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Early this morning, when Wu Xier was still asleep, he received a message from the white clouds, which told him that he would take Bai Linger to Thailand during the day and told the evil spirits to stop and die in Taiwan during the day.

During the day, a sarcastic smile appeared on his lips and asked Baiyun if he could take him to Thailand, saying that it would also help him learn more.
After refusing in the white clouds, I said during the day that I would have a good trip, so I hung up and talked again. Wu Xier was sleeping and having sex.
At noon, I took Wu Xier to visit his mother during the day. I haven’t seen his mother for many days. Now she is lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and muttering about sin.
When Wu Xier and Bai Yunzhong’s wife were in the ward during the rest of the day, they told his mother that Bai Yunzhong and Bai Linger were the father, kind and filial, and they were very close.
During the day, his mother’s eyes slowly turned to him, trembling and pointing to the day, saying that Bai was an animal and a psychopath, and all of them should die early.
During the day, I suddenly laughed and said that it was wrong for his mother to kill a group of people with this stick. It is normal to say that at least he is not a psychopath in his family.
In the white clouds, my wife copied the first thing and threw it into the daytime, yelling to get out of the daytime immediately.
A nurse and a doctor quickly entered the room, blocked her mouth by pressing the bed in Baiyun, and bound her hands and feet with bandages to confine her body to the bed to make her move.
Doctors say that it is rare for patients to be so grumpy during the day, and that they take care of patients very carefully.
Nod during the day, then wave away, and the doctor and nurse will tell his mother whether he is insane or not. It’s not her call, but the money and the call.
After the daytime, he waved his hand and let Wu Xier pass by him. When Wu Xier approached the daytime, he took Wu Xier in his arms and told his mother that Wu Xier was a leftover woman in the white clouds. Now this woman belongs to him, saying that he was still looking forward to it. When Bai Linger was tired of playing in the white clouds, Bai Linger would also belong to him.
The wife in Baiyun glared angrily during the day and said with a smile that she was blind enough to go to the White House. She married such a husband and gave birth to such a pair of children, and then hugged Wu Xier and left the ward together.
Wu Xier’s face was red and white during the period from handfuls of her in her arms to leaving the ward together during the day, and her mood changed dramatically.
Wu Xier’s face didn’t always return to normal until she was out of the ward and took Wu Xier’s hand loosely during the day and looked at her coldly.
Wu Xier greeted the sight of the day and asked why he didn’t leave during the day. During the day, he slapped Wu Xier in the face and Wu Xier should directly fall to the ground.
Chapter five hundred
Wu Xier fell to the ground, burying her face in a surprised expression, and looked at the grievance voice during the day to ask what she had done wrong during the day.
During the day, squatting in front of Wu Xier and staring at Wu Xier, slowly telling the names of Fang Wei and Liu Wenhao.
Wu Xier’s face was pale and her eyes were full of fear. She hurriedly knelt down and pulled her trousers during the day, saying that she would never again ask Fang Wei and Liu Wenhao to give her a chance during the day.
During the day, I got up from squatting on the ground and kicked Wu Xier, who was tearing his trouser legs, to one side.
During the day, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a message to tell the other party that he had brought the patient and asked the other party to arrange a room for him. The other party asked where he was during the day and said that he would arrange it immediately.
When calling during the day, Wu Xier rolled and crawled to the side during the day and said that she thought she had served her well during the day, so that she could miss the old feelings during the day and spare her this time.
During the day, the pestle will not be moved at all, and soon nurses and patients will arrive at the daytime and forcibly drag Wu Xier away.
Being dragged away from Wu Xier by force can make a purring sound without cursing a few words during the day.
Stand still during the day until Wu Xier is dragged into a ward before turning away.
Wu Xier, who was dragged into the ward, was quickly made into a white cloud. His wife just looked like a confined bed. Someone took a long needle and threw it into Wu Xier’s body from Wu Xier’s arm.
Wu Xier immediately fell into a coma and never woke up until now.
Tracking Wu Xier’s Invisible Paper Man Synchronizes with me at the moment and converges with Invisible Paper Man. Continue to practice bamboo slips. The fifth floor is proficient in Dan Tai glass. Teach me during the day.
The next morning, I had breakfast with Dan Tai Li, and Dan Tai Li taught me something new. At noon, grandma came from a small village in Zi Shan, and I joined Dan Tai Li.
After three whole days and three nights in the room, it’s time for me to leave for tomorrow.
The horse is going to a strange place, and there is no one familiar with him. Dan Tai Li once said that my past will be blown up in minutes, and I am uneasy and deeply reluctant at the same time.
Dan Tai Li and grandma returned to the hotel after dinner and sat in the room. I called Xie Yiming to tell him that I was leaving for Japan tomorrow.
But Xie Yiming’s words are connected as usual, which makes it even more difficult for me to calm down.
Grandma smiled and asked me if I called Xie Yiming. I nodded and said that Xie Yiming was connected.
Grandma said that losing contact was a short-lived thing, and then I contacted Xie Yiming, and then I told Xie Yiming that I was going to Japan. It was not too late to say that Xie Yiming was going to Japan with me at this time.
