "flower" seems to be very dissatisfied with this black dress person calling himself a bug, but dare not refute it. After all, this time it is a big favor from this black dress person.
"filar silk …"
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Chapter 2 Chaos
? Chapter 2 "Chaos"
Just outside the Bones Palace, the soul of the old man was extinguished by the black dress person for a moment. Outside the palace, the giants were suddenly stunned, and the fear in their hearts suddenly disappeared. But perhaps these giants have been enslaved by the Bones Palace for a long time. Although the feeling that made them afraid has disappeared, they are already kneeling on the ground and dare not make the slightest move. However, this state lasted for three days, but some bold giants became dishonest. First, they kept looking up at the Bones Palace, and then they tried to slow down. Slow down and find out if the soul that made them afraid has acted. To their surprise, they have now stepped back nearly ten feet away. That made them afraid of the soul but still didn’t act. The giants suddenly became happy. There were giants leaving the Bones Palace for five days, but there was nothing left. In the last few days, there were giants who were going to rush into the Bones Palace to find out, but in the end, they didn’t dare to break in because of hundreds of years of fear.
These giants have a history of nearly a hundred years in this forest of death, and both intelligence and force are much higher than before. However, due to the oppression of the mummy’s soul, they dare not move, so they have never left this forest of death. But now it is different. The soul that they are afraid of has disappeared completely, and the soul contract signed with them has become invalid. The soul contract is the most effective and cruel way to enslave others or Warcraft. If the old man enslaves them, They have a little dissatisfaction and need an idea that they can be erased unless the other party voluntarily cancels the soul contract or the soul of that person has dissipated. They flatly dare not betray the old man, and the old man’s soul was forgotten when it was wiped out by the men in black just now. These giants were lucky enough to survive. If the old man had shattered the soul imprint of these giants just now, these giants would have become dead by now.
The giants who have been freed are not allowed to wander around the forest under the control of the old man before they are constantly preying in the forest of death. Even if they prey every day, it is according to the route he has set. Now the giants who are free are naturally proud. Soon they are just dissatisfied with preying in the forest of death. More and more giants have walked out of the forest of death and wandered around the edge of the forest of death. The nearest place is suspected to be that many people living outside Dali are near death. The dead forest residents are the first to be hit. Most of them are honest civilians. Where do they have the opportunity to meet giants at ordinary times? They have never heard of them. How can these people be giants? Many people are taken captive by giants and eaten as food. Giants never picky about food. Poisonous animals rarely eat people’s meat before eating. At first glance, they suddenly feel that this person’s meat is better than that poisonous insect.
These days, I’m worried about Duan Jia and Wang Jia, the two giants account for the most of Dali’s industrial base, but now it’s a dilemma for them. At first, I received a report that a giant Duan Qirui appeared outside the city, and I still felt novel. After all, his family has lived in this Dali for generations. Although I know that there are giants living in this dead forest, I have never been out of it, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. But recently, it’s getting worse and worse. People have been taken away constantly. Don’t say that caravans in the past are afraid to go from Dali for a long
I personally went outside the city and observed it on the high wall for two days, only to find that the number of these giants is actually quite a lot. Every time I went out, there were nearly 30 to 40 people. These giants didn’t have a single fighting capacity, but they were just fighters in the later period of the martial arts division. But once the number was large, it was not as simple as one plus one. It is estimated that one warrior in the Wulin period was just able to stop two giants, and even if we want to win, we still have to fight hard. Now we don’t know how many giants there are since ancient times. Some people dare to explore the forest of death, even if some outlaws have been in it, it’s just outside the forest of death. Another example is to be able to ascertain the specific number of his giants. Duan Qirui has the intention to destroy this giant together with the Wangs, but he is afraid that there are more giants in the forest of death. In case they are really’ excited’ and angry, they will run to attack the city. Once they are attacked by this giant, the consequences will be unimaginable.
But fortunately, this Dali city has a thick wall, otherwise the giant’s height is average, and even if it can’t stand their attacks several times, it will be breached. These giants still seem a little afraid that people in this city will grab some food every time, but they will retreat into the root of the dead forest, so they will not confront each other.
