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Uhlir turned to look at the scene where Wang Chuan suspended his head. Uhlir looked gloomy and frightened. "Why are you so strong!"

"Old has always been strong! Xiao Ye is the first arrogant person in Yanhuang Wudao! "
Wang Chuanyi smiled solemnity, and no tianjiao in the whole Chinese empire dared to use force with him! Then Wang Chuanyi body flashing fast to the extreme!
Before the blink of an eye, Wang Chuanyi appeared like a ghost like a teleport. Behind Uhlir, a hand knife full of Gang gas filled the air was severely chopped!
"This blow is to despise my return!"
Wang Chuanyi’s tone is very cold, and the character of Taoist Wu is so! Happy life! Ask your heart!
Hand knife directly hit Uhlir back Wang Chuanyi powerful horse * * power broke out. Uhlir felt a distance behind him to open his mouth and spit out a mouthful of golden harsh blood.
Golden blood sprayed out.
Uhlir can’t control his body and fly backwards.
"So fast! So strong! "
Jiang Ya can’t help but admire "Emperor Jun will become a great instrument in this future!"
Su Yu smiled and his eyes flashed with a touch of appreciation. He was very pleased to see this group of pillars of the Chinese Empire grow up gradually.
Gabriel, on the other hand, has a gloomy face.
Is Wang Chuan’s strength to be reckoned with?
Uhlir at this time the in the mind is also crazy shock unceasingly this let him despise human indigenous incredibly have such a horrible speed and strength! His strength has reached the blazing angel within a time limit!
But now Uhlir can also be shocked by Wang Chuanyi who has chased him out of the body.
"this slap is your reward for not respecting the emperor and seeing the Chinese empire!"
Wang Chuanyi tone solemnity a loud slap left Uhlir face beat him a mouth teeth mixed with blood dumped out Uhlir whole people fly out in the opposite direction again.
Law control!
There’s no way to use magic!
Wang Chuanyi offensive such as tide root don’t respond to Uhlir!
"psst ~!"
Wang Chuan withered couldn’t help shuddering. His Terran Tianjiao was shocked. After a year, I saw Wang Chuanyi again. This force value is simply beyond our reach!
"Brothers, we also can’t unintelligent! Keep working! "
Guo Min ha ha a smile tone is vulgar and violent, have a boiling passion.
Fuck these fucking people!
Tianjiao people have been binge drinking and screaming. A group of young Tianjiao drove the angel corps to beat Guo Min. The performance was particularly eye-catching. One person chased seven angels and beat them. These angels were seriously injured and dying with their mouths full of golden blood!
The war has been one-sided!
The legions of angels are so happy!
The two wise angels pretended to be involved, and the ordinary angel soldiers also suffered.
A group of angels were abused by a group of human aborigines, and the wise angel Uhlir was slapped in the face. The face of this kingdom is all lost!
"It’s not over yet!"
Wang Chuan withers and sneers. If his figure is fast, he chases Uhlir. His figure grabs his ankle very fast and rushes towards the ground full of ruins. His right hand pulls Uhlir round!
Go for it!
"This is the third blow you sneak attack me Yang Shi return! How can you be hurt by your shameful disciples! "
"Peng! ! !”
There was a huge noise, and the whole ground shook several times, even if it was flying, everyone could feel as if it was going to be an earthquake!
In an instant, the mountains are rumbling and the rivers are stirring and whistling!
Jin Xian peak force blow let the ground appeared a hole with a diameter of more than 20 meters!
Wang Chuan means that this strength is really too strong!
"Wang Chuanyi is crazy."
Jiang Ya shook his head with a wry smile. "A scientific research madman and a martial art madman are crazy, arrogant and conceited!"
Su Yu smiled and shouldered his hands indifferently. "Enjoy this group of madness!"
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Chapter 56 I must admit that wise angels are really resistant to beating!
At this time, Uhlir lay like a dead fish in a huge pit. His clothes were messy, his face was covered with blood and his body was broken in many places. The whole person looked so embarrassed that his wings were drooping and his face was covered with golden blood.