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"Good plan!"

Zhong Bu’s eyes lit up and gnashed her teeth. "It’s so easy for that insidious and cunning generation to plot against us, even if we want to gain benefits and don’t want to reveal our identity."
Wang Xuan smiled. "Go to the picket department!"
"This statement makes sense!"
The clock didn’t blink. "I’m going to picket Siming drum and cry out for the other party. Since please move Taixu’s brother Zhang Ziran, you can’t get rid of it and tear down his sanctimonious face to see if he will stand on his feet in the future!"
Say goodbye in a hurry.
Wang Xuan didn’t mean to leave the dreamland until he tried Taoist Bao Guang’s money and saw that the other party didn’t respond.
He opened his eyes and the demon army across the street was still moving.
Wang Xuan sneer at a leisurely hand brew tea boiled water leisurely drink a mouthful.
As time went by, Wang Xuan’s mouth smiled even more.
The situation caused by his backhand general is also a temptation.
Judging from the other party’s various arrangements, it is inevitable that heaven will be prominent and powerful.
I don’t know who it is, but I can judge the mind.
If the other side insists on attacking without any intention, it is either overbearing or tough.
For this kind of person, Wang Xuan retreated from the enemy and gave up this place cleanly. It was a big deal to eat some losses and stay in the green hills without fear of firewood.
But the other party’s hesitation is to have too much scruples.
If you are concerned, the more weaknesses you have.
This kind of extraordinary strength, greed and foolishness are the best targets for Liwei!
Want to bully?
Today, the title of the deduction plate of Heaven is still humanity Tianjiao.
It was enough before, but it took more than half a year to complete a plough hall, and it has not been completed yet.
It will be more difficult to deduce the achievement method in the future. Now the chaos in the three realms is also a rule-breaking machine. If it takes ten or a hundred years to deduce it in the future, it will definitely miss the general trend.
Maybe it will become the ghost of others.
Although the two sides have not fought hand to hand, since Wang Xuan responded to this matter, it has been regarded as a battlefield.
The battlefield cannot be half merciful.
Don’t blame the other person for biting a piece of meat since he shows weakness.
After half a column of incense, the iron cloud finally walked out of the boat pavilion and said, "So you are the Wang Xuan. I heard that the celestial dance is quite joyful recently and I don’t want to make it difficult for you to take everyone away."
Wang Xuan listened to the music and shook his head. "This is what you discussed for half a day? If you have the guts, do it at once. There’s no such thing as nonsense! "
"You? !”
The demon enraged Tieyun, and his eyes were full of gloom. "You’re not stupid. This matter involves a lot. Don’t get involved. You are trapped. Can Mo Huode really protect you?"
How did he know that Wang Xuan had made a judgment in his heart?
The more he threatens, the more he looks arrogant.
This Wang Xuan has a thorough idea. He suddenly got up and pretended to be wronged. His face was full of grief and indignation. "This matter is that you are plotting evil deeds, and the front line is in danger, but you are relying on the potential to treat heaven and earth!"
"God forbid?"
"I am Wang Xuan’s iron bones, and I would rather be broken than broken!"
Make a generous speech, and the sound is all over the world.
Even the soldiers of the patrol army are one leng.
They have seen Wang Xuan as cunning as a fox and fierce as a tiger, but they have never heard of the clank of iron.
Or the original Yong’ an veterans are clever and have a long memory, and at the same time, they are angry and angry and shout, "God is right?"
They finally remembered that Wang Xuan was like this every time he asked for cheat people.
The veterans shouted at the same time
Soon the whole patrol army yelled.
"God forbid?"
"We are all iron-boned!"
Fang Jubaoge people are somewhat stupid.
The other party originally said that they would kill people and say that they would let people leave. The reinforcements yelled again.
They really don’t know the situation.
Opposite Tieyunluo, he was also angry and fierce. He roared, "God forbid! God forbid will kill you!"
He has been wronged in this matter, for example, how can he be taken care of by Wang Xuan today?
Hearing the other side hook Wang Xuan, his face turned cold and ordered, "Let them play down a peg or two first, leaving no room!"
So on say, all the soldiers of the patrol army immediately know.
The demon army on the opposite side has already been unable to hold back the dense floating boats, and the wind and the sea of clouds cover the sun.
The veterans of Guihai camp hidden in the flagship ship pavilions woke up with a cold hum. "These demon troops have transformed warships at an extraordinary speed, but they are careful to stabilize their positions."