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Can replenish vitality, repair the damaged body, and take the initiative to close the door and hide from the first door.

This is the ultimate form of small Jinmen escape in Luyuan plan.
And Yan Luyuan has been able to make good use of animal food to help Xiaojin make up for his vitality and repair his broken body.
This has been reflected in the desolation.
At that time, after the famine suppressed the patron saint, his body was not only polluted by the law
Even he is a little old and physically damaged.
But for a diamond-level strong man, he
Physical injury is a secondary pollution that really makes him feel difficult to have a legal level.
And when Lu Yuan helped him solve the problem of pollution by law, he actually helped him solve the physical injury.
In fact, even if it’s not Lu Yuan, many gourmet animal benders can also make supplementary vitality food.
Comprehensive Xiaojin must do two things if he really wants to be able to display his armor freely.
The first point is that its body must be able to withstand the violent impact when the door is opened.
Avoid your body being washed away for a short time.
Because once its body is completely destroyed
Then even if Liu Yuan wants to lend a helping hand, it turns out that he can’t help.
The second thing to do is that Xiaojin needs to master the first method of hiding behind closed doors.
Although Lu Yuan thinks that this little gold can be achieved through the return of life in six forms.
But Eye Xiaojin didn’t really practice the door armor to the first degree.
So Liu Yuan can’t guarantee that the return of life will definitely make Xiaojin have the ability to hide behind closed doors.
We won’t know the actual situation until we get there.
You have to stutter, and you have to walk step by step.
Eye Xiaojin has not yet reached the level of being able to display his ability to go out to escape armor.
Therefore, Lu Yuan is not so demanding of it now.
Xiao Jin can win the championship and reach the platinum level before the war
It is already overfulfilled by Lu Yuan.
If Xiaojin can reach the platinum level, it will be able to display the seventh door of going out to escape armor.
With its horrible flesh, the fighting power that Xiaojin will burst out in a short time will never be much weaker than Xiaoguang.
Yu Xiaojin’s vision of reincarnation in the future Lu Yuan has not let Xiaojin think about it for the time being.
He is going to wait until Xiaojin’s body reaches the platinum level before considering making it move in the direction of metempsychosis.
After all, no matter what kind of blood vessels are, they need strong physical support.
Having a strong physical foundation will get twice the result with half the effort.
Although Lu Yun really wants Xiaojin’s short-term combat effectiveness to reach an alarming level.
But he also won’t bet on Xiaojin’s future.
Metempsychosis is an idea of Lu Yuan, not a proven route.
If we let Xiaojin start practicing reincarnation now, things are likely to have some unknown changes.
When the time comes, we will know whether the result is good or bad.
Lu Yuan, with a steady personality, dislikes such adventures very much.
If he wants to practice step by step, he can reach the strength of ordinary people’s imagination. Why take risks?
This harvest is not directly proportional to the end of the effort!
Therefore, Lu Yuanyuan has two requirements for Xiaojin.
The first is to let it speed up the polishing of its body.
The second is to accelerate the understanding of one’s own laws.
Strive to reach platinum level in half a year.
And these two things Xiao Jinshi has always done without Lu Yuan worrying too much.
He needs Xiaojin to give Xiaojin enough animal food to supplement nutrition at the end of each practice.
Before the arrival of the champion Tianwang War, Liu Yuan really needed to pay attention to the fact that Xiaobai was a pet beast.
And eye white has reached the moment to break through the platinum key.
And its own sharingan level has reached the level of breaking through the eternal kaleidoscope sharingan.
But everything has a sequence.
Liu Yuan thinks that what Xiaobai needs to do now is to break through to the platinum level first.
Then try to make yourself sharingan break through to the eternal kaleidoscope level.
But Liu Yuan didn’t think it was a small white light that got stuck as the first step.
It’s not that Xiaobai’s understanding is not good, or that his spiritual level is not up to standard.
But Xiao Bai is a little confused now and doesn’t know which direction he should choose to break through the platinum cornerstone himself.
Almost all pet animals in Shiliuyuan have their own definite goals.