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In the distance, both fists have’ destruction fire’ burning, and Xingtian took the baggage and take the journey.

"Houtu can seal the breath"
"but when you become a god, you will bring the vibration of the laws of the universe."
"This kind of vibration will be sensed sooner or later by the method of closing the brake."
"Besides, now you can concentrate on these things."
"Isn’t it too easy?"
Tianyang’ s heart is awkward.
Xingtian guessed what he was thinking.
Look at the’ god of destruction’. He has never initiated the’ true god posture’.
However, his image is different from that when he first came.
This should be a change after recovering power.
Xingtian’s oppression is very strong, far more than that of Gnaros that day.
Xingtian advances.
He is not fast and just walks.
But the earth quickly receded his feet.
This contradictory feeling makes Tianyang feel uncomfortable.
It seems that the concepts of distance, speed and so on, which can be understood by human beings, are no longer suitable.
Tianyang simply stopped trying to understand God. He raised his shadowy long knife and pointed to Xingtian.
Destructive God’s shoulders, chest, arms and thighs.
Immediately appear clouds peristalsis shadow, these shadows quickly turn up eyes.
Obsidian original furnace’ is weak!
Tianyang adopts conservative tactics to weaken Xingtian before attacking.
Don’t wait for the eyes in the shadows to look at Xingtian, and the shadows will burn themselves!
Into clouds of flames
Shadows and eyes were burned into plumes of black smoke in a flash.
Tianyang couldn’t help but feel a heavy heart.
Xingtian is indeed stronger than it was six months ago.
Can instantly’ destroy’ their abilities.
However,’ weakness’ still occurs.
Xingtian lost a little energy forever.
Tianyang is not discouraged and continues to make another ability of’ Obsidian Original Furnace’ painful!
Xingtian immediately appeared around clouds of rich darkness.
The darkness stretched out their arms as if they were condensed by shadows
These arms are sticky and greasy, and there is an eye in the palm.
They caught Xingtian and locked the target with the help of palm eyes.
Xingtian has become stronger than before, and Tianyang has also grown.
The strength he borrowed from Yin Candle in the past six months has been stronger than before.
It is still the way to reach the height of borrowing power in the’ eternal night’ universe
Borrowing more power’ painful touch’ has also changed.
Now they’ve skipped the lock-and-strike link.
Direct attack and then lock the opponent in the process.
Become more efficient
When they leaned out from all directions and saw that they were about to catch Xingtian.
A circle of flames broke out in Xingtian.
Let these arms burn one by one.
But these arms have just burned and more arms are coming.
And Xingtian body those peristalsis shadow again.
Tianyang Long Dao has not been released since it was lifted.
Repeatedly touch’ weakness’ and’ pain’
Determined to make use of the quantity of ability to weaken Xingtian.
"weakness" is followed by "weakness"
After’ painful touch’ or’ painful touch’
Xingtian was bored and finally had a low drink, and suddenly there were layers of fluctuations in the week.
The figure of’ Destructive God’ suddenly disappeared and instantly appeared.
There is almost no pause between the two.
Once again, Xingtian came behind Tianyang.
Tianyang’s body suddenly bounced up like it was hit by a high-speed speeding chariot.
His arm twisted unnaturally, and dozens of tiny cracks appeared in his skin.
Behind him, the illusory wings are even more fried, and Kuroha floats and burns!
Chapter 167 Tong!
Seeing Tianyang being wounded, the gods have different expressions.
"Eternal Shiner" and the sunrise look a little worried.
So it is, when making those three statues, he will symbolize his own symbol.
Concealed way, when the statue is engraved.
So that when the sun held a ceremony to promote God,
Bringing together the three continents, some of the faith will flow to him.
Help him to make up for it further
Therefore, he is the God who hopes that Tianyang can pass the test smoothly.
Frigga didn’t know that he had confidence in Tianyang.
Or there is no facial expression change because of his shadow state.
General frigga is very indifferent.
As if there was nothing in the world that could make him worry.