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First snow questioning is also asking.

Brother, you said to follow me. Don’t you want to go back on your word so soon? This simple sentence blocked Mujing’s mouth.
Mu Jing raised his hand and gave an instruction to hide in the dark. Two shadows quickly disappeared and turned to protect the first snow and went to the bottom of his heart. How could he be at ease?
Outside, the cold wind is blowing in the busy streets. However, who knows the real pain of the emperor? Section 485 Looking for another kind of first snow 5
The first snow quickened its pace and chased the two guards just now.
Stay for two.
The first snow is calm.
When two guards saw that they had stopped themselves, they knelt down and saluted the three sovereign horses.
You don’t have to pay attention to the king’s affairs. You speak very flatly and politely, and you don’t oppress others at all. This tolerance is rare in a distinguished person.
At the same time, the behavior of the first snow also made the two guards pay tribute to each other.
Well, how many people did your brother send? Suddenly he changed his mind about what the first snow was. He was white.
I don’t know about this micro-post, because we are the first to send a group of guards who haven’t returned to the palace, and they also answered seriously.
The first snow looked around lightly and asked you which side you were in charge of at will.
Near Dadukou
Oh, where are you going now?
Then go and have a look at Wang’s leisure time with you.
Your highness, it’s hard for you two.
Why not? It’s an honor.
The guards were not flattered, and one of them cut the road. It’s cold and windy at the ferry. Besides, you should rest early when it gets dark.
Alas, the king looks very weak. When he said this, he smiled and walked slowly along the path. You must have followed my intuition. They must know something hidden. They didn’t say that the first snow was at the door so that they could not look straight at Mujing. They hesitated to look in their eyes.
But at present, the first snow can’t be asked
Because it seems that there are still a few troubles behind me.
Brother, however, will not trust him alone.
Two guards followed respectfully.
It is not difficult to see the road clearly in the faint night light.
Then the guards sent two ordinary lanterns to the two guards behind the first snow.
The road ahead lit up at a glance.
The first snow in the street is still walking slowly
Two guards also dare not say section 486 looking for another first snow 6.
Two guards also dare not say anything.
Three people, in the eyes of outsiders, one is the Lord and two are the men with swords.
After all, Mu Jing secretly searched by tracing the name of the thief.
Is two guards in the heart secretly twist sweat intuition three report see what?
They also hesitated to hide the ferry. When they saw that it was a misunderstanding, they casually said that it would bring trouble to General Xiao.
Two people secretly glances depressed.
The three princes have different personalities, and it is urgent to kill people.
Then they came to a city.
It’s vast here.
The first snow stopped in the middle.
As soon as he stopped, two guards stopped.