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"Hey, I can’t understand your swearing words. I’ll just follow the boss!" Y2k nao nao head way

"Well, it’s a date. You will be here at six o’clock in the morning! Your home is far away from my overnight millennium bug. You can go back and call you early! " The group agreed to go to bed early.
One night, the leather cannon got up early in the morning the next day. When he saw that he had cut a handful of branches and cut off the leaves and divided them into four parts, he called Huang Jinliang, Liu Yiliang and the Millennium bug together and told them, "Tie these branches back as I do!"
"ah? What’s wrong with the boss’s back branches? "
See three people stare at each other small eyelid artillery calm way "you have no culture as seen? This is what people who made mistakes in ancient times did. This is called a humble apology! "
"Offer a humble apology? Who do we plead guilty to? " Millennium bug dumbfounded way
"Funny than, of course, is confessing with leather boss? We can join the nine planets City Volunteer Association only after the boss has approved us! " The leather cannon looked serious when he said this.
"Boss, if we follow the video, then we have to kneel with Pi two dog?" Jin Liang is also a face of Meng.
"This is for sure. Otherwise, how can we prove that we have the sincerity to pinch? You guys are better than watching how boss Pi does. When he gets rich himself, he will lead the villagers of Da Nai Village to get rich together. Like our Da Nai Village, no one wants the rent of 1,000 yuan. Boss Pi just pushed the rent to 50,000 yuan. Who has such a big sum? He also spent 200 million yuan to help Da Nai Village to build a four-lane asphalt road, and now he is the biggest benefactor of nine planets Volunteer Association! Should we wear this boss? "
"Should we respect him?"
"it should be!"
"Boss, we should!" Several minions were in high spirits when they saw that the leather cannon was sincerely repentant and soon became infected.
"Well, tie up the branches and come with me!" After that, several people beat each other with hemp rope and tied the branches to their backs.
"Eldest brother-"
"If we want to be good people and participate in the volunteer meeting, we don’t have to call the boss uncle. The Millennium bug calls me my nickname and sets off!" Leather cannon took the lead out of the house with a wave of his hand.
"Millennium bug is stepping forward!"
"It’s not a battlefield. There’s no need to March forward!"
"No, you must March in a straight line and shout slogans with me-our evil souls need a big baptism! We are violent and need a clean-up! Prepare to read! "
"Our sinful souls need a big baptism, and our ferocity needs a big cleaning!"
Early in the morning, the Da Nai group exploded like a group of drakes.
After hearing the news, the villagers went out of their homes one after another, calling friends to surround the intersection to watch the excitement. Some village women were chewing their heads again.
"Isn’t that a leather cannon? He’s crazy!"
"The leather cannon is crazy. He is crazy!"
When it was said that the leather cannon was insane, it ignited the villagers’ divination. Soon, most of the villages were crazy about the leather cannon and became epileptic.
This golden light is depressed. "Uncle Cannon, these people say you are crazy. Do you want to scold them?"
"Yes, the cannon is good. We have to do this. See those people looking at us like monkeys? What are we doing?" Millennium bug like hanhao bird way
"We are good people now. If we fight with the villagers, aren’t we the same? If you don’t hear anything, bear with me! "
If you don’t say that the leather cannon was a village head, he was less dignified. This three-follower is still here to shut up as soon as he speaks.
The cannon with three minions came to the gate of Pi two dog’s courtyard, plop plop, and these four big men pushed the golden mountain to pour the jade column together and knelt in front of Pi two dog’s house!
Ding Qing got up the earliest in two dog’s family.
The leather cannon and his party just knelt down and suddenly heard creaking. It was Ding Qing who opened the gate.
Then Ding Qing screamed in horror and turned and ran to Pi two dog’s bedroom. He was frightened and said, "Brother Dog has a big accident!"
Tian Huilixiang was the first to sit up and rub his sleep. "What’s the matter with Ding Qing?"
Chapter 5 Yanji is coming
"Pippi cannon!"
"What leather cannon to make things again? Look! " When it comes to leather cannon Tian Huili’s fragrance, she is so angry that she gets dressed and walks outside the hospital in three, five, and two.
"Leather cannon, you …" Pear fragrant pocket saw the leather cannon kneeling at the door with three classes and suddenly blindsided.
"Big sister, don’t be afraid that we are not here to make trouble. Please call your boss. I have something to discuss with him. Please trouble you!" Say that finish leather cannon fell face.
"You?" Tian Huili Xiang Xin said, alas, the sun has come out in the west? When did the leather cannon become so polite?
"Oh, my God, is this the leather cannon I know?" Ding Qing is also a face of Meng ratio.