After listening to grandma’s words, I looked at grandma and asked her how she knew that Xie Yiming was going to Japan with me. Grandma said that it was the summer vacation and Xie Yiming told him when he sent me back to a small village in Zi Shan.
I was noncommittal about grandma’s words. After the summer vacation came, Xie Yiming sent me back to a small village in Zi Shan. Although he and I were inseparable, after all, not conjoined people always had a short time together.
I don’t remember that Xie Yiming told grandma that he wouldn’t go to Japan with me at the same time, but I can’t assert that Xie Yiming never told grandma that he wouldn’t go to Japan with me at the same time.
Grandma glanced at me and said that although I had something to take with me, it was necessary that I couldn’t take some luggage with me on this trip to Japan.
To put it bluntly, I have ready-made suitcases and backpacks in my property ring, so I just need to take them out one day.
Dan Tai Li gave me a business card at this time and told me to go to the business card holder first when I arrived in Japan, saying that Japan was a strange place for me, and the business card holder would tell me that I needed help.
I received the business card from Dan Tai Glass and handed it to me. I said to Dan Tai Glass, thank you for asking about Wang Dalang of Dan Tai Glass.
Dan Tai Li said that he had given the matter to Fang Wei and Liu Wenhao for hosting, and his hand was from the side to assist Fang Wei and Liu Wenhao, who had made a written pledge to ensure that Wang Dalang’s affairs could be completed properly, but it would take time until now, and there was no news from Fang Wei and Liu Wenhao.
After listening to Dan Tai Li’s words, I will say thank you to Dan Tai Li for waving his hand and saying that I will go to Japan tomorrow. Grandma must have a lot of whispers to tell me tonight, so he won’t come to make super headlights.
After Dan Tai Glass finished, grandma and I left. I sent Dan Tai Glass to the door and closed the door. Then I sat next to grandma and took her arm and asked her if she had a thousand words to tell me.
Grandma smiled and said that my trip to Japan was not a simple study abroad, and she still wanted me to finish it.
I was surprised by grandma’s words. I asked grandma what she had to give me.
Grandma smiled and shook her head, saying that it was not easy for me to go to the past alone. She told me again that she had the feeling that she was not my own grandmother.
I can’t help laughing at grandma’s words. I rely on grandma’s arm to say that grandma made me go in flames. It must also be my own grandmother who urged her to tell me what she wanted to tell me quickly.
Grandma is serious. Tell me what she gave me.
Grandma said that I have two things to do when I go to Japan this time. Whether I can finish them in the end or not, I need to do my best.
Two things are looking for people, my father and the man who stole the treasure from the king of Nanguang in those days.
I was instantly excited when I heard that grandma had visited my father. I was anxious to ask grandma. My father is really asking grandma now. This is why this message came.
Grandma sighed and said that she had received a message from an old friend when she returned to a small village in Zi Shan. The old friend told her that he had seen my father some time ago, but it was just a glimpse. He failed to chase my father, Hugh Gangtai.
He didn’t change much when he saw my father before he disappeared more than 20 years ago, but my father had a long and deep knife mark on his face from his right forehead to his left jaw.
Grandma paused at this point. Besides, there is a thousand-year seal on the border between Sichuan and Yunnan.
The seal in that seal is a ghost, and now there are malicious people waiting for an opportunity to break the thousand-year seal. Sooner or later, the ghost that was sealed will be alive again, which is bound to require another ghost to destroy the ghost that broke the seal
One of my father’s ghostly attendants found my father’s trail, even if he found his ghostly attendant.
Grandma said that she had always thought that the seal in the seal was a ghost, and it was combined with the former ghostly attendant. Combined with what she knew, the increase of the ghost power of the seal was amazing, and it was because his ghosts were far behind that she judged that the seal in the seal was a ghost.
When Yuan Tiangang’s grandfathers fought against ghosts, they managed to seal the ghosts in the end, but the seal was extremely powerful. It was said to be a thousand-year seal, but if the seal was not deliberately destroyed by unscrupulous people, it could have been sealed for a long time.
Grandma asked me at this point, but I could understand it. I nodded and asked grandma who she was referring to, and whether the seal could be easily broken.
Grandma said that the rogue specifically refers to which one she is not suitable for now. It will only increase my psychological burden too much, but whether the seal can be easily broken. Grandma said that where Yuan Tiangang’s grandfather took the shot, he could be easily broken.
Everything can’t stand the bad guys’ thinking. Although it is extremely difficult to achieve extremely harsh conditions if you want to break the seal, once the bad guys have all the conditions to break the seal, it will be difficult for the bad guys to break the seal.
Everything should be prepared for a rainy day. Now that we have found out that some unscrupulous people are trying to break the Millennium seal, we must find my father before the seal is broken, so as to find his ghostly attendants.
Grandma sighed again. My father’s ghost attendants never told my father his true identity, and my father never knew his ghost attendants’ ability. He said that if the ghost attendants could honestly tell my father their true identity early, the root of the dilemma would be gone after years of separation.