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"Hiss head hurts. Is this? Is this breath? " Lin momo slightly one leng immediately exultation.

After absorbing most of the murder of the broken wall, it naturally forms a source. Although it is natural to cultivate the ability of the source, the source of fire is a matter of course, but with the murder of more than half a month of penance and the gradual determination of spiritual strength, how can we not be happy?
This is equivalent to an extra self-protection ability. After all, out-of-bounds galactic adventure depends on one’s own strength. It has always been regarded as the foundation of strength, and it is of great significance that many means are used to display the source.
"Good abundant murder dust-laden absorption for more than three thousand years for more than ten minutes failed to make the blood-soaking adventure group out of sight for too long. Faster must be faster." Lin momo looked awesome, and his spiritual strength was mobilized, embezzled the stone wall and leaked out, and the murder vaguely formed a unique force field around him.
"Buzz …"
The broken wall rippled, and then the killing word slowly cracked. Lin momo’s head emitted a murder, which quickly changed the fighting spirit.
Everything in the universe can be alive with fighting spirit. Only the creatures in World War I can be like this or fighting spirit. However, fighting spirit is not yet fighting spirit. It is necessary to reach the limit of fighting consciousness and forge ahead, even if the enemy stands hundreds of times, it is necessary to keep a straight face and keep a firm mind.
Lin momo’s breath swelled all over, but in a blink of an eye, all the fighting spirit became extremely concentrated. This is the spiritual strength that once achieved the benefits of near-peak repair. I am bent on not groping again from the beginning
The geomagnetic interference at the bottom of the Good Worm Tower is extremely strong, even if the fighting spirit is occasionally aroused, it is very terrible. Because the blood-soaked adventure group has gone far away, all the searchlights in the stone room have been scrapped, and the East Emperor can’t notice them at all.
When pressing, Lin momo clapped her hands and got up. Tianma was far away from hate, and the hooves emitted black smoke and haze. The two figures in the stone room merged into one place, and the virtual light disappeared slightly, leaving a severely weathered mottled broken wall.
The blood-soaking adventure group is progressing very rapidly. The eye team is fighting in a cave, surrounded by dozens of passages, and tens of thousands of strange insects are constantly pounding and new strange insects are gathering.
"Quick, quick, quick, steady, launch and hunt the net according to the attack sequence."
"No.3 Grenade, No.2 Grenade, Mom, too many bugs, No.1 Grenade."
The battlefield was filled with the roar of the captains, and then some players carried small sniper guns and burst into pieces of alloy nets. The strange insects were thundered and thundered, and some players threw faces and grenades to smoke.
The hunting snare and the No.1 Grenade developed by the Blood-soaked Adventure Group can be called standard weapons. The cost of the big killer is naturally high, and the high-end will not move easily, which means that the battle has entered a white-hot stage.
"Bang, bang, bang …"
Dozens of nets enveloped nearly 10,000 strange insects, and immediately thousands of strange insects couldn’t hold back and split their bodies, but they couldn’t bite the net wires and could die inside.
"Boom …"
Hundreds of grenades exploded, but there were thousands of grenades. The ferocity was red, and the smoke surged out. The strange insects suddenly became intoxicated. Their eyes were in a trance, and they even bumped into each other like headless flies and began to attack the same kind around them.
It took only two and a half minutes to kill all the strange insects in the net, and a pool of sewage could vaguely identify the insect carcasses. However, the insect carcasses were stacked with insect carcasses, and the number of them could not be counted. Finally, the disgusting insect carcasses left a sewage pool more than two meters deep on the ground.
All strange insects contaminated with red smoke in the vicinity have become blood-soaked adventure groups, and the pawn adventure group has stopped the strange insects from attacking. The fierce and fearless spirit is more than three points better than before.
The strange bug who defected on the spot will react only when he is dying, and his eyes will become clear again, but the bug is dying and will fight again even if it returns to normal.
In a blink of an eye, the blood-soaked adventure group advanced 300 meters to hunt the snare and grimace grenades, and the cave base of tens of thousands of strange insect adult corpses has been eliminated.
Bei Ming put away the folding fan and pointed to an entrance and said, "There is no time to dawdle here. This plan must go straight to Huanglong. I know that this passage is extremely dangerous, but the danger is accompanied by benefits."
"Close the striker and get ready to enter the 7: 9 azimuth channel immediately," the East Emperor shouted.
The captain of the vanguard shouted when he was ordered to "prepare the weapons for replenishing energy on the spot". At this time, the blood-soaked adventure group was like a small special force, and it was forbidden to transport them quickly.
