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Jiang Hao advised, "Come on, a girl who is dedicated to others, you should at least give some face and a few words."

Just then, someone ran in from outside. "Coming, coming. Today, the hero and heroine are coming."
Ruanbin took Xia’s hand and walked into the restaurant, talking and laughing, and sat in the restaurant for a full summer. She looked around at everyone who didn’t know them. They were all dressed casually. She whispered to Ruanbin’s ear, "Isn’t it a business banquet? I’m still very strict. I knew I wore flat heels, too."
Ruanbin squeezed her hand and said, "I’ll take you over for something to eat if the party is not here at noon."
"Oh, I’m scared to death. I said, why is everyone dressed so casually?" Xia smiled shyly. The two small pear vortices at the corner of her mouth were particularly beautiful.
They found a place to sit in the summer and said curiously, "Hey, there are roses at any other table. We don’t have them at this table."
Ruan Bin looked around. "Yeah, maybe the clerk forgot to put it there. I’ll see you off when I get back."
"Ha ha good"
Just after I ordered my meal, a refined man suddenly came, holding a rose in his hand next to Xia, and politely and humbly said, "Flowers with Miss Beauty, this rose is for you."
Xia got a fright, and she looked at Ruan Bin in bewilderment, thinking that this man is too bold, but she followed her boyfriend.
Ruanbin smiled and nodded to show that she could accept it.
So I expressed my courtesy and gratitude. Xia got up and took the roses, and at the same time nodded a little "thank you"
Then came a man who also sent a rose and said the same thing, followed by a woman who had lined up to send flowers.
Xia was so stupid and slow that she reacted. She looked at Ruan Bin in surprise and was moved. It all came so suddenly that she was really flattered.
Chapter seventy-three RuanBin proposal (2)
Chapter seventy-three RuanBin proposal (2)
After this proposal, everyone in the whole restaurant is cooperating with the acting. Jiang Hao, who is sitting at the bottom, is afraid of being recognized, while everyone else is an acting school. It is necessary to hide their excitement and naturally pretend to be unfamiliar and sit there for dinner.
Xia was the last one to know that there were more and more roses in her arms. She never thought Ruan Bin would let her into his circle of friends in such a high-profile way.
Finally, Ruan Bin got up, surrounded by friends, and surrounded them in a circle, holding mobile phones and patting them in succession.
In the public eye, Ruan Bin knelt down and took out the ring from his pocket. He took her hand and said, "Marry me."
Yes, he said it was not a question, but an affirmative sentence.
Xia cried and laughed and cried with roses.
The people next to him booed, "Sister-in-law, don’t promise to let Ruan Bin kneel for a while."
Section 212
Ruanbin glared at him with a smile. He gently shook Xia’s hand and said, "Don’t think about it for a long time, I’m so good."
Xia nodded with tears streaming down her face.
Ruanbin took the ring in her hand, put her in her arms, and the bunch of big roses didn’t withstand the impact of the couple’s happiness.
Summer is at a loss. It’s all a gift from everyone. You can’t leave it on the ground. She wants to pick it up, but Ruan Bin holds her and refuses to let go.
"If you don’t drop it, you drop it. I’ll pick it up later."
Xia Xi cried so hard that her eyes were red.
The people next to him applauded and cheered and booed blindly "kiss a kiss a kiss"
Ruan Bin must satisfy everyone. He picked up Shaba and bowed his head and kissed him.
"Not enough, you must kiss for ten minutes."
Ruan Bin turned and retorted, "Old Bi, that’s enough. Come and kiss for ten minutes."
Someone asked, "Brother Ebin, I remember that photo in your wallet. Is the girl the sister-in-law?"
Ruanbin smiled and nodded "yes"
Someone asked, "You haven’t been seen since the weekend recently. Did you go with your sister-in-law?"
"Yes, yes." Ruan Bin’s eyes never left the summer when he answered the question. He interrupted, "I’m sorry if you play first. I’ll take her to rest and cry. It’s too bad for her."
Everyone clapped, laughed and said, "Go, go, the room is out of time."
The clubhouse is not big. The dining room on the first floor, the entertainment on the second floor and the accommodation on the third floor. After the meal, everyone arranged their own programs. Play ball, play cards and play cards.
In the rest room, she hasn’t been able to calm down in the summer, and she is not prepared at all.
Ruan Bin smiled and said, "We won’t go out if you cry again."
"Why didn’t you tell me?"
"There will be no surprise if you say it."
"Am I ashamed?"
"No, everyone knows you and likes you very much."
"Did my eyeliner spend? I painted eyeliner today."
Ruanbin took a closer look at her face and took a closer look at it.
"Ah, that’s embarrassing."
"Don’t move." He hugged her head tragically. "I’ll lick it for you." He kissed her without saying anything, and then let nature take its course.
"No, they’re still waiting for you."
"No matter whether they have them to play, we will do it, and even if we don’t go out, they won’t bother us."
Just then, the phone rang suddenly and Xia smiled Ruan Bin Hao Nai. "It’s immoral to feed the buddy."