"It’s not the way to go like this. Although there is nothing in the city for the time being, it’s already a danger for everyone to be alarmed by this giant. All kinds of businesses are greatly discounted, and there are also merchants in the past who dare not come to our northwest Dali grain caravan and dare not come again. I am afraid that Dali will be in danger of losing grain." Duan Qirui looked at the giants who were looting cattle, sheep and people outside the city with a dignified face.
"But now we even kill this part of the giant department and can guarantee that there are no other giants in the death forest? In case there are really more giants coming out, then we Dali … "A few people invited to Dali hesitated for a moment, and then said that his family was actually affected. Secondly, it was more important than Duan’s family. After all, the rulers here relied on the commercial support of the people’s taxes, but the Wang family was completely supported by the business. When these giants cut off his family’s financial resources, it was even worse. At this time, it was not rich in food until Dali came. Most of the food should have been shipped by foreign merchants for a long time.
"Elder sister, where did you say Brother Lin went after all? Why has it been so long? There is no movement at all. I don’t want anyone to send us a message." Duan said to Duan Xin with bare arms while practicing his fists.
"Who knows? I don’t know how to gather so many giants outside the city these days. It’s really worrying that I have to make him look good when I come back! " Duan Xin holds a small fist, but his heart is in Na Lin Sheng’s mind. He is worried that things are still unsolved in the troubled autumn willow home. Now the wind’ waves’ are rising again. What giant Duan Xin is worried that Lin Sheng will meet those giants, but he doesn’t know that these giants are given by Bai Lin Sheng and have the opportunity to get out of the forest of death.
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Chapter 29 Jieyun
? Bones Palace Lin Sheng sat cross-legged on the ground. At this time, he didn’t notice that his ass was an inch thick, and his soul had recovered more than half. However, if he wanted to recover, it was only possible to absorb the remaining soul force. At this time, Lin Sheng’s soul was incarnated into a huge black hole and absorbed the remaining soul force crazily. At this time, most of it was transformed into Lin Sheng’s soul tonic’ medicine’ body qi, which was automatically restored after the old man died. After Lin Sheng’s focus on soul repair, he definitely didn’t feel the body qi. At this time, he was in a state of being able to run in Lin Sheng’s body according to the Lins’ Xuangong running route. After this battle, Lin Sheng’s soul suffered great damage, but it also gained great benefits. This is true because the old man’s soul deliberately wandered in Lin Sheng’s meridians and widened the width of his body’s’ hole’ by nearly one time. Now Lin Sheng’s two kinds of qi no longer need to be in their respective places. Plate and compete for each other at this time, the meridians are already enough. Lin Sheng’s body and two kinds of true qi run at the same time. The old man used Lin Sheng’s body as his own body before he took possession of it. He did not hesitate to’ spend’ great efforts to widen Lin Sheng’s meridians. He made plans after himself, but in the end he achieved Lin Sheng.
Next to a small snake, it’s very uncomfortable to keep running around him. The little’ flower’ stayed in his body for so long. Although it can’t move in Lin Sheng’s body, his perception of the outside world is still rushing out to kill the The Hunger bodhi old zu and save Lin Sheng and the Oriental Phoenix Lin Sheng. At this time, it is still absorbing the few remaining soul forces. Although his soul base has been repaired now, these soul forces can’t’ wave’. That’s a great practice for yourself. It’s good that this kind of opportunity is hard to come by. Although Lin Sheng doesn’t know what’s going on, there is such a good opportunity to improve his strength. Lin Sheng won’t just "wave" off.
However, his small’ flower’ is getting more and more uneasy, and the’ color’ of the sky is gradually fading, and thunder is constantly coming. At this time, it is depressing to the extreme, making people feel that Lin Sheng seems to feel something bad. The absorption speed has once again accelerated a little bit and absorbed the soul force.
"Boom …" The thunder suddenly rang and the little’ flower’ finally swam out. The giant outside the Bones Palace had already disappeared. It was noon at this time, but the big clouds were covered to cover the sun. The whole Dali was dim. The little’ flower’ stared at the red clouds, and the red clouds were sticking out their tongues. It seemed to explode.
Parents in Dali section Lao Wang’s parents are older, and Wu Lingwu’s people are all starting up at this time, staring at a large group of hongyun in the sunset forest.
"The heads of the fathers are JieYun! There must be some exotic animals going to Du Jie! " Period of home an elder’ shock’ to Duan Qirui said.