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Sighing a little, Xia Qi still didn’t hesitate too much. He turned around and went back according to his route just now to see a cousin who asked for help.

However, this time, his speed is not as slow as before, but he directly sacrificed the flame chariot, thunder and fire, and the double herons pulled the cart, and the flames were crushed and left behind, and the residual fire burned like a flaming cloud, and the movement was great.
However, such a high-profile Xia Qi did not attract many immortals to stop it.
One reason is that Xia Qi’s flame chariot is too fast, and another important reason is that Xia Qi is too arrogant!
The flame chariot rolled over and roared, and the flames burst into flames. This movement was so loud that it was like wanting to attract everyone’s attention. It was so rampant that many immortals were afraid to go near it.
After all, this is a dangerous place, and the second day is not the celestial world. In some big cities, there are often some arrogant but extremely pustules.
The flame chariot is very fast, but it has galloped for less than half an hour. Xia Qi has not yet reached the place for help, and he has not seen the helper, which makes his face slightly gloomy.
It’s not a good thing that the jade sword, which conveys information, appears in his hand so far away.
Of course, Xia Qi doesn’t suspect that someone is plotting against him, but is worried about the safety of those who ask for help.
Because this kind of rescue jade sword is generally sent out, it must be to find the nearest brother, because all brothers have this kind of rescue jade sword has mutual induction, and it is definitely to go to the nearest brother for help
And this jade sword will appear in such a long distance. Xia Qishen also has a reason, that is, in this Fiona Fang area, besides asking for help, there is Xia Qi, a heavenly Sect.
Xia Qi is worried that he will come to rescue his cousin from such a long distance.
His speed rose again.
The speed of the flame chariot rose to the extreme, as if a flame were ejected from it and passed by.
It wasn’t long before Xia Qi finally sensed that there was a lot of breath in front of him, which was a strong fluctuation. Someone was fighting each other and it was very intense!
"There seems to be no late …"
Xia Qi is in a good mood with a faint smile on his face.
Because the closer you get to him, the more obvious it is. There is a heavenly Sect in the front breath fluctuation, and at the same time, the jade sword in his hand is shaking slightly, which means that the person in front is the helper.
Driving a flame chariot Xia Qi appeared extremely arrogant.
He appeared like a chariot of fire, overbearing and arrogant
Without slowing down, the flame chariot directly rushed to an immortal who was fighting with the younger brother of Tiandao, and directly smashed the immortal into fly ash!
His appearance shocked everyone, and the fierce battle stopped instantly.
"Xia Qi!"
"Brother Xia!"
"It’s Brother Xia!"
A series of surprise exclamations sounded with joy and a sense of relief for the rest of my life.
Chapter nine hundred and forty Bloody brutality
Chapter nine hundred and forty Bloody brutality
Xia Qi’s appearance was extremely shocking and stunned everyone.
The first thing to react is that a group of immortals in Tiandaozong exclaimed with smiles.
Hearing these heavenly brothers exclaim, Xia Qi nodded slightly and scanned a circle with a slightly gloomy look, with a cold flank.
His cousin for help may be single or two or three, but he didn’t expect that there were dozens of people trapped here!
No wonder these brothers sent for help. Jade Sword found Xia Qi so far away from here!
Thirty or forty brothers in Heaven are in a very bad situation at the moment. They are surrounded by enemies many times their own, and they are in a bitter struggle. Their bodies are lying all over the floor, and their blood is red and red.
The group of brothers and immortals who besieged Tiandaozong are a group of elites in the holy land of Zi Xia, among which there are three quasi-emperors who are definitely the second largest elite in the holy land of Zi Xia.
"What’s the matter?"
Xia Qi eyes turned to look at the front of a group of younger brothers in Tiandong Sect, and a figure sank and asked.
This figure is none other than Lin Hao, the first day of Tiandaozong!
He stepped into the realm of quasi-emperor before entering the second world, and his strength increased greatly, which was a veritable arrogance.
However, at this time, this tianjiao is in a state of panic because one of the dozens of heavenly ancestors is a quasi-emperor, and he tries his best to resist the three quasi-emperors in the holy land of Zi Xia.
"Before we entered an ancient array, we got two quasi-emperors in it. I don’t know how the news leaked out and attracted the holy land of Zi Xia to kill us."
Lin Hao slightly wry smile way
He led a group of younger brothers to get two quasi-emperors, which was a big gain. A group of people were still in joy, but they were surrounded by the holy land in Zi Xia, causing them casualties. Less than 20 people suffered heavy losses. Even Lin Hao himself was killed even with the quasi-emperors. The mess was worse than sending out a distress signal when he was black and blue.
"Two quasi-emperors!"
Xia Qi was a little surprised that even he couldn’t get such a precious quasi-emperor on this second day, but Lin Hao and a group of people got two pieces directly. It’s no wonder that he got the news that Zi Xia Holy Land surrounded them.
"Surround Xia Qi don’t let him go! Brother Yutian is looking for him. If we kill him, we will not only get his treasures, but also make great contributions. At the same time, Zi Xia Holy Land will be rid of an enemy in the future! "
Xia Qi was still surprised that a group of people in the holy land of Zi Xia woke up from Xia Qi’s appearance with a beaming smile and shouted.
In the eyes of the three quasi-emperors in the holy land of Zi Xia, Xia Qi is nothing. The presence of a strong man here will not bring them any trouble, but it is just a treasure boy.
"Xia Qi you go! They have three quasi-emperors and laws to resist you. Staying here will make them aim at you! "
Lin Hao also woke up from Xia Qi’s overbearing strength just now and realized that Xia Qi’s strength is just a fairy king’s realm. It’s not enough to look at a few prospective emperors.
He anxiously asked Xia Qi to leave quickly.
Heaven Sect cultivated a genius, and he was absolutely loyal to Heaven Sect. Xia Qi’s position in Heaven Sect and his future achievements were very white.
He is willing to give his life when Xia Qi escapes from procrastination!
"Want to go? If you come, don’t even think about leaving. Stay here for me! "
Lin Hao’s voice did not fall. A statue of the quasi-emperor in the holy land of Zi Xia is to laugh wildly in his mouth and directly kill Xia Qi to behave recklessly!
In fact, it is not unreasonable for this statue of quasi-emperor to dare to be so reckless.
Dozens of heavenly brothers here are mostly Xianwang and Jin Xian, who pose no threat to him. The only threat is stronger than him, but Lin Hao was besieged by the three of them before and was seriously injured.
This time, he was arrogant and directly killed, and he was absolutely sure!
"God give me death!"
This quasi-emperor raves and thunders, shaking the sky, and his big hand clap is even more dark and flashing like a dark cloud, which seems to destroy everything in this world.
"Xia Qi!"
Event exclaimed desperate to stop this palm.
Nai this palm bullying than Zi Xia holy land’ palm Juexue’ tied with’ Zi Xia fairy palm’ sunset cloud fairy palm’ Lin Haolai don’t stop to see the dark palm print has enveloped Xia Qi crashing down!