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"He’s not …"

"I am a village head in jiangling county who has never seen the Taishou adults!" Before Kang Luo introduced Li She, she replied in a supercilious tone.
"Oh, it’s rare for a village chief to miss you like this." Wang Rui didn’t despise Li She because she was a village chief, but was slightly surprised that Li She had such manners and asked, "What can I do for you?"
"My Lord, I did come here for one thing. Because the logging yard in my village was repeatedly attacked by thieves, the thieves had already disappeared when the people in our village arrived. Every time this happened, our village was really annoying, so I asked my eldest brother to scout their camp or catch them all."
"Just this little thing?" Wang Rui is also the village was attacked by thieves.
"My eldest brother found that there were more than 30,000 thieves, including siege equipment. I came here today to tell Kangxian to make arrangements early. But when I came, I heard the news of the death of the southern county satrap. I guess this group of thieves was the bane of Jiangling and the southern county satrap died at their hands."
"you really know where they are!" Wang Rui said with joy
"Of course!" Li’s composure and realization made Wang Rui appreciate Li more.
"good! Order the troops to go to Jienan County to March to the thief’s lair at dusk! " Wang Rui looked at Kang Luo and then looked at Li She and said, "Li Cunchang will come here to have a rest for a while and bother you to lead the way."
"Should" Li She said.
"Go and prepare a room for Li Cunchang to have a good rest." Wang Rui said to a slave beside him.
Li She, Li Zhuang and Zhou Cang went to Wang Rui with their slaves and sat in the main seat, watching Li She’s figure muttering to herself, "You really have something to do in this village. I’d better live in seclusion. It turned out that you, the little village head, are not my ability enemies!"
That is, at this time, a smiling girl ran out of the backyard and spoiled in front of Wang Rui and said, "Brother, accompany me to go shopping!"
"Well, Brother Hunniang will have business to do later. Let Honger go with you," said Wang Rui.
"I don’t want my brother to accompany me. You haven’t accompanied me to go shopping for a long time. I want you to accompany me to go shopping in this generation." It’s really impossible for a nun to come to Wang Rui with a charming face. Who would have the heart to hurt her? But this time, she had to refuse. On second thought, she pointed to Li’s leaving figure and said, "Look, everyone else is looking for the door."
"Smelly things disturb my brother’s shopping opportunities," said Joan with a wrinkled nose. Then she rolled her eyes and smiled. "Look how I can mess with you!"
I really don’t know what to say if Li She knows.
Wang Rui tapped on the mother’s head and said, "What are you smirking about?"
Mother said, "No, no, I’ll go first." When she said that, she flew away and saw the quiet and beautiful and elegant look completely different before Li got involved.
Wang Rui shook his head Gherardini said "almost married or so crazy".
When Li She walked through the courtyard with her slaves, she saw beautiful trees, lush flowers and brilliant flowers. The clean water flowed from the depths of the flowers and trees to the crevices of the stone. It was a beautiful ancient courtyard. Not far away, a small graceful vine spread and butterflies fluttered, but these were not enough to attract Li She’s attention.
What attracts Li She’s attention is a woman, a woman standing quietly in the courtyard, wearing a big red dress, with her back facing Li She’s daughter and a maid sitting in front of a guqin guqin.
Suddenly, the handmaid got up and started to move.
The sound of the piano is very common, but the graceful posture can make all men in the world drunk, and maybe they can compete with The Story Of Diu Sim, the first beauty of the Three Kingdoms.
Her fingers, waist, hair and black hair all showed a fascinating charm. Li She also saw this woman with bells on her hands and feet. Usually, maiko would wear this kind of thing, but then maiko was different from now. At that time, she didn’t need to sell herself.
As the dancing girl slowly turned around, Li She finally got to see the girl’s charming face with a pair of eyes that seemed to tell thousands of words. She glanced at Li She’s side carelessly and was drunk.
Chapter 33 Don’t scream!
Li She couldn’t help but go forward and clap her hands and clap her hands. In this small pavilion with piano sound, she showed her heart and said, "It’s really flattering and blushing!" Anyway, plagiarism doesn’t cost money to do it.
The beauty stopped dancing and turned to look at Li She, who was dressed in coarse linen. Han was smiling at himself and said, "Just now, the glad eye was shy and the lips were smiling, but it was fair to say."
"I can’t help but see this sentence in the heart of Miss Bucai’s appearance," said Li She, pretending to be very presumptuous and embarrassed.
"Sister Bian!" The beautiful woman was about to speak when a voice suddenly interrupted her words in the distance.
The beautiful woman looked into the distance, and there was a woman holding up her skirt and trotting over. Li She also turned to look who else was not a bride, but isn’t a bride a quiet and beautiful woman? Why is it so acute now?
"It’s a bitch! What can I do for you? " The beautiful woman said
"Can I ask Sister Bian to do me a favor?" Mother is a little embarrassed.
"Go ahead."
"Today, I came to ask my brother to go shopping with me. As a result, a man came to see my brother. My brother said that he would not accompany me to go shopping because of something important. I must teach him a lesson!" The bride said that she finally snorted and provoked Li’s bones to be crisp.
"How can I help you with this?" Beautiful people are not at home.
"Come on, let’s Bian Sister." Like a naughty kitten, the bride beckoned to the beautiful woman to put her ears out. The beautiful woman leaned over and put her ears out. She immediately chattered and said that she was laughing, but the expression of the beautiful woman became very strange.
Finally, after the mother said, the beautiful woman was surprised and said, "You want me to dance for that person!" Aside, Li She almost couldn’t help it. If Li She didn’t guess wrong, the mother said that people should be themselves. That is to say, the beautiful woman is going to dance to Li She. Li She inadvertently glanced at the beautiful woman’s white wrist and slender waist. Poor Li She is still a pure little man. The thought of that picture makes her nosebleed almost come out.
"Yes! At the critical moment, let’s rush in and see the ugly guy. It must be fun. How about Xi Xi Xi? "Sister Bian said, and the two men’s huge breasts were still squeezing each other.
"Master, why are you bleeding?" Zhou Cang suddenly saw Li’s nostrils bleeding and said, "Are you okay, little brother!" Li Zhuang is a n experienced person. Looking at Li She’s eyes, Li Zhuang knows that Li She will bleed.
"Ahem, maybe it’s too hot," Li said with a careless wipe on her sleeve and a false cough.