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"Explosives? What’s that? " Song Fengyi vacant way

"The princess is not good!" Then a fox demon ran into the yard.
"What’s the matter?" Song Fengyi frown way
"Chu Zhaohou is out of town and has taken Qiu Peiyu!" The fox demon anxious way
"What? So soon? " Song Fengyi surprised way
"The soldiers are flying fast. Although Chu Zhaohou is usually proud, he is so cautious in doing things. He has already left the city with Qiu Peiyu as soon as the messenger of Cai Guo returns?" Jiang tai frown way
"What now?" Song Fengyi anxious way
"Nothing has returned to our plan. Let’s go and find Mr. Bian Que!" Jiang taichen way
Bian Que looked at Jiang Taihe Song Fengyi.
"Sir, just take us out of town!" Jiang tai solemnly said
Bian Que smiled slightly. "All right, I’ll give you bring up the rear!"
At this moment, there was a sudden loud noise in Cai’s palace.
Loud noise at the palace, a lot of rubble suddenly went up into the sky.
Jiang Tai, Bian Que and Song Fengyi frowned and looked at the direction of the palace.
"Don’t watch, let’s go!" Jiang taichen way
Bian Que nodded.
Sleeve a jilt with Jiang Taihe Song Fengyi foaming at the mouth and to fly to suddenly disappeared in front of people.
The loud noise in the palace attracted the tourists from the Elixir Academy to turn around and not many people saw Bian Que leave with Jiang Tai and Song Fengyi.
However, there is a man in red with a beard in this group of tourists, but if Jiang Tai looks carefully, he can see that this man is not others. It was not long ago that Jiang Tai suffered a big loss from Crane Immortal.
"Bian Que, Crane Immortal, Song Fengyi? They’re all gone? This is this day to help me? " Crane Immortal vacant way
I’m here to steal Dan from the dead. Did a loud noise in the palace attract Bian Que and others?
Crane Immortal squeezed into the front with a thrill when others noticed the noise at the palace.
"Give you ten knife coins!" Dressed up, Crane Immortal paid the money and quickly squeezed in
A group of medical brothers also recalled the loud noise in the direction of the palace-