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White house meeting
The president said, "Tell me the current situation in the earthworm world!"
The aide held a document on his face and said, "Longling, the core area of the ten regions in the earthworm world, has been completely abandoned because it is the most dense and powerful place for indigenous forces."
"The situation in nine provinces is not optimistic either. In three provinces, human beings have been completely defeated, all strongholds and territories have been destroyed, and the remaining provinces are also facing threats."
"It is undoubtedly the most powerful place in the earthworm world to travel to the high-profile wasteland province, but even with our new york Lingjian Bureau and black dragon to organize the wasteland province, it is also facing a major test!"
Aideno listed a set of data.
He said, "Hang Yu, the owner of Shaquan City and the supreme leader of black dragon organization, recently mobilized all the troops in the 32 nd town of the territory, but even so, he could come up with about 40 thousand troops at most."
"There are more than 50,000 human beings in the wasteland and the province to resist the enemy forces. Although it sounds like a lot, it should be noted that as far as I know, there is an army of nearly 10,000 people gathering in Shaquan City!"
"Shaquan City is not only not dominant in terms of quantity, but also the overall strength of the army. In terms of high-end combat power, we believe that Hangyu can’t be stronger than the wilderness governor Nazge!"
"In addition to Naz, there will be three big lords, one or two hundred famous masters from wasteland provinces to participate in the war. According to the analysis of the staff team, the odds of winning this war are up to 1%!"
"Our current suggestion is to carefully invest strategic resources and consider recycling new york Lingjian Bureau to avoid serious losses."
The president was lost in thought after hearing the report.
The suggestion of the staff team must have been rationally analyzed.
At this stage, many things have been thoroughly discussed, whether it is Hang Yu or Xu Tianhua Zhao’s data and skills or the number and comprehensive strength of troops in the 32 nd town of Shaquan City
Data and intelligence are getting more and more detailed.
As a result, the deviation of the analysis results of the think tank team is getting smaller and smaller
Judging from the situation, it is really dangerous to save the wasteland.
"This is not the first time!"
"In the last month, how many excellent teams destroyed the spiritual world and how many national key training experts never came back!"
The president angrily slapped the table. "That’s why we can’t support new york Lingjian Bureau!"
At the same time
China also called a discussion meeting.
"Wasteland province is the most concerned frontier of the spiritual world. If this place falls carelessly, it will deal a great blow to mankind and directly affect the future spiritual strategy of all countries and forces."
Minister Skynet is reporting to the No.1 leader.
"This is not a country where people fight in black dragon’s wasteland province. Everyone is in a state of interest. We must support black dragon to help and facilitate as much as possible to win this battle!" The big leader said, "You tell Hang Yu to let him go, but make sure he is safe!"
Minister Skynet said, "Yes!"
All kinds of news are flying all over the sky
Black dragon, a wasteland province, is a leading team.
Hang Yu’s first group of people are all big stars in the spiritual world
Such a big event will lead to a hot discussion. Now the details of the provinces in the wilderness of earthworm have been noted to the latest developments by Bai Xuan, the captain of Skynet in NetLu City.
"Unity is strength! Shaquancheng Self-Defense Corps was successfully established! 》
"The latest news" Boss Hangzhou plans to lead 50,000 Shaquan allied indigenous troops to battle in the desert of death! 》
"50,000 VS 10,000 Hangzhou boss, what is the odds this time? 》
"A governor, three lords, a hundred masters of the spiritual world, a tens of thousands of troops … Can black dragon create another miracle? 》
Bai Xuan is also the battalion chief of Skynet.
She is well aware of what is behind these reports.
Hang Yu was able to integrate Shaquan forces for the first time, which is really a great thing, which means that his prestige in Shaquan City has been extremely high and the small lords are very loyal to him.
It is impossible for a human territory to show such cohesion at this stage, and it is precisely because of this that people see a glimmer of hope.
The winning face is still not big!
Hang Yu actually gave up sticking to the city and pulled out 50 thousand troops to fight in the desert of death
Although I don’t know what boss Hang thinks.
But it’s not too risky!
Bai Xuan also realized that even if he survived this difficult time, there would be a more difficult test, knowing that his enemy was not limited to a mere wasteland province, but the whole earthworm community.
Live and die
Tan Yi?
Must break through.
Bai Xuan can feel the pressure of Hang Yu.
She hates that she has no earthworms, otherwise she must take refuge in Hangyu and fight with him to resist the enemy!
The discussion didn’t stop.