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Football was shot at the bottom line by Valdes

"beautiful! This round of attack and defense is really beautiful! When Barcelona attacked, they patiently searched for the opportunity in front of Lazio’s penalty area, and finally gave the football to Fa Erkao and Fa Erkao after a dazzling and complicated pass. The shot was just right, and Lazio soon returned to the color … They pushed the football into the penalty area almost in the blink of an eye, forcing Valdez to make a wonderful save … This is the game we want to see! Both teams show their own characteristics to the fullest! "
Chapter two hundred and twelve Physical differences
This equilibrium between the two sides lasted for about thirty minutes.
In these thirty minutes, there is always mutual attack and defense.
Both sides had a good chance, but it was a pity that neither of them seized it.
So the score has always been
Although it is still, no one will find the game boring.
On the contrary, the game is always played at a very high level.
Both Lazio’s rapid advance and Barcelona’s precise control are fascinating.
Because both sides have a high level of ball control and good defensive walking, in fact, there are not many shots.
But no one cares about this.
Catalan commentator looked at it. The game had been going on for 30 minutes. Barcelona was not in the wind. Although they didn’t score, they didn’t let the home team score.
This performance is very good in the eyes of the commentator.
You know, this is Lazio!
All over Europe, everyone now knows how difficult Lazio is to play at home.
It’s true that it’s Guardiola. Fortunately, Barcelona’s head coach is Guardiola, otherwise this away game will definitely be lost in suspense …
"Barcelona are now deadlocked with Lazio and they are doing very well!"
He said so.
Barcelona players also think that they are doing well, but they are not easy.
At the beginning of the game, facing the rapid advancement of Lazio, they felt quite relaxed in defending according to the requirements of the coaching staff.
They can even organize an attack that can threaten Lazio’s goal when Lazio is dominant.
For example, I just gave it to Fa Erkao.
However, after 30 minutes of competition, they gradually felt tired.
They found themselves running a little behind Lazio’s rapid movement.
Sometimes I saw Lazio’s ball and intention to move, but my body couldn’t keep up with him. He tried to run over, but his body was slow by half a beat, so after they ran over, the other side had already sent the football away.
Simply put, Barcelona players feel tired!
This surprised them, knowing that the game was only thirty minutes!
If they feel tired with 30 minutes left in the game, it may be normal.
But how is it possible now?
But they just felt tired, and they gasped.
This kind of tiredness is not caused by psychological stress in away games.
Is to really feel tired from the body
Actually, Barcelona players are in good spirits, but they just feel very tired.
Their physical strength seems to have been quickly pumped in this 30-minute game, and they are constantly losing from them like brake water.
They were shocked-how is that possible! ?
Everyone knows that Barcelona’s physical fitness is very good, because their ikiaka tactics require high physical fitness, and if they are not physically good, they can’t play at all.
After Guardiola went to Barcelona, the first thing he did was to grasp his physical fitness.
With such good physical fitness, I feel tired after 30 minutes of competition …
Everyone is surprised.
Even ordinary teams are not so …
Moreover, when other teams play Lazio, they don’t seem to find that they are tired after 30 minutes.
What appeared in Barcelona?
Did you have a bad stomach yesterday? Or did they lack physical strength because they didn’t sleep well?
Actually, they have it with themselves
And their own defensive tactics are
This defensive tactic of blocking the opponent’s ball route is very exhausting.
Especially when the opponent’s speed of cutting and running is very fast, Barcelona has to increase its speed with each other. As a result, their physical fitness will consume more and faster than usual.
However, Lazio and Barcelona have almost the same defensive tactics. Why do they still look good?
First of all, because Barcelona’s attack speed is not fast, they just wait for Lazio to take shape. Second, because Barcelona’s attack speed is not fast, Lazio needs less running time and distance to defend itself.
Third, Lazio’s physical condition will be stronger than Barcelona’s. Barcelona will eventually be chased by Real Madrid in the league, and Real Madrid will naturally let the league take up more of their energy. When there is no rest, unlike Lazio, they have a great lead in the league. They can easily rotate to let more main players rest.
Fourth, Barcelona arrived in Rome by bus after a long journey of two days and one night, which made them in poor condition and had a great impact on their physical fitness, while Lazio was lazy.
The fifth and most important point-winning continuously reduces the speed of physical consumption for the team during this period. Even so, it is the end of the season, but Lazio’s physical fitness is better than Barcelona’s.
When Barcelona’s physical fitness feels difficult, their defensive quality naturally drops.
In the 35th minute Lazio launched an attack.
Barcelona still goes to the card route and then grabs the players.
As a result, this time they made a mistake in cooperation and were out of step.
Let modric bring the football out.
Straight plug!
Gotze retreated and received the ball back to the attack direction. He didn’t turn around, but directly handed the football to the next ledesma with the instep of his right foot.
Then he turned and ran.
Ledesma or a foot pass.
He transferred the football to david silva.