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When Jiang Jiaohua saw Hang Yu appear as scheduled, she immediately exclaimed with surprise, "Great God, it’s great to meet you again!"

Xiaoqiang even exaggerated and shouted "Boss! I miss you so much! "
Lao Zhao is sedate and nods with a smile.
Hang Yu is a typical slow-heating personality.
His stranger will become more and more unfamiliar.
People he know will become more and more familiar.
Pang Dahai has four years of friendship and contacts.
In front of the three people, because of their short understanding of fashion, they don’t talk about friendship. At best, they can’t finish their letters, which gives people the feeling that they are not salty or light.
This attitude is neither salty nor light. Angelnan Xiaoqiang is a master in his eyes
They don’t mind at all.
Jiang Nan couldn’t help saying, "Great God, I accidentally saw your video the day before yesterday. What’s the special significance of killing so many pheasants?"
"When you go back this time, you will know why I did this." Hang Yu didn’t directly answer the question of Jiang Jiaohua. Here he took a look at Angelnan. "In addition, I need a little privacy. Please don’t disclose my information at will in the secular world."
Hang Yu didn’t expect her video to be sent to the Internet.
This can’t be done. It seems that we should keep a low profile in the future.
Angelnan vowed to "rest assured that I will never reveal the information of the Great God!"
Zhang Xiaoqiang and Ye Zhao said they would never disclose information.
Hang Yu was relieved.
He knows very well that he is still weak in this world.
It will be very troublesome to attract the attention of some forces or departments.
Hang Yu immediately handed a white crystal to Zhao to complete the Zhao transaction.
There are only two white crystals and one gray crystal left, which is a bit tight!
Everyone talked casually about their respective changes in the past three days.
Zhang Xiaoqiang said, "Boss, I have joined Zhao Corporation."
Hang Yu was very surprised by this. "Aren’t you different cities?"
"Xiaoqiang is more than 500 miles away from Pengcheng," Zhao explained at this time. "I sent three cars and ten security guards to connect him directly to Pengcheng Road. Fortunately, it was thrilling."
From that information disclose by Zhao
The strength of monsters in the suburbs seems to be far stronger than that in the urban areas.
This is also the reason why high-speed rail, airplanes, ships and highways are forced to stop. As time goes by, monsters will become stronger and stronger. If they can’t make themselves stronger in the spiritual world, it will be difficult to live in the future.
"We should be able to stay in the spirit world for about ten hours." Hang Yu looked up at the sky. "We must make good use of these hours."
Zhang Xiaoqiang quickly asked, "Where are we going to kill monsters this time?"
"You just follow me."
Four people didn’t stay and set off at once.
Hang Yu knows a place nearby that is more suitable for the upgrade of monsters at this stage.
The most important thing is that what this place produces is exactly what Hangyu urgently needs.
I met a lot of monsters along the way, but they are generally level 1 monsters. Now, it is not very hard for four people to equip themselves to hunt these ordinary level 1 monsters.
I walked for about an hour.
They clearly felt the change of forest.
Flowers and plants are gradually thinning around, and trees are mostly dead, and the atmosphere is depressing and gloomy.
Angelnan shouted, "I see a stone tablet in the spiritual world!"
Others looked in the direction pointed out by Jiang Nan, and there really stood a stone tablet in the spiritual world in front of them. This stone tablet was one person high and its surface was covered with dry vines.
When people put attention to this stone tablet, a piece of information quickly passes to the brain like a stream-Goblin’s burial ground!