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"Oh, what are you thinking? Worried you’ll get fat? You’re really worried for nothing. Look at your small body. Besides, don’t you remember the three times when you were born again? I haven’t been to my stomach for a long time, but it hasn’t been flat yet. Caesarean section this belly will be particularly big, but it won’t take much time. You’d better eat well. You’ll have good milk for my grandson later. Eat more quickly. "

Professor Yuan analyzed it for her and then put two pieces of meat in her bowl.
Gentleness is scary just looking at it.
What woman doesn’t love beauty?
What woman doesn’t care that people say she is fat?
Hey …
After dinner, Professor Teng went to the next door to nurse the child gently, but found something unusual and said nothing, but he felt that everything around him was very serious.
Section 439
Professor Yuan sat beside Gentle Teng and took a look at it. Then he couldn’t help but frown and say, Mom, what are you looking at?
Gentle and low head, I didn’t think much about watching the child suck milk. It’s cute. That little mouth is super cute.
Professor Yuan is naturally looking at that listening son and turned to look at sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper.
"I think there is something wrong with my grandson?"
"You’d better go out first and I’ll hold it for you later."
Gentleness didn’t come in vain. What’s going on? I looked up at Teng, always looking at her with his reproachful eyes. Gentleness was completely silly.
Professor Yuan was also tortured by him. If you can’t say anything, you have to nod. Okay, okay, I won’t watch it. I won’t watch the head office, will I?
Professor Yuan said, turning his head to stop looking at gentleness and gentleness with children, it suddenly dawned, but his face immediately turned red.
What the hell is this man thinking?
Two women, a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law.
Ah, manager Teng is really worthy of being the biggest vinegar altar in the world
Teng always looked at Professor Yuan and bowed his head, but he felt something was wrong and lifted his eyes to see that his gentle face was flushed.
I couldn’t help laughing, but I was gently perceived.
Gentleness is going crazy. Look at him and he laughs?
She was about to cry because of him.
What’s he really afraid of without these two women?
Neither of them is taboo.
Later, Professor Yuan immediately got up with the baby in her arms after gently feeding the baby. I’ll go next door first, and I’ll have to look at you later. Your husband will eat me again.
Gentle …
Manager Teng …
"What are you talking about?" Teng always accused me of being unhappy. Although the sound was not high, it was obviously unhappy.
"Cough, I want to drink water" coughed gently.
Professor Yuan stared at Teng Yun and then left. Teng always got up and poured her water.
Professor Yuan looked up at him only after the door was tender. He poured water and brought it to the bed. The sexy finger cup seemed to be the perfect combination and super beautiful.
But that doesn’t stop her from saying something about her dear husband.
"Teng Yun, are you sick?" Gentleness is a bit difficult to ask.
"hmm? Make this statement? "
"If not, why don’t you even lose your mother?" Gentle doubt asked a pair of very koo very don’t understand.
Manager Teng …
"Mom is a woman, she also feed you eat ah, what’s the big deal? Look at your jealousy. "