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"Isn’t that to say that things like Millennium Ginseng and Millennium Ganoderma can grow in ten years?" Liang Yi muttered something unbelievable. Of course, as far as his cognition is concerned, he can also come up with ganoderma lucidum and ginseng.

Soon, Liang Yi was not happy because of a serious problem-he didn’t know how to get out.
However, he thought that the scene in front of him suddenly changed and appeared in the wilderness. After such a delay, the sky was completely dark.
Looking at the dark sky, Liang Yi suddenly regretted that he shouldn’t have come out of that place so early. Now it’s dark, and he can’t find the way forward. He just thought that the scenery in front of him has changed again, and Liang Yi once again appeared in the blue sky.
"Great!" Liang Yi couldn’t help but exclaim that he could enter this piece with this idea, so this piece of land is his own private manor.
I tried it back and forth several times. Liang Yi felt uneasy and moved to his own position in the wasteland. Now he can still freely enter and leave this special post-Liang Yi with a hanging heart.
"Spirit? What is a spiritual thing? " Liang Yi was puzzled and looked at the stone tablet seal script and cut out two bags in his arms, dumping all the things in them to the ground.
Liang Yi didn’t try so hard to see those things, but turned over six or seven yellowed threads.
Explanation of Basic Dan Medicine, Basic Spells of Five Elements, Basic Refinement, Basic Warming Method Tactics, Ivylinna Lee Tactics, Common Sense of Immortal Cultivation, and Brief Introduction of Immortal Cultivation in Weiguo.
"How is the basic membership!" Liang Yi was disappointed and muttered, reaching out and picking up the book "Common Sense of Cultivating Immortals" and reading it carefully.
Seeing that those of us who cultivate immortals are acting against the sky, those who succeed in the road are not people with great courage and perseverance ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
It is not the text until the second page.
Cultivating immortality before cultivating immortality is a process of attracting the aura of heaven and earth to refine one’s own mana, body and soul. Only those who have spiritual roots can feel and respond to the aura of heaven and earth, and those who have no spiritual roots are cultivated by root method.
The quality of spiritual roots also depends on personal achievement. Spiritual roots are divided into five attributes: gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and most people’s spiritual roots are mixed with these five or four attributes.
Although these people can also sense and absorb the aura of heaven and earth, their cultivation effect is terrible. If they only rely on their own efforts and have no great chance, they can practice the five-element basic skills for five or six layers at most in the air-entraining period, and they will stop.
Linggen people with four or five attributes are also synonymous with waste materials in the cultivation of immortals, which shows the difference between those who have two or three attributes and practice flying "genius"
Of course, people with five elements of spiritual roots and balanced attributes of five elements are not among the waste materials. Not only that, they can even be called geniuses. Their practice level is almost the same as that of genius with different roots. They are usually called chaotic spiritual roots or five elements of spiritual bodies.
Those who cultivate immortality with a single spiritual root are called heavenly spiritual roots. On who owns this spiritual root, its cultivation level will be far higher than that of other cultivators, and the chance of encountering bottlenecks in cultivation is less than one-fifth of others.
In addition to the five elements, there are also several kinds of special spiritual roots in the cultivation of immortals, namely, the wind spiritual root evolved from the fusion of wood and fire spiritual root, the ice spiritual root evolved from the water spiritual root, and the thunder spiritual root evolved from the fusion of earth and fire spiritual root, which can cultivate the magic method, the blood spiritual root and the ghost spiritual root.
These five kinds of special spiritual roots are no worse or even better than chaotic spiritual roots and heavenly spiritual roots in cultivation, but they are much more likely to encounter bottlenecks than heavenly spiritual roots in cultivation
Finally, there is another way for the secular world to obtain the spiritual roots of the afterlife, that is, to cultivate the innate realm of the secular martial arts and then to breed the spiritual roots in the body by the weather. However, the general quality of the spiritual roots cultivated by this method is not too high, and the secular world can cultivate the innate realm of the martial arts, and there are not enough people here.
