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Confucian scholars fled in chaos, some ran to the street, some ran to the house, and some wanted to jump into the well or climb the tree to avoid arrest.

The soldiers didn’t run faster and soon knocked down the fleeing Confucian scholars and arrested them.
Confucian scholars who jump into wells or climb trees can’t escape, and they are in pain when they are carried or dragged around by soldiers.
Some Confucian scholars living in houses or hotels blocked their doors to prevent soldiers from entering in order to avoid catching heavy objects, and then tried to jump out of windows and escape.
The soldiers who were blocked outside chose to break the window and bind the Confucian scholars in the room directly and overwhelmingly to arrest them.
At this point, the Confucian scholars finally realized that the court no longer tolerated them and the emperor no longer tolerated them.
They felt a sense of fear and a deep fear of the future.
They cried or admitted their mistakes or begged for mercy or insisted that the soldiers should not offend these distinguished readers, but waited for them to be emotionally attacked.
At this point, what’s the point of reading people or not?
One Confucian scholar after another was arrested and brought to justice, and one distinguished reader lowered their proud heads.
Their time is over, and the future does not belong to them.
On the evening of June 19th, Hongwu three years, the prison in Zhongducheng was full and nearly 10,000 Confucian scholars were not arrested, so a large number of Confucian scholars were escorted by the army to the military camp outside the city to wait for the disposal result.
Kong Maojie, Jiang Chengyue and Shen Ge Su Yonglin waited for Su Yonglin’s final decision.
"What is there to hesitate? Screening will be conducted immediately. However, all families who have corruption crimes have been punished and sentenced according to law. At present, no crimes have been found out. Ask about the place of origin, and the arrest department will escort them to Jishizhou!
Remember that this is the revolutionary stage, and it is a life-and-death struggle. For these people, no matter how pitiful they are, we must remember that they are sucking the blood and sweat of the people and waiting for others to grow up.
Treat them only by hitting the end, clearing the end and never compromising! I ask the Shandong local revival association branch to act, the village farmers’ associations, the rural farmers’ associations and the villagers’ self-defense forces to act!
Tell them that they should do it now. They are being oppressed, exploited and suffering. Brothers and sisters should fight to do what they should do! All the filth in the past is completely broken! "
Su Yonglin clenched his fist and made Kong Maojie and other three people immediately bring life.
The moment of revolutionary attack has come. Su Yonglin decided to launch a dimension-reducing attack on Confucian scholars and launch a second and real purge of Shandong.
Attack the Confucian family, the landlord family, the gentry family and the wealthy businessman family, clean up Shandong and completely complete the transformation of Shandong.
He has endured too much for this land where he started, and this time he will never endure it.
Shandong Confucian scholars can be said to be a group of people who can’t stand other politics. He wants to promote the idea of Fuxing Association in the future, which will replace Confucianism and become the official guiding ideology. Everyone who has mastered Confucianism must be eradicated.
Compared with Yanyun, foreigners, Chinese landlords and gentry, old bureaucrats and old officers, etc., the skin is superficial and visible to the naked eye, so we just need to eradicate it.
Thought erosion is the real menace.
It’s time to carry out the Renaissance Action to the end.
This is a blow to the old times, a break from the old times, and a self-cleaning and innovation of politics. It will bring parasites from the old times, clean them up and face the future lightly.
At the same time, Su Yonglin asked the Ministry of Supervision of Fuxing Association to take action and focus on their own people.
In this operation, anyone who shows signs that something is wrong will also be hit mercilessly by his own people.
Su Yonglin has a deep understanding that it is more hateful and terrible than foreign enemies.
Su Yonglin’s decisive action shocked not only the arrested Confucian scholars, but also fanned the flames behind them in an attempt to reverse the imperial court’s decision on the remnants of Shandong.
Su Yonglin wiped out their department with one hand like autumn wind sweeping away leaves.
After Kong Zheng and other Shandong bosses were solved, the remaining part of Shandong bureaucrats have not been dealt with for the time being, and they will never be willing to try to rescue the bosses to save the situation.
Keep the Shandong base plate less.
So they tried their best to fool the Confucian scholars into rushing to the front and hiding behind themselves, trying to take advantage of the court. No matter how fierce the emperor was, he dared not attack the Confucian scholars in Shandong.
Because of the large number of people, there has been a law since ancient times that the emperor can hardly deal with so many Confucian scholars, and finally he can’t do it.
But they didn’t expect the emperor to be so decisive and their behavior was detected by Skynet agents.