"If you have something to discuss, just discuss it. You don’t have to kneel at my door. Get up quickly, okay?" Tian Huili didn’t know the purpose of the leather cannon, so she called them up first.
"Big sister, we are here to offer a humble apology to the boss. How can we get up? Please call boss Pi. Thank you! " Leather cannon polite way
Smell pear fragrance and Ding Qing two surprised you look at me, I look at you.
Pear fragrance reacted quickly. After confirming that the leather cannon was really harmless, she quickly returned to the bedroom and reported, "The boss’s leather cannon knelt at the door with four minions and said it was going to offer a humble apology?"
"Yuan Tiantian told me about the pear fragrance. I was just talking about what I wanted to do and apply to join the nine planets city volunteers. I didn’t expect the old guy to be serious?" Two dog quite surprised way
"Boss, I think this old guy is really sincere. It’s not like making fun of you. Why don’t you take a look?" Tian Huili’s sweet heart says that the cannon of Danai village is also an elder, and it takes extraordinary courage for the elder to kneel down and admit his mistake with the younger generation, which is not something that ordinary people can do.
"Good to see!"
Pi two dog dressed quickly and walked to the gate of the courtyard to see the leather cannon with Y2K bug, Jin Liang and Liu Yiliang kneeling in front of him and then look around at a pile of villagers, three floors outside and three floors outside, crowded his courtyard flat.
"Boss Pi, after discussing with the four of us, we decided to be a good person from today. We did something sorry in our former village. First, we offered a humble apology. Second, we asked Boss Pi to give us a chance to turn over a new leaf. We want to run a volunteer in nine planets City and ask Boss Pi to approve us to join!" Leather cannon unusually sincere way
"leather cannon, are you serious?" It may be that the former leather cannon left an impression on two dog. In addition to being stubborn and cunning, the leather cannon suddenly came to two dog with a grain of salt.
"Boss Pi, when you get rich, you don’t forget your hometown. You turned one thousand yuan an acre of farmland into fifty thousand yuan. The high rent is that you spent two hundred million yuan to help Dani Village build a four-lane asphalt road. It is also that you are determined to bring the poor Dani Village to common prosperity or that you actually act as the biggest benefactor of the nine planets Volunteer Association! The four of us decided to follow your example and learn from your chivalry and kindness! " The leather cannon covered his face and went to his stereo to listen to everyone.
Those villagers outside two dog’s yard came to see the joke of leather cannon. After listening to the joke of leather cannon, no one laughed at him. Everyone was as dubious as Pi two dog, and they were surprised and moved.
"Boss Pi, we are going to volunteer and ask Boss Pi for approval!" Huang Jinliang was really infected by the determination of leather cannon, and his eyes became firm. Suddenly he found his own value. From now on, he will no longer be a walking corpse who plays cards and gambles every day.
"I’m sorry before Boss Pi. We sincerely apologize and we really want to participate in the city volunteer meeting and ask Boss Pi for approval!" Millennium bug also said
"Uncle Cannon, I am a junior, how can I afford such a gift? Please get up quickly!" Two dog winked at a few people and pulled up the leather cannon and his party.
The leather cannon refused to insist, "Boss Pi, we can’t get up without your approval!"
"Uncle Cannon wants you to sincerely repent and sincerely want to join the volunteer meeting. Of course, I warmly welcome you. I’ll give you a three-month inspection period. If you insist on coming for three months, I’ll pay you a salary of 5,000 per person per month. Your job is to do good things to help the elderly, the sick and the disabled and take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. Can you do it?" Two dog thought about it and felt that they should be given a chance to mend their ways. Whether they really repent or not depends on their actions.
"Thank you, Boss Pi!" See two dog approved leather cannon big way
"Boss Pi, I will be a qualified volunteer!" Y2K is still worried about the problem of eating. As soon as you get paid, you are in raptures.
"Then I’ll refill the garlic and formally approve you to join the nine planets City Volunteer Association. Can you get up?"
"Thank you boss! Then we will report to the volunteer meeting after breakfast! " Leather cannon after four people climb up all smiled happily.
"Uncle cannon, I’m sorry before my junior. Please forgive me." two dog also reciprocated when he saw that the leather cannon took the initiative to admit his mistake.
"No, no, it’s all my fault. I was always a stumbling block to your entrepreneurial path until now I suddenly realized how annoying I am."
"The artillery uncle has passed, and the waves will turn back. You are good!" At some point, Pi two dog raised his thumb to the leather cannon.
"two dog, you are good. You are the patron saint of Danai Village, and the pride of our Baiyang people is a good example for us to learn!"