In addition to spiritual roots, there are several most important things to cultivate immortality, namely, the achievement method, the elixir, the magic weapon of the spirit device and the spirit pulse, and one of them is absolutely indispensable.
The next step is to cultivate immortality. This step has a foundation period. The higher the cultivation, the more pure and vigorous the cultivation, and the better the effect. Beginners must carefully choose the object of enlightenment.
"well! Enlightenment? "Seeing this, Liang Yi suddenly remembered that the palace girl threw that white mist at her brow." Is that the true spirit of Qi Ling? "I can’t wait to look while thinking about it.
Liang Yi doesn’t know that the white mist thrown at him by the palace girl is not the true strength of the "master" in the foundation period, but the yuan infant master Yuan infant qi, and its effect is naturally different.
After awakening the spirit, you can practice according to the basic skill of the air-entraining period. First, the air-entraining period is the basis for future practice. The quality of the practice skill directly affects the monk’s future achievements. Remember to choose the attribute method formula corresponding to the spirit root with the highest attribute value to practice.
After reading this item, Liang Yi took out the Purple Fire Tactics and took a look at the heart. "I don’t know what I am, and the spirit root doesn’t know what the spirit root attribute value is, but since the fairy elder gave me this Purple Fire Tactics, it must be my qualification for practicing the fire attribute achievement method."
Wanted to think Liang Yi didn’t practice blindly, but continued to turn over the page of "Common Sense of Cultivating Immortals"
Spiritual stone, efficacy, and quick recovery. The aura array refiner needs medium spiritual stone, which can help people with different levels to break through the bottleneck. At the same time, spiritual stone is also the currency of cultivating immortals, and its level can be divided into four levels:,,, and.
Looking at a page with that colorful picture, Liang Yi cheered happily.
He is exactly the stone the size of a fire box in the bag of the two dead immortals. There are more than 700 stones, including 30 pieces. For a novice immortal, the same thing can give him a treasure and excitement. What’s worse, Liang Yi is still a teenager under 13 years old.
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Chapter IV Leaping Ascension
When looking further, Liang Yi suddenly felt that it was boring to write. Because of the great attraction of cultivating immortality, his attention had been attracted by the Purple Fire Tactics beside him.
Quickly divide the lost treasures into two parts and put them in two bags, one at the bottom of the stone tablet and the other at the waist.
Do a good job. Liang Yi was a little nervous. He touched the Purple Fire Tactics in his hand and put his hand into his chest. Liang Yi had a habit of habitually touching the small lock hanging on his chest when he was nervous. That was the only thing left to him by his dead mother, and it was also a token of his father’s commitment to his mother. Liang Yi’s mother told him before his death that this small lock should be kept.
It was Liang Yi who caught a place where the original golden lock was hung, except for a golden silk thread that hung a small lock.
This Liang Yi was in a hurry to rip off the clothes on his chest as a whole, but when he saw a slightly raised dark blue pattern on his chest, he couldn’t help being stupid. This pattern was exactly the same as the small gold lock surface pattern.
"It seems that this little golden lock is not something that can be integrated into people’s bodies."
Then Liang Yi no longer delayed turning over the palace to install women to leave the Purple Fire Tactics and read it carefully.
"This is the place where the purple mansion was demonstrated." Liang Yi determined the position of the demonstrated area according to the description of the purple fire formula, and then slowly sank his consciousness into the body.
"hey! How can I see my body meridians? " Liang Yi wondered, "Is this the enlightenment effect?"
As soon as my mind sank into the purple mansion, I saw that there was really a white vitality floating there quietly, which was exactly what the palace girl threw at Liang Yi.
After making sure that he has succeeded in enlightening the spirit, Liang Yi immediately sat up in accordance with the cultivation method of Purple Fire Tactics, and gradually stripped off the air mass and then guided these gases to the center of Dantian.
I don’t know how long it took before Liang Yi stopped stripping the white air mass after the vitality of the center of Dantian reached a certain concentration, and instead guided the gas movement in the center of Dantian according to the first-layer cultivation method of purple fire tactic.