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Su Zixuan was dotted with lights in front of a high slope a few miles away from the military camp.

You are depressed these days because of that beggar, who suddenly shut up.
Four didn’t dare to answer that she was really poisoned by the beggar herself. In retrospect, she always felt a little creepy. This was her first murder.
That beggar didn’t die unjustly. He won’t even dream of eating until now, and he won’t blame you for going to the underworld.
It’s Miss Si Ne Dao
Just like this 100,000-strong army has been in Weifu, Xi ‘an for so long, there should be no complaints about burying the loess together. Su Zixuan speaks slowly, but the more he listens, the more afraid he is.
You can’t beat the officers and men, can you? Four words.
Double the twist can’t resist the monk king cavalry, but Su Zixuan’s eyes are also shining. At first glance, Guping’s eyes are very similar. Since these 100,000 people have come to Xi’ an, they can’t go back alive.
Guping arranged carefully to divide the camel team into 12 groups. Yang Si was in charge of the overall adjustment. Du Chief Sun Lingfang was in the middle of the command. He rushed to the surrounding area day and night to buy food and horses, and advertised everywhere that all the food and horses would be sent over at a price higher than the market price. The people wanted to live in a big way, and they couldn’t wait for a big break in two. I heard that this good thing swept the loess slope like a gust of wind. In a few days, the villagers drove the packhorses to sell food, and there were more and more people. Guping was worried that the food would come here. At this time,
This should also be the sentence that the grain was bought by Guping in large quantities. The same Mercedes-Benz in the yellow land could not get the grain. I found out that behind the scenes, many Nian generals advocated robbing the packhorses team. Liang Wang Zhang Zongyu was the most gracious person. He heard from Huang Yiding’s Liu Hei Tower that the main packhorses team had saved his life. Guping hesitated several times, but people didn’t eat food and horses didn’t eat grass. How can the Qing soldiers fight to hear that the family team was hungry? The adult cried and the child called Huang Yiding. He thought of a plan to rob the Qing army, explore the horses and explore the horses,
Huang Yiding hit this idea once and twice. At the third time, the Qing army set an ambush for Huang Yiding to cover his brother’s escape. He was shot in the thigh and taken alive.
Sengqin interrogated him and asked him to say that the twisting army was moving towards Huang Yiding, but Sengqin didn’t punish him. When Guping took the grain truck to deliver food to the Qing army again at dusk the next day, he found that the camp was tied with a rope, and the other end was a kite flying far away.
Why did the monk Wang also ask Deng Tieyi about this Yaxing Guping?
Brother, take a look at Deng Tieyi’s face.
Guping close eyes look suddenly exclaimed a that is.
It’s a human kite whose hands, feet, head and face are all floating with hair. It’s burying a living person in hot sand fried in an iron pan and then soaking it in cold water.
Stop it, Guping. It’s disgusting. Is it twisting?
It’s not that he’s called a ghost.
When Huang Yiding Guping learned about the incident, he slapped his thigh. I didn’t kill Boren. Boren felt depressed all day because of me.
The next day, in the middle of the night, suddenly, the cavalry reported that two people named Gu Ping to visit him. As soon as they met, Gu Ping immediately recognized him and walked in front. The general with heroic spirit was behind Zhang Zongyu, and the tall man with a face of anger was Liu Heita.
Can the ancient shopkeeper borrow a place to say a few words?
Such as into the tent Zhang Zongyu smiled and heard that the ancient shopkeeper can make a fortune recently.
Where where GuPing vaguely guessed their purpose in mind to deal with the mouth vaguely promised.
Since you are knocking on the door to do business, can the ancient shopkeeper sell me some food? I won’t pay cash in arrears. Zhang Zongyu said a number.
It’s difficult for Guping. Supposedly, Zhang Zongyu needs little food and grass, and people can have a meal every day. But it’s not a problem for them to get some goods from a wide range of food and grass. But it’s a matter of helping rebellion and rebellion. Once it’s exposed, it’s a charge of decapitation. So many people outside will be implicated. Guping can’t help but think more.
Liu Heita didn’t think about seeing Gu Ping thoughtfully and didn’t open his mouth, so he scolded Gu. Do you know how miserable Huang Dage died? If you hadn’t taken the food away, he would have taken risks. Today, the team is running out of food, and the women who just gave birth have no milk. A dozen children starved to death. You said you were wicked or not.
Guping was scolded by him and stood up. Didn’t I help you? When did I deliver food at noon and at dusk? I just wanted to see if the Monk King Horses were chasing you closely. I would send some later. Of course, they didn’t dare to go deep into it because they didn’t have food in their hands.
Come to Zhang Zongyu and bow down. Thank you for your help.
I didn’t dare to take credit for having promised the yellow leader that he meant what he said, but it was true that Gu Ping promised Huang Yiding in half, but he made up his mind to do so after Yan Xianer’s sentence of benefiting from grain and grass made Gu Ping think of doing business from grain and grass, and that sentence gave Gu Ping another inspiration if he went to the sword and the soldiers would benefit more.
The loyalist can’t fight, that is, if he goes to the sword, the soldier, the monk and the king, the longer he pursues, the more he sells his food, the more he will benefit. Guping, this wonderful realization, moved his hands and feet, and the food led the loyalist to take action. If Sengqin knew that he had done this, he would have caught him alive and skinned him.
Then again, going back to selling grain, Guping can’t make up his mind to send grain. That thing is dark and there is no real evidence. Even if people are suspicious, they can’t hold the handle, but selling grain to twist it is real. Once someone is caught on the spot, they can’t rely on it.
Liu Heita is in a hurry again. Zhang Zongyu knew that he was an old friend, so he brought him here. I didn’t expect that the friendship between the two people would not end, so I quickly stretched out my hand to stop Liu Heita. We can’t force it or find another way.