As soon as the net was closed, the judicial officials immediately led the soldiers to the residence of these Shandong officials and arrested them one after another. A wave of cleaning almost wiped out all Shandong officials in the DPRK.
Only two or three kittens were spared because they had no position and were honest and didn’t make mistakes.
Of course, they won’t make any political achievements.
On June 25th, the arrest of Shandong and Shandong Confucian scholars gradually drew to a close.
The arrested Shandong Confucian scholars and officials have all started the process of escorting Jishizhou without forgiveness.
Waiting for them will be more difficult than hard environment and extremely heavy construction work
In the future, Su Yonglin needs to build Jishizhou into an important forward base, which requires a lot of infrastructure, but the local manpower and material resources are obviously impossible.
These exiled laborers will become the main force to build Jishi Prefecture.
At the same time, the third division of the Ministry of Justice freed up its hands to clean foreigners and Yanyun simultaneously.
According to many clues obtained after the large-scale trial and the information submitted by Shandong criminals to reduce the punishment, the Third Division of Justice identified a group of Yan Yun and foreign criminals to arrest and interrogate them.
For example, Yelu Yixian, Yelu Hudugu, Sun Yixin and others were bitten out before.
These people are all Yan Yun and the backbone members of foreign nationalities. When Jin Guo was young and energetic, he also had a certain official position and administrative ability, which was the basis of these two factions.
After they were tried by the third judicial department on behalf of a group of hard-core members, Yanyun and foreign forces also suffered a very serious blow
For example, the white family in Huo Jian, a big boss of Yanyun, was uprooted by Su Yonglin. Although the white people in Huo Jian did not have a big sin, they were implicated by the nephew Hogg and were taken.
Han shilling, another big boss, was also implicated by his people. He lost his political position by taking his official position and was punished for accepting gifts from his nephew.
Yanyun suffered a heavy blow, and a large number of middle and middle layers were deposed, and the faction forces almost recovered.
The Shandong army was wiped out and Yanyun was devastated.
Let’s just say that the only people who can maintain power are foreigners.
Chapter 52 Blaster Yelv Jin
Compared with the foreign bosses, the Shandong and Yanyun bosses who were badly cleaned seem to be safe.
The foreign officials who were taken in the previous storm were chickens, ducks, cats and dogs, and there was nothing too general and status to affect the foreign roots.
In this way, their affairs have passed, and foreigners will become the only lucky faction except Yuan Cong in this anti-corruption storm and purge.
Yelv Chenghui and Yelv Yuan are very glad to know that they survived.
However, on the second day of July, Yelujin, an important member of the foreign nationality and the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Rites, suddenly told the emperor Su Yonglin that Yeluchenghui and Yeluyuan, the heads of foreign nationalities, should form a party for personal gain.
He said that Yelu Chenghui and Yelu Yuanyili had long followed Su Yonglin’s qualifications, and later joined a group of foreign officials who urgently needed to hold their thighs to form a political alliance to fight against Shandong scholars.
They are imperial ministers, and they don’t command the qualifications of various departments, but in fact they are not. They each have strong appeal.
For example, Yelu Yuanyi’s Ministry of Civil Affairs is still in a position, but he can order some officials of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Rites to do things.
Yelv Chenghui Shang Zuocheng can also order foreign officials in various departments to do things for him.
He cited some examples that he knew that Yelu Chenghui and Yelu Yuanyi altruistic departments sent members to do things, and he stabbed Su Yonglin to know this.
At last, he said that I knew all these things before, but I didn’t tell the emperor. This is my sin. Now I hope that I can make amends and tell them that I will never let them be blinded by ulterior motives.
Even if he is complained by others, he will not hesitate.
Because he is loyal to the emperor, he will have no intention of shielding others.
As soon as this incident happened, the loss was serious, but the foreign nationality was directly detonated by the blaster Yelujin, and the foreign nationality blew itself up instantly.
Yelu Chenghui and Yelu Yuanyi, a group of foreign officials named by Yelu Jinjin, failed to escape, and were put into prison by the furious Su Yonglin Department and handed over to the third judicial department for strict interrogation.
It is necessary to find out the result of their cronyism.
Everyone knows that this kind of behavior makes the emperor more angry and taboo than corruption.
Some things are public secrets, and everyone knows it, but they can’t be said. Once they are said, it will be bad.
Just like foreigners, Yanyun and Shandong, no one will believe that the emperor doesn’t know that these factions are very objective, but the emperor has never started to treat them as if they were not.
Because no one has revealed it, no one has made it public, and everyone has a tacit understanding. If you don’t ask anyone, don’t tell anyone that you are too close, and say that you are friends.
I can’t make friends when I am an official?