"Kaka Kaka ….." The front-line players eliminated the discarded energy magazines and quickly installed new energy sources. Some players opened the energy barrier. Since the wise man with the team said that there was danger ahead, it must be difficult to walk.
"Don’t move forward like a pussy, move forward immediately." The captain of the striker habitually loosened his front to reveal the narrowness of the dense chest hair channel. It is natural for a captain to sit in the front.
Steady steps stretch out, and then the salamanders scurry around in the passage. Before the people behind them react, "Ding" means that the energy barrier is invalid. All the players hold their breath at this moment, and the roar in the passage bursts, and then the more intense roar almost breaks the eardrum. Then all the sounds gradually calm down and the atmosphere is extremely depressed.
Suddenly, a figure stumbled out from the mouth of the cave. Someone exclaimed, "Ah, what is a small five pharmacist doing?" Hurry to rescue! "
A pharmacist just wanted to run to the rescue, but he didn’t expect a tentacle to come out of the passage and suddenly entangle Xiaowu and pull back.
"Dada, dada, dadada …"
The gun rang out and hundreds of laser beams bombarded the arm’s thickness and tentacle, so the violent energy tore the tentacle apart abruptly. There was a cry in the channel, and it was a sudden cry, and it kept hitting the defense matrix of the adventure team.
"Xiao Wu, how do you feel?" Familiar players rushed over and hugged Xiaowu. Seeing Xiaowu’s waist was bloody and his face was a waxy yellow wound, black pus and blood flowed out, which was obviously poisoned.
"Twenty-five people died in the first place, except me. Monsters are terrible monsters. We take revenge." Xiaowu said, propping up his chest, breathing rapidly, scratching his hands and feet at random, and soon died of poison.
"Five elder brother five elder brother! Brother still owes you five units of crystal refining! You fucking wake up! " Friends in the team whimpered, but even if the blood was soaked, there was still deep brotherhood among the grassroots players.
"Stop crying and avenge Xiaowu."
"I want revenge from Brother Wu."
Twenty-five people entered the channel to find their way. However, after fierce fighting, they didn’t come back. Obviously, the severe monsters in the channel were so damaged that the East Emperor couldn’t sit idly by and quickly sent bring up the rear, a martial arts master.
The three main captains, who are near the peak of the eleventh level, went out along the passage about 300 meters away and saw the No.9 bronze monster insect through the searchlight beam.
The only difference between these strange insects and ordinary bronzed insects is that dozens of tentacles stick out from their backs.
"Attack quickly!"
"Source ability tattoo gas field"
"Hot torrent of source capacity"
"Source capacity shines everywhere"
The three main captains spread out the cold wind, heat flow and white light that they have learned all their lives. One person can display cold energy, one person can display heat energy, three people can display light energy, and three means and half a breath have been brought to the extreme.
In the passage, it is like a wild beast roaring, and it is like a large roller rolling over the power root.
These three people not only display the source ability but also move the high-power decomposition ray gun at all times. The three source abilities plus the decomposition ray gun add four kinds of powers together and listen to "click, click, rumble …" in the helix.
The fighting in the passage was too fierce, and the flint hit me many times. The cave kept shaking, and there were clear cracks in the rock wall around the cave, which made people feel scared.
Even if the road-blocking monster led the blood-soaked adventure group to come up with so many means against the enemy, I’m afraid it will die.
I didn’t expect to wait for a long time and suddenly shout in the cave, "Come and reinforce us. We can’t support it. There are nine ancient super-classes. Don’t come in and die if the level is below level 10."
When I heard the voice, Emperor Dong Zheng was slightly comparable to the monster insect of the ancient super order. If it was really the three main captains of the ancient super order, it would be difficult to support them to cry in the cave now. Most of them were alarmist, and some attributes of the monster insect were comparable to those of the ancient super order, which was not the real monster animal.
"You heard it! Each team has a vice captain to lead all the captains and players who have reached the tenth level to reinforce. "The East Emperor made up his mind to cut the gordian knot and didn’t blame the three main captains."
"Yes," more than 20 martial arts masters entered the tunnel. They are the main force of blood-soaked cultivation. Large adventure groups have employment places every year. How can they cultivate their own masters to make it easy? Hire those professionals abroad.
After more than 20 masters entered the tunnel, they set off a more powerful confrontation. At this moment, Lin momo just arrived at the cave and watched from a distance, and saw a crack in the earth extending out of the tunnel and spewing poison gas from the ground.
"There’s poison gas. Stand back."