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"It means that I have to constantly experience the world to have a chance to raise the VR limit, right?"

"It’s the host!"
Du Yu learned that the VR limit upgrade method was slowly calming down. Since he had to go through several worlds to upgrade the limit, he couldn’t get through the whole world in a down-to-earth manner no matter how anxious he was.
"VR unified call out I got VR coins this time"
Guanghua flashed VR virtual projection, and Du Yu saw that the value of VR coins in Du Yu reached 13VR coins.
"You will get 1VR coins when you complete the main line and join heaven and earth"
"Complete the main line and sneak into the palace courtyard to get 2VR coins"
"Complete the feeder line to rescue the Queen Mother and get 1VR coins"
"Complete the branch line to kill Ao Bai and get 3VR coins."
"Complete the branch line to kill Wu Sangui, Wu Yingxiong and Feng Xifan and get 45VR coins."
"Complete the main line of Daqing Long Mai to secretly obtain 5VR coins"
A total of 13VR coins
This time, Du Yu won more VR coins than the previous two combined VR coins, and the gains were simply overwhelming
"Unlock the new redemption limit. the duke of mount deer Imperial City strives for the supremacy of Shenlong Religion"
"VR lists the duke of mount deer world enhancements"
VR virtual projection screen switches sets of martial arts exchange lists to appear in front of Du Yu.
Du Yu quickly found some exchange he was most interested in.
"Ao Bai, the representative of the thirteen Pacific Insurance’s horizontal practice of golden bell jar, practiced hard qigong while practicing outside. After practicing, he was invulnerable, greatly enhancing the host’s defense and ability to exchange 5VR coins."
"5VR coins? !”
Du Yu and Ao Bai saw that Ao Bai’s 13-year-old Pacific Insurance horizontal practice gold bell jar was very recognized for the power of this set of martial arts. Behind this set of horizontal practice martial arts, Du Yu was not afraid of being killed by seconds.
However, such a high exchange price has made Du Yu somewhat retreat
"How long does it take for VR system to practice by itself if it is exchanged for cheats?"
Du Yu’s hands are full of martial arts secrets, and Chen Jinnan’s peerless martial arts secrets can be cultivated by himself.
"The host is not a child who does not meet this set of martial arts self-cultivation standards. There is a great chance that the host will be possessed by forced cultivation."
Du Yu knew that there were many disadvantages in self-cultivation, but he didn’t expect it to be so serious. In the future, Ann considered that Du Yu would definitely exchange this set of horizontal practice golden bell jar.
"VR Unified Exchange for Thirteen Pacific Insurance Cross-training Golden Bell Hood"
5VR coins are deducted from Du Yu’s hand and the golden energy spots enter Du Yu’s body.
The golden light spot of Shenlong Motome’s skill drives the new meridian circulation to run at a high speed.
Moments later, the true qi permeating around Du Yu suddenly turned into thick strong strength and attached itself to Du Yu.
"The exchange is successful!"
This set of horizontal golden bell jar is actually a passive skill. After Du Yu practiced, he became a protector. At the same time, he protected Du Yu through VR system optimization. This dead hole is no longer a cover door, or this set of horizontal golden bell jar has no cover door at all.
If Du Yu keeps trying to protect himself, the true qi will keep propping up.
Du Yu took out a M9 pistol and raised my hand to shoot at his palm.
Du Yu’s palm was completely damaged by the smoke, and the deformed bullet fell from Du Yu’s palm.
"This 5VR coin is definitely worth it."
PS Star’s comedy is a classic. When I was a child, I would laugh every time I watched it. Now I step into the society and look back. In addition to laughing, Star’s shadow is more sad and naive.
It’s not that the shadow is no longer funny, but that we grew up that year
We’re all living in a disgusting way.
Chapter 29 Destiny Textile Machine (for recommended votes)
Du Yu calmed himself down and came to the world of Assassins’ League. Until now, besides seeing the fox coming out of the bath made him happy, he was most excited about the ability to get a bullet.
But he didn’t know how dangerous the scene was if he hadn’t worked hard for nearly a week to strengthen his body; If his willpower is not stronger than that of ordinary people, he will be washed away as an idiot without blinking; If it weren’t for the moment when the meat was on the cliff, it would pull his consciousness back;
Either way, Du Yu will lose his life. Fortunately, Du Yu has already passed this meeting, and he will be the last battle.
"Si Long, you look happy?"
From the time Du Yu acquired the ability to play time to the time when Si Long took him to the top secret room of Destiny Textile Machine, Si Long’s face was always smiling, which puzzled Du Yu.
When Du Yu realized the bomb, Si Long was really happy.
On the one hand, this means that his plan to kill the cross by Du Yu is not a joke, so that he can get some noodles back in front of him.
On the other hand, Du Yu has the ability to kill the cross and give him a set of extreme brainwashing packages. In Si Long’s eyes, Du Yu will definitely fart and cross, and desperately want the cross to die, which belongs to him. The Assassin League will be afraid.
"How lonely the enemy is" Thinking of the coming good times, Si Long can’t help but feel a sense of expansion and more "love" for Du Yuxin in front of him.
Du Yu was secretly scolded by Si Long’s eyes staring at a burst of hair. "If you look at me like this again, I will kill you with a gun regardless of the plan."
Du Yu’s hand consciousness is touching towards VR objects.
"We call it the Destiny Textile Machine," Si Long said solemnly to the huge textile machine in front of him without any nonsense.
In addition to the central destiny textile machine, the whole room is several times larger than the ordinary textile machine. Except for the traces left by the years, Du Yu did not find anything special, and even the VR system did not respond
Obviously, the so-called destiny textile machine is just a relatively large and old ordinary textile machine.
So Du Yu can’t help but wonder if such an ordinary textile machine is like an assassin’s alliance locking the target machine? If you become a member of the Assassin’s League, you will form the cornerstone of the belief of killing one and saving a hundred.
"After today, you can never walk in here again," Si Long said heavily, similar to a warning.
"What?" It’s just an ordinary textile machine. Why can’t you come in and visit the Millennium textile machine? It’s an antique anyway.
"Because you are just like a disciple of Jesus, you are not explaining but reaching." Si Long winked to open the brainwashing mode, and Du Yu silently nodded and watched him pretend to be forced.
"Every text in history has a set of passwords that can’t be found in the unified text."
Du Yu is convinced that no one knows the password in every world, just like the Bible password in "I have a date with a zombie", which explains all the secrets of this world.
A thousand years ago, a group of weavers found a mysterious language hidden in the fabric. They called themselves "Brotherhood".
Du Yu’s heart is funny. The Bible code was realized by the weavers, which made him disbelieve and made a whole group come out.
When does the horrible ability to understand the laws of heaven become a roadside stall? If you want to find it, you can find it.
"I don’t read too much. Don’t lie to me. I see lines."
I can’t believe it, but the play continues to go to Du Yu to question it. Obviously, Si Long expected it to be straight.
"Come here and I’ll explain it to you."
Then Si Long took out a piece of Xuan paper from the side of the textile machine and installed a high-powered magnifying glass on the Destiny textile machine to find a place and said, "Du Yu